Giveaway: Hoodie from fabulous Maggie’s Organics

Here is another generous giveaway from Maggie’s Organics.

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  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    Oh Mary Jane, how I would love to win this for my DD who is 11 years old. She is a budding young farmgal, who (like her mother) adores comfort clothes- and this is just yellin at the top of its lungs- “Pick me from your closet- I’m so-o-o- comfy!” Not to mention its in one of her favorite colors- Purple!
    Thanks so much for the fun giveaways!

  2. Kathi Higgins says:

    Love your organic clothing so much! It would be great to own this…to help make his planet healthier…and chemical free! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Paula Sullivan says:

    It’s important to wear organic cotton because as you sweat & breathe through your skin,the pores absorb toxins found in non-organic clothing. These toxins can disrupt your immune & endocrine systems.I always try to buy organic clothing whenever possible.

  4. Rebecca Morrison says:

    Buying organic anything means getting rid of those nasty chemicals, big ag and Monsanto want to spread around this earth. Buy organic, buy local, support local farms:) very cute top

  5. Amy says:

    Oh I would love it! Looks amazingly comfortable!
    Why buy organic? Softness, Environment, fair trade, helping the “little man” and did mention softness?;) and just all around natural goodness! Like things on our homestead. 😉 It Would fit right in !

  6. Deborah says:

    I was reading just last night about all the chemicals and stuff that we have put into the air we breath and the products we eat and wear…all of it leading to all kinds of illnesses. We need to get back to the ground!! I would hope this comes in some larger sizes because I would love to wear this as I get back to some basics.

  7. Grace Brown says:

    Oh what a delightful ‘giveaway’…. please toss my name into the straw hat! lol!
    I purchased an ‘Organic cotton’ T-shirt by CHAUS last year while out and about trailer traveling and needed a T-shirt fix…. :>)
    My goal is to stay focused on 2 things, #1 purchasing Organic and #2 USA made…. it’s tough but doable….
    Thanx for making it easier to find Organic clothing & now I am heading back to Maggiesorganic website! TTFN & Wagons HO!

  8. Jessica Lee Caruso says:

    Pure OG Cotton- WHY?
    Cause it’s
    A Marvelous Fiber~ Grown to Sustain.
    So Genuinely Soft and Comfy.
    It’s an easy way to nurture your skin and show the earth some kindness.

  9. Minh Do says:

    Why organic? Because I want this Earth around and healthy for the kids I’ll hopefully have in a few years and the grandkids I’ll maybe have many years after that! I want them to be able to breathe clean air and drink clean water… to be able to go swimming in lakes and ponds… and actually eat the fish they go fishing for! 😀

  10. Lorie Cotton says:

    What a cute shirt. It looks both comfortable and simple. My daughter would wear it proudly. With it being made of cotton even more perfect considering it is her last name!

  11. Mary says:

    I read that it takes 1/3 of a pound of chemicals in the production of one cotton t-shirt. I love the softness of cotton, but not the chemicals. I would be thrilled to win this lovely hoodie for my daughter…

  12. Roxanne Schellman says:

    I believe, in addition to the physical and emotional benefits of buying organic (keeping the chemicals away from our bodies and feeling good about doing so), there is a spiritual benefit as well. I think our souls are all in the process of returning to what’s simple and pure. To me, there is nothing purer than buying and making organic…it’s something my family and I strive for every day.

  13. Lynn Gray says:

    I have long wanted an organic hoodie! And this one is so beautiful!!

  14. I buy my food organic, and try to buy my cotton/wool organic to avoid not only the chemicals, but the strain on Mother Earth. Fertilizer, pesticides, chemical dyes….who wants that next to their skin? Maybe the secret is out?? Organic cotton is fluffy & soft :).

  15. drMolly says:

    Buy local-support your community
    Buy organic-support a healthy environment
    Buy LESS-support your earth’s resources

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  1. Debra Davis says:

    Way cool! I just watched “Food, Inc.” last night, and am more committed than ever to a handmade homegrown sane life full of wholesome food. Thanks for all you do, Mary Jane.

  2. Katia uhlendorf says:

    YES! Yes yes yes! With a smile!! I loved it! And I love Chipotle! Miss you, think of you guys at the farm often! Love the site too, congratulations, it makes me feel so close to you guys! Big kisses!

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  1. Patty Byrd says:

    WOOHOO! I love the idea of repurposing! I can hardly wait to get it!

  2. Cindy Hailey says:

    This is one very cool project. Can’t wait to see how it’s done!

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  1. OH, this quilt is gorgeous.I’d love to have this in my bedroom. I’d proudly display it on my bed…and blog about the maker of the quilt, too. There’s something about quilts that’s so beautiful…all the love and hard work in every stitch and piece of fabric. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather Farmgirl Sisterhood Member #2176 🙂

  2. Deborah says:

    Beautiful. I love the scarppy look to this. I have one my grandmother made me but using only 2 fabrics in blue and white.

  3. Rere says:

    My mamaw made all of her quilts totally by hand…every stitch. She never had a sewing machine, used only old clothes and flour sacks. The pieces were cut one at a time by a pattern cut out on news paper or old magazine paper. She only used cotton batting and sturdy thead. I learned to sew by hand sitting at her feet and watching her hands fly! Tiny stitches, even and straight. I could look a quilt and see my papaws old shirt, mamaws cotton dresses, my mamas blouse. Nothing was wasted. Buttons saved, zippers snipped out, even elastic was reused. I can close my eyes and hear her sayin’ “every stitch was a prayer for me”.

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