Winner!!! Giveaway: Humans of New York Stories

The winner of our Humans of New York Stories giveaway is Sara Kitchen, who said:

“This reminds me of another wonderful and touching book that featured the cowboy and western way of life along with photos and stories which I can relate to. All so piquant, heartwarming, beautiful, poignant, and yet nothing flowery woven into the fabric of our daily lives is something full of shared life experiences with the understanding of how individual lives can bring to gladden and lift ourselves through a book such as HONY. It helps us see the goodness in people.”

Congratulations, Sara!

And the original post was:


Have you heard of Brandon Stanton? How about Humans of New York, or HONY, as people like to call it in these modern days of BFFs and LOLs? HONY defines the most beautiful aspects of our current social media craze. A year ago, I shared a glimpse of Brandon’s story. Brandon spends most of his time on the streets of New York, photographing and telling the stories of people he meets there, which he then shares on his blog and Facebook.


What began as a photo census in 2010, whose purpose was to chronicle neighborhoods and communities through the faces of people who lived there, has now grown to a well-known presence on the Internet whose posts reach more than 15 million followers each day. Last year, Brandon traveled to 12 different countries in collaboration with the United Nations, was invited to the White House to interview President Obama, spent a month in Europe documenting and sharing the story of Syrian refugees, and was named as one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet by Time magazine.

It seems that people are very interested in hearing compassionate tales about the lives of their fellow people. I know it’s my favorite snippet that passes through my Facebook newsfeed. And even though the posts are often short and sweet, I am usually in tears hearing the personal stories of so many. It is always good to be reminded of different perspectives and what people are surviving and accomplishing each day. So, I’ve been so looking forward to Brandon’s latest compilation of beautiful photos and stories of his subjects in book form! Once I’ve read it front to back and then back again, I plan to adorn my coffee table with it for all others to peruse, should they have a few minutes.

And since I can’t have you all over for tea alongside my coffee table and copy of HONY, I’m giving away a copy. Tell us in the comments section below what touches you most about the HONY story and we’ll randomly choose a winner sometime soon.


  1. Krista says:

    Congratulations Sara! Enjoy your new book and all the grand stories inside!

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GIVEAWAY: “Palouse Prairie Field Guide, Lollygagging”

For a chance to win a FREE copy of the Palouse Prairie Field Guide, tell if you’ve read the Little House on the Prairie series (and how old you were when you read them) in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-August.


Read all about the importance of prairie in the Aug/Sept issue of MaryJanesFarm. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

  1. Brenda White says:

    Yes! I love Little House on the Prairie ❤️ I read the series in Junior High. One of my favorite young girl series. I was 11.

  2. Amanda Mathis says:

    I have not read The Little House on the Prairie series. It is definitely on my list of books to read!

  3. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    I love Little House on the Prairie!! I have read and reread the series many times!! I was probably around 8-10 when I first read them. My favorite books in the series would be the later books about Laura and Almanzo. I really want to go out to South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, and Kansas and visit all the little house sites one day! It’s a dream of mine!

  4. Madelyn Shields says:

    I love the romance of the prairie. It was nothing but hard work for our pioneers and settlers but the ways and means by which they survive and dug out homes, literally, is nothing but amazing. The vastness and expanse is beautiful and mindboggling. I love the prairie and all it stands for.

  5. Peggy Enerson says:

    My mom read the series to my family when I was very young. Great stories! I have visited the site in SD.

  6. connie richardson says:

    My Mamaw turned me on to books at an early age and she had shelves of them. I read the Little House books probably around the age of ten. It was delightful to sit by the open fireplace and read as much as my heart desired. I bought my daughter a set when she was eight or ten and she still has them. She is now the librarian at a nearby college. Her daughter, a new college freshman is an avid reader, so the love of books has been passed down.

  7. Krista says:

    I have not read the Little House on the Prairie series. I have heard much about them and would like to read them some day. They are on my large list of things to read!

  8. Marlu H. Lewis says:

    I have not read the series but my great grandgirls are 7 ?8 years old and do you think that is to young for them to read? I read the Nancy Drew books !

  9. susan b says:

    I read the series when I was about 10 years old – I couldn’t wait to start the next one!

  10. Jennifer says:

    I loved Little House! Great show and loved the books too. (Still have a set:) )I was 8-10 at that time. Little sis loved it as well!

  11. Well, I can’t really remember when I read them, but, of course I did! And, over & over, too.
    As well my 3 sisters, my 2 children were read to and then read them on their own, even my 2 grandsons were read to and I look forward to reading to my great-grand daughter. Had the complete set, gave them to my daughter for her boys and plan to get a set for msH, too.
    Loved them all!

  12. I have read the Little House series again and again. From young adult (I am very old) to even the present.
    Would love to have a Palouse Field Guide specially since my daughter and family ranch near there.
    Thank you

  13. Nancy Good says:

    I love your magazine..
    Everything anout it. I sure enjoy this field guide..

  14. Jaylyn Morehouse says:

    Yes, I had a strong addiction to them when I was in 3rd/4th grade, and my family even took some roadtrips to places that Laura lived in her childhood. Now, I have collected all of them after years of thrifting from various bookstores. They are patiently waiting for the day when my kids are ready to read them 🙂

  15. Kelly ONeal says:

    I read Little House series in middle school. My children all read it. Also now we all watch the tv series reruns. We just adore all books and the show.

  16. Kim Anderson says:

    I read little house on the Prairie when I was 8 yrs old. It was awesome!

  17. Denise says:

    YES! The first time was not until I was in my 20’s, but I’m hooked and I read the series every year since then. That’s a lot of years. I even had my mom reading them before she passed away.

  18. Dara says:

    I read the series in fourth grade, loved them all!

  19. Frannie says:

    I started reading the series when I was ten. I received the boxed set for Christmas. I always asked Santa for books! ( Still do)

  20. Jennifer Wentland says:

    I loved Little House on the Prairie. I was a young girl of 12-13 and read all the books in the series.

  21. Cyrie Wilson says:

    My mom used to read them to me when I was a baby.

  22. Janie A. says:

    I still occasionally watch Little House on the Prairie T.V.series. My mom bought me the book collection when I was between the age of about 10 or 11. I Loved it so much, that I read the whole book series during my summer break. As a small child, that was a great accomplishment for me. Also, I still have the book collection.

  23. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I read the series in the 1980s with my girls. Today, I still think about Laura and her family life on that big prairie. These are so many aspects of these books that cross all barriers of time!

  24. margie conner says:

    My first grade teacher read them to us. Two or three chapters a day every day after our noon recess. I was in heaven! I have read them to my children and a few of them to a grandson. The others are too into games, and tv. 😞 times have changed. But I have a grand daughter coming up who will LOVE them!

  25. Nancy Couden says:

    I was in third or fourth grade. They are all wonderful to read and read again.

  26. Stacey says:

    I did not read the entire series but thanks for the reminder, on my must read list!!

  27. Donna Lettsome says:

    Loved the Little House Series. I feel many times as if growing up in e 50’s was a lot like those prairie daya. Good times, friends, family. There were many hardships but everyone worked together. School was so important, as was church and community.

  28. Jill says:

    My grandmother read the Little House books to me when I was in fourth grade. I read the books to my five daughters every year until they were in high school. Love the first hand, real life American history that Laura Ingalls Wilder shared with all of us!

  29. Mechele G. says:

    Oh yes, I read these books when I was around 8-9 years old (I’m talking about the mid-1960s). LOVED them!! They were always one of my favorites so of course I was thrilled when the TV series came about.

  30. Jacque Stroh says:

    I have not read the series but I loved to tv show! Does that count? Maybe one day I will get the books and read them. ; )

  31. MK Smith says:

    I think I read some way back when. But not sure.

  32. Alicia Winkler says:

    Yes! Though not as a child. I watched the series growing up and always enjoyed it. A few years ago, I read the ENTIRE series to my family. Now the series is still good, but it drives me crazy when they mix up the stories! We have had an addition since then, so it is about time to pull them off the shelf again! Last spring we visited Mansfield and took a tour of Rocky Ridge Farm. It was so neat to see where Laura wrote!

  33. Teresa Switzer says:

    I was 12 when I first read the Laura Ingalls books. I lover Little House on the Prairie.

  34. Catherine Regan says:

    I have not read any books written about the prairie days of The Ingalls Family. This may be a good time to have my dil get them from the local library for me to read to my grands. I enjoy walking and trying to identify fauna and flora. The fragrance of pine always brings me back to when my peers and I would go to “The Meadow” and create a huge pile of needles and call it the throne. The 3 of us would chose a princess who sat on this precious pine throne and 2 of us set out to find a Queen’s Anne’s Lace flower with the black velvet in the middle to give to the princess of the moment. Each girl had a chance to be the princess each time we played our game. Thanks. MaMere

  35. Faith Williams says:

    I read the series when I was in elementary school-second and third grades.

  36. Vicki Meeds says:

    My grandmother introduced me to Little House on the Prairie and Laura Ingalls when I was nine or ten. I enjoyed reading the books and discussing them with my grandma. My parents bought the entire set of books for me and I’ve read and re-read them many times.

  37. Kim Babcock says:

    I read the series as a young adult, about the time the tv series was winding down. I was especially drawn in to the books because of the detailed adventures with the Morgan horses, since I had just purchased my first Morgan brood mare.

  38. Sara says:

    As a young adult, reading the Little House on the Prairie series at home gave me a deep appreciation for the traditional ways and means to live by those pioneers where church, community, and good times as well as hardships were cherished. My parents frequently took us children on field trips to learn and identify many different plants, fauna, and flora in the hills and beyond. The Palouse Prairie Field Guide is a great addition to carry on the tradition of field trips.

    • Catherine Regan says:

      Sara, our family grew to be 16 kids. My father told us to look for money on the ground. Still do this, now I save to bring to my sister who is in charge of collecting for St. Jude’s Hospital, a fave of our mother’s. He taught us to stretch out on the ground and watch the formations of the clouds change. I guess we would call our trips in the back of the dump truck to pick blueberries or blackberries a field trip. Or throwing some hay on the dump truck floor and call it a hayride around our small town. Or running around during a hail storm to see who could pick up the most hail. Later, as my own family grew, a sister & I would throw a blanket on the kitchen floor, call it a trip to Hawaii or Florida and have a picnic in the kitchen. The Ingall Family brought so many smiles of similar experiences to my family as we discussed this great memory of our USA.

  39. Sara says:

    Catherine, your last sentence is so true! Like you, I grew up picking mountain berries and rode in the back of an old 1950s chevy truck with family. Warm memories of “field trips” knows no bounds, including herbcrafts because of my strong commitment to family tradition with home remedies being passed down that are very meaningful to me. I love how you describe your “field trips” from childhood that are similar to mine–so nostalgic!

  40. Joye Gulley says:

    I loved reading the Little House series; I read them as an adult when my daughter read them in 5th grade. She got a set of the series for the Christmas that she was in 5th grade.

  41. Linda Davis says:

    Have not read Little House on the prairie series,watch all the tv series.

  42. Sue Parkin says:

    I read the whole series when I was 7, then again at 10, because they wouldn’t let me go to the ‘junior high’ section and I’d already read everything else. Loved it. Wanted to be Laura and be adventurous!

  43. Karen Funderburg says:

    Yes, Read these aloud to my children when I was in my late 20’s. Have probably seen every tv episode too. My mother’s side of the family grew up in the Dakota’s and Minnesota. 1800’s to the first part of 1900’s. My grandma was born in a sod house.

  44. Amy Seaman says:

    I loved the whole Little House On The Prairie books! We weren’t allowed to watch much T.V. growing up, had no T.V. during the summer at my great Grandma’s camp we stayed at, so I loved
    to read!! I read this series probably in the 4th or 5th grade. We were allowed to watch the T.V. series when it did come on. I loved the show, especially where Laura met Manual and called him Manly! So cute.

  45. Barbara Rosenbach says:

    I didn’t read the Little House books until I was a stay-at-home mom in my 30’s. Now, I have my first granddaughter and am looking forward to reading them with her. The prairie has always been one of my favorite places.

  46. terry steinmetz says:

    I read the Little House books firstly at nine years old and I read the whole series each year in the winter “just for fun”. I read my books so much that I have gone through 3 sets of the paperbacks, to which I finally purchased a set of the hard covered books! An now my grandgirls have read them with gusto!

  47. Renae Ratterree says:

    Oh my gosh, Little House on the Prairie series were my favorite stories. I don’t remember how old I was when I started reading them, but I was young. I would start with the first one and read them in order and when I was finished with the last one I would go back to the library and start all over. I would be upset sometimes because when I would go back to check them out they would already be checked out and I would have to wait. I bought my own set when I got older and I read and told my children about them. I’m rambling but I just loved those books.

  48. I read little house on the Prairie when I was about 10 or 11. My Grandmother,had many wonderful book that she shared with me.

  49. Joanie Hendricks says:

    I started reading the series almost as soon as I could read, around 8 years old! I was given a copy of “Little House in the Big Woods” about that time. I loved the illustrations by Garth Williams, and I read the books over and over during the years.

  50. Susanne says:

    Oh yes! I read Little House on the Prairie at least 4-5 times starting when I was about 9 and I still love the books and read them to my children. We didn’t have a TV at home but I remember my grandma being so excited for me to get to watch Little House on the Prairie at their house for the first time. I was totally upset with the first show I saw because it wasn’t anything that had happened in the books and Pa didn’t even have a beard. I recently found an old video of the first episode of the show and loved it since it followed the story very well.

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GIVEAWAY: “Origami Farm, Lollygagging”

For a chance to win a FREE copy of the book, Origami Farm, tell me about your experience with origami in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-August.

Read our article about Farm Origami and learn to fold a cute little chick in the Aug/Sept issue of MaryJanesFarm. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

  1. usairdoll says:

    The origami book looks like fun! I did some oragami when I was a kid, many moons ago. I now have a five year old grandson and know teaching him origami would lead to many hours of fun.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  2. Awkward!! Haha. I have never tried my hand at origami. Now I am excited to say I get to, so with that said I don’t have a memory I have a challenge to create! I would love to win this book. My daughter is in her senior year of college to be a teacher, so what fun could she have using this awesome treasure with her early elementary students!!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  3. winnie Jackson says:

    what a great book I have long to be able to create origami crafts. I would love to
    explore more in this avenue of paper folding. When I master such a craft of wonderful farm animals this would be so great to do with the grandkids. I know they would love to
    learn how to make cows, chickens and give them to friends. We live in farm areas and there are many cow farms, lama’s, chickens, goats, and of course horse farms. They would be able to relate more with this paper craft. I am told there is special paper to create. I hope to win this wonderful book to future my craft experience. Thank you for offering such a wonderful book. I pray that the person who wins will enjoy it to the fullest. Blessings to all who enter, Winnie

  4. Krista says:

    The only time I have experienced origami was when I was elementary school. It has been many years. It would be fun to learn how to do origami again and share my new found talent with my son. Farm animals made out of origami would be super fun to make.

  5. Amanda Mathis says:

    I have done some basic origami and have had fun with it. This book full of origami farm animals would be so much a great time. I work for a rural school and have recently gotten the school it’s own coop and chickens and ducks. The children would love to do origami farm animals and what a great way to work on fine motor skills!

  6. Rhonda Bowdy says:

    I’ve never tried origami but it has always fascinated me. Would love to read this book.

  7. Madelyn Shields says:

    I would love to win the origami book. I learned to make boats and sailor hats when I was a child, however, I taught school for 22 years and many of my students would make me frogs, various kinds of birds and other animals. I loved them and would display them my desk. They were amazing little creatures and always a welcomed gift from an entertaining student. Origami is an extraordinary type of art. Madelyn Shields

  8. CandyC says:

    I love doing oragami but haven’t done any in many years. This book looks like so much fun! I am going to try the chickens that are in the latest magazine.
    P.S. Love the picture of Ester Lily checking things out. 🙂

  9. Cyrie Wilson says:

    When I was in High school I liked folding paper cranes. I challenged myself to fold 1,000 of them before I graduated. I used colored paper, magazine pages, newspaper, notebook paper… basically anything I could get my hands on.

    I managed to fold all 1,000 in time, and I strung them all on long pieces of yarn (50 per string) and hung them in my bedroom.

    In 2011 I was put in a situation where I had to move and I couldn’t take my cranes with me. I was going to throw them away, but my friend (who was helping me pack) asked if she could take them instead. So I gave her my cranes. It turns out she used them to decorate a party she held for seniors!

  10. Leisa Joan says:

    My daughter Caroline does origami; she is very crafty. I have a swan she made a few years back still.

  11. Peggy Enerson says:

    I have done origami with my kindergarten students. One of my students gave me an origami calendar. I chose an animal that we could do together. It was a lot of fun. This book looks like something I could do with my students.

  12. susan b says:

    This looks like such a cute book. The only origami I’ve done was shapped like a little bird. I can’t remember how I did it. I guess it could be considered origami – I’ve used money and shaped it into things for the bridal dance $$$ collection at weddings.

  13. Marlu H. Lewis says:

    My 14year old great son would just love this book . I hope to win it for him.

  14. Marion O'Neill says:

    I vaguely remember doing origami as a child. I have been looking for an origami teapot pattern ever since I saw a cute one in a Japanese store. It wasn’t for sale. Farm origami sounds like fun!

  15. Love origami and especially making Farm Animals. Would like the book to add to my artist opportunities for the 5-12 year old artists in my 2 week summer art camp at my studio The Painted Tree Studio.

    Love Mary Jane’s Farm!

  16. Teresa Switzer says:

    I have been fascinated with origami since the 60’s. We had an origami folding event last year at work to celebrate Asian culture.

  17. Margaret says:

    My Father-In-Law gave me a subscription to your magazine. I love the articles and recipes. My 12 year old son was looking at the magazine and realized there was a chance to win the book Origami Farm. He was really excited. He LOVES doing origami and is VERY talented with it. Thank you for this chance to win this book.

  18. Karen M says:

    I did origami as a child. I received a basic kit which included a small instruction booklet and special origami paper. A few years later I made to and from tags for our family’s
    Christmas presents making origami trees. I passed the kit down to my son. A few years ago we saw a Christmas origami kit and purchased it. Our Christmas tree that year was decorated only with origami ornaments that we both made. It was very special and beautiful. I love anything country and animal themed and would love to win this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Catherine Regan says:

    I would enjoy running through my thoughts to bring up those memories of working with oragami folds; including mastering the art of folding napkins for the multitude of bridal showers,baby showers and friends who treasure a gourmet meal. Thanks. MaMere

  20. Donna Shortslef says:

    I have enjoyed mystifying children with origami. A seeming plain, flat sheet of paper can become a three dimensional cup, balloon or frog in just a few folds. It is a wondrous form of art. It is fun to show children a few easy pieces that they can make on their own.

  21. Jennifer Strope says:

    My 11 year old daughter reads the Mary Jane magazine all the time when she saw this book she said she had to have it. She sits for hours doing origami and she’s getting pretty good at it.

  22. Vicki Meeds says:

    A childhood family friend taught me a little origami, of course I’ve forgotten it! 🙂
    Now I am teaching my “city” grandchildren about farms and the animals. I would love to win this book.

  23. Sara says:

    Sure love the idea of farm animal paper-craft for children to play with—a blissfully wonderful pastime away from computers!

  24. Mary Waggy says:

    Love all crafts –especially paper and sewing. Have taught simple origami projects to children of all ages at Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. Love your magazine.

  25. Joye Gulley says:

    I love doing origami; I just recently did a origami kit that really caught my attention.

  26. Rachel Salm says:

    My 10 y/of daughter wants to start a art studio in our upstairs of one of our barns and this book would help to spread her wings to accomplish her dreams. She hasn’t had the adventure of trying origami yet.

  27. Jennifer says:

    I’ve dabbled in origami off and on since I was a teenager. Recently, I attempted some paper crafts for decorations for a local fundraiser. I was inspired by a recent art exhibit where the artist used a lot of origami to create amazing paper sculptures. Unfortunately, my daughters and I decided that my origami skills were quite lacking. Even my crane looked like a super sad pterodactyl. I really want to try to make the origami cow that’s pictured in the magazine. So cute!

  28. terry steinmetz says:

    I have only done a couple of flowers, but it is so relaxing! I am going to try the chick from MJF magazine when it gets cooler!

  29. Mary Eagle says:

    I started doing Origami when I was in 2nd grade and had a friend who was a Korean War orphan and she taught me how to make a simple house and piano. Next I learned more from watching a show on PBS and have been interested in it ever since.

  30. Jaime Preston says:

    The most beautiful origami I have seen is an entire bird mobile ..layers of various sizes my step aunt made for her mother .. It was so cool .. But seriously these farm ones! I LOVE them and would love to do this with my farm animal loving son!

  31. Linda Folsom says:

    My daughter, Chrissy, who is now 40 years old, took home a blue ribbon for her origami design when she was in elementary school! It was sent to compete in Santa Fe, NM and won blue ribbon. Her daughter, my precious Brooklynn, who is 10 years old, loves your magazine almost as much as I do. She just saw this farm origami & was over the moon in love with it! Looks like another origami artist here.

  32. Just this morning, from your Aug./Sept, 2016 magazine, page 59, I made the origami chicken for my 2 1/2 year old great-granddaughter, Evie. I felt so proud to have followed instructions correctly and to have it look cute. My daughter, her grandmother, will take it to Evie today.
    I really enjoy this magazine and have ordered seven subscriptions for family members and myself.

  33. Virginia Minor says:

    I’m not sure what website is required, and since it is not a required field, deleted it. I hope this clarifies it.

  34. Morgan says:

    I’m not big on origami but my boyfriend is…since we now have chickens maybe he’d enjoying making some.

  35. Darlene Bhattacharyya says:

    When my girls were in school they read “Sadako and the thousand paper cranes” by Eleanor Coerr. I believe they tried their hand at Origami then; so the two oldest both took Japanese in college, the oldest did a 3 month exchange and when she got married we folded 50 paper cranes to put on her wedding cake. She got quite good at doing very small ones. My 2nd oldest graduated with a degree In Asian cultures determined to be a Manga artist. She has not become a Manga artist even though she took four years of it in a Japanese school, but settled down in the mountains of Japan to sustainably farm and now has 4 little ones with her Japanese husband.

  36. Jenny Zapata says:

    I have dabbled in Origami, and this book looks so fun.

  37. Pingback: Winners!!! Giveaways: Lollygagging | Raising Jane Journal

  38. cheryl seals says:

    Only experience with origami , is i found out i was all thumbs ! lol

  39. Peggy Pierce says:

    I don’t have any experience with origami as yet. However, my great grandchildren are coming to the USA from England in December and I want to have learned to make origami so I can play with them, teach them, and have fun with them. There are six of them and they love animals! These delightful farm animals won’t take up much space in their suitcases. Thanks for the fun article in your great magazine!

  40. Michelle says:

    Our girls are homeschooled and one of their lessons is in origami. They have made dragons, frogs and working on Yoda (HARD)!!! It has been discouraging at times. They made the chicken in this months issue of MJF and enjoyed it. The book would be be an awesome addition to their lesson and so discouraging. Thank you.

    • Peggy Pierce says:

      I am looking forward to a rare visit from my six great-grandchildren in December. They live in England! All of them would enjoy making origami farm animals while they are here. They love animals and so do I! Their mother (my granddaughter) used to live in Japan so she would also love to make them. I grew up in Iowa near lots of farms. I truly enjoy my Mary Jane’s Farm magazine, too. Thank you for this opportunity.

  41. Zona Hague says:

    I have no experience with the art of Origami—- Only paper airplanes that wouldn’t fly but a few feet then crash, the newspaper hats that didn’t stay on my head when I was a kid and of course the endless schoolbook covers made form brown paper bags!! Our grand kids finished showing their farm animals with ribbons earned, at our County Fair this past weekend. This Origami book of farm animals can be a new way for them to enjoy farm life!!

  42. Irissa says:

    I used to do origami as a kid. Now I have kids of my own who love living on our farm and I would have so much fun teaching them farm origami!

  43. Madelyn Shields says:

    Origami is an amazing type of art that has always intrigued me. I would love to be a winner of that delight book. My experience is to make paper boats and hats, however, I would love to learn the skill of paper folding and making art. I love the Mary Jane Farms Magazine and look forward to every issue. What a wonderful kind of reading and information. Thanks,

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  1. ursula hartunian says:

    my creative passion is quilting/sewing. it may be a table runner, wall-hanging, bed quilt or possibly a vest, a jacket or a purse. Working with fabrics makes me happy.

  2. My favorite creative endeavor was making my door mats for my husband for Father’s Day! I repurposed everything except the rope! Wood & paint created a gift for my amazing husband!

  3. Carol Sue Krygoske says:

    My creative passion is making Greeting cards and bookmarks requested by my friends. I enjoy using scraps and leftovers, things I find around my home.

  4. Laquita Dunn says:

    I sew, I bead and I like to write… Best gifts are hand written letters. Love calligraphy.

  5. winnie Jackson says:

    I too love being creative with my penmanship. I love to have special pens as well as note paper/cards to show the person how special they are when getting that special note/card or gift as well as my creative tags for my baked goods that I share with that special person for the day. I love to bake and making special tags for the goodies is so special for me so that person loves to see how easy it is to show others they are cared for and how special they are in this world. I often give to the homeless, older people or just someone I want to surprise for that day. When one gives to others we get so much back in return. I love being that person. I hope to win this wonder book to help me along with being even more creative in writing to others or just my crafts. I often make quilts and create my own labels for that quilt. I hand write all of them with special pens. I love this magazine of yours with wonderful recipes, educational articles on foods, crafts, etc. I hope you will continue to inspire all of us woman in this world.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. 🙂 Winnie

  6. Leisa Joan says:

    I made most of my daughter’s Halloween costumes, and most of the curtains in my house. I’ve been sewing since I was 12 or so.

  7. Cindy A. Snider says:

    Currently, my passion is learning to play my mountain dulcimer and learning to jam with friends and bicycling. I am also intrigued with art journaling and enjoy pinning examples of it on Pinterest.

  8. Chrissy says:

    I’m behind in making scrub tops for work,(I have at least a dozen cut out) but I try to keep them seasonal or holiday oriented for the benefit of the residents.
    My latest issue of Mary Jane’s Farm came in a “body” bag with an apology. Looked like the postal service was trying to shred it for compost. Anyway, as soon as it’s available on the shelf, I’ll get another, because it’s my favorite.

  9. Connie Hawkins says:

    My creative endeavor is gardening and passing my knowledge on to my children and grandchildren. Nothing is better than taking a “flower walk” with granddaughter, Audrey. Now if I can only get to think that weeding is not boring!!!

  10. Tammy morgan says:

    My creative endeavor is finding new ideas at flea markets or shabby chic stores and boutiques recreating those items doing it myself. Rather it be sewing or quilting or painting creating my own design. It’s my passion to recreate and then give to my family or friends. If I can bare to part with it.

  11. Linda Odom says:

    I like to sew, embroidery, quilt! I’d like to learn to hand letter !

  12. Sue Parkin says:

    My current creative endeavor is finding new uses for my bumper crop of lavender! I’m experimenting with lavender tea, making sachets, and drying bundles. I want to make lavender wands with the next cutting.
    I have long stem pale lavender, short stem white and dark purple and short stem pale lavender.

  13. Krista says:

    My creative endeavor would have to be making seasonal wood decorations. It’s been a little while since I have made any, but I love when I can sit down and dig into some painting and decorating. It’s one of the best ways I can express my creativity!

  14. Julie Willmering says:

    I love to write letters.

  15. Ginger says:

    My creative passion is taking a piece of history and restoring it to its original beauty or repurposing it. I love the stories behind the pieces I find. I love working with wood and lettering so this creative package would be very useful.

  16. Amanda Mathis says:

    I have many creative passions. I love to create! Re-purposing old finds is one of my favorite ways to be creative. You never know what kind of treasure you will find and how they will inspire you to re-purpose them.

  17. Heidi says:

    As a self-employed bookkeeper, I live in a world of numbers so being creative is a very important part of my week. I set aside 1 day a week to step out of my analytical self and tune into my creative side, it helps keep me balanced. I have so many creative endeavors going, I love to sew, currently working on renovating our old patio furniture for our upcoming family reunion. I am also working on 2 wedding scrapbooks, one for my daughter who was married a couple of years ago and one for my son that just got married in June. I am also working on a cross-stitch for my son and new daughter in law that will go with their wedding photo.

  18. Madelyn Shields says:

    Lettering just for the fun and creativity is a way to re-invent by art. I love to express my creative side by using my initials as a base to draw designs and pictures. Lettering is a form of art that I would love to develop more. Making small pictures, cards and bookmarks is always a way to relax. I would love the book for the simple reason of learning more and better techniques. Thanks for the chance.

  19. Jeanne says:

    I am a small-batch producer of all-natural handmade baked goods. It is my passion, my love, my therapy. I am trying to grow into a full-time business with my baked goods and provisions, farmhouse line and backyard farm. I thank the Lord every day for giving me these treasures of my children and my home!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Love to challenge my mind with new projects. Have always wanted to learn calligraphy. The local senior center recently had a calligraphy class open to all ages but had to work that day. Really wanted to go!

  21. susan b says:

    Right now I getting creative in my yard. We were recently flooded with 2.5 feet of mud and water. I had just put my plants in and mulched all of my beds. I’m re-planting and re-mulching. Next up I will be digging out all of the mud from the creek bed. I would love to win this book. Calligraphy used to be very relaxing for me, but I’ve gotten away from it and only do the occassional birthday card 🙂

  22. Donna says:

    I like all types of crafts but sewing is my “go to” hobby.

  23. Jo Idziak says:

    creative lettering is s craft I have always wanted to learn and I believe this book will help me tremendously

  24. Patty Ballard says:

    Creative passions – sewing, calligraphy, drawing, gardening, teaching my grandkids to draw and create! I just wish I had more time to finish more projects, but I still work full-time. I suspect that even if I wasn’t working outside the home I wouldn’t have enough time — there’s always something to do!

  25. Amber Russell says:

    Well I have many, quilting, scrapbooking, painting/drawing in any media (oils are a little tricky to me) canning, gardening, baking, making wreaths etc…my friends & I have a club called craftahollics anonymous where we meet once a month & work on a project together. It’s wonderful:) In high school my art teacher gave me my first calligraphy pen & a book on how to do it. From then on I was the official name writer on all of the certificates & awards given for 3 years hahaha. I loved it but after school it fell to the wayside as some things do. I would love to learn that beautiful art form again.

  26. Jacque Stroh says:

    Right now my creative passion is photography. I have been taking photos of our ranch. Livestock, wildlife, flowers and my puppy dog!

  27. Nina Sohmer-Knight says:

    I love writing snail mail letters to my many friends around the world. I find the outside of the envelope is just as important as the letter inside. I love to decorate the envelope with calligraphy. I also draw flowers and other cute things, like cats peeking through the leaves. The envelope’s are a lovely work of art. My husband always photographs the finished envelope, front and back.
    I now have a nice archive of my calligraphy/drawings.

  28. Sherry Schiller says:

    My new creative passion is woodburning. We have lost several trees this spring due to high wind days. My husband is curing the wood for me so I can burn beautiful sayings, quotes, poems and anything else that comes to mind.”

  29. Karen M.Mackenroth says:

    I enjoy writing and reading. I write to my 7 grandchildren every other week. Almost 2 years ago when we moved to North Carolina I sent each grandchild a map of NC. I also did this for a few friends. When we go on a day trip or two weeks I do an itinerary where we have been and what we have seen along with pictures and info I have picked up along the eay. I always do a personal letter to each and mail. I have also done a traveling Grandma Karen. My grandkids love the travel and have fun searching the map. They live in Michigan, Alaska and Nebraska.
    I subscribe to your magazine and love it. Thank you.

  30. Alicia Winkler says:

    I suppose my FAVORITE is sewing, but I am an over-all creative experimenter. 😉

  31. Patricia L. Randles says:

    My recent passion is Coloring – the new rage. I have been drawing & painting all my life, and making my own greeting cards for every occasion. I’m always looking for new ideas & especially lettering styles. Having 11 grandchildren & 26 great-grands keeps me busy coming up w/new card ideas for all those birthdays! I have gotten some inspirations from Mary Jane”s Farm magazine, not only for cards, but my other crafts (sewing, quilting, decoupage, etc.) & gardening. I may be 86, but never idle.

  32. I’ve recently learned how to do some Visual journaling and have loved the freedom of expression and all it has provided! I’ve always loved to draw, but have grown as an artist through this art form. Creative lettering looks like a perfect thing to add to my visual journals!

  33. Krystal Wolf says:

    My current favorite craft is art journaling, since I can paint, glue, draw…whatever..lots of fun and relaxing too!

  34. Lesa cox says:

    My favourite creative endeavor is reusing broken river glass. I go to our local river after the big rains have died down and our family finds old glass polished to a beautiful matte. Then I make cascading sun catchers for friends and whom ever needs a little joy and beauty in their lives. I’m not great at it yet, but I love doing this.

  35. Teresa Switzer says:

    In art class in school, I always loved calligraphy time! I recently saw a video on a master handwriter. I would like to hone my handwriting skills! Maybe even teach a class or two.

  36. Karen M says:

    It’s hard to pick just one! My passions include knitting, crocheting, embroidery and rosary making. I just started card making, so I would love to learn lettering. I hope to include quilting, coloring and scrapbooking as future passions.

  37. Catherine Regan says:

    My favorite endeavor is teaching my grands and great grands how-to read with passion using fake accents, making strawberry jam, sewing fine seams or cooking up gourmet meals.

  38. Faith Williams says:

    I think that my favorite passion right now is my garden and all things harvesting the garden related. My mom and I have started canning our harvests. Last year was mastering the water bath canner, this year we’re planning to master the pressure canner. I love to see all the jars of wonderful food that we grew ourselves and has none of those nasty chemicals!

  39. Kim Babcock says:

    I first did calligraphy in art class in high school. Since then I have done lots of other “artsy” things. One of the latest was fashioning a coffee table out of hand sanded and finished, curly maple, using a set of legs rescued from the dump. It has a facinating pattern, almost like looking at the desert from the air.

  40. Sharon Eberlin says:

    My current passion to reading and all things crafty. My current project is to letter different sayings on a picnic table top and benches. The Creative Lettering book would be most helpful.

    Love your magazine.

  41. Sara says:

    “Creative Lettering and Beyond: Inspiring Tips, Techniques & Ideas” book brought to my mind of my grandmother’s handwriting in old letters that was jaw-droppingly beautiful, so much so that this book would inspire me to cultivate such an artistic skill for writing snail mail on fragile paper and sealing on the back of the envelopes with embossed wax stamped in calligraphical initials to family and friends. A dying work of art that needs to be revived to its heyday! My creative endeavor/passion is quilting, sewing, gardening, and cooking that I love doing for the home and family.

  42. Sara says:

    “Creative Lettering and Beyond: Inspiring Tips, Techniques & Ideas” book brought to my mind of my grandmother’s handwriting in old letters that was jaw-droppingly beautiful, so much so that this book would inspire me to cultivate such an artistic skill for writing snail mail on fragile paper and sealing on the back of the envelopes with embossed wax stamped in calligraphical initials to family and friends. A dying work of art that needs to be revived to its heyday! My creative endeavor/passion is quilting, sewing, gardening, and cooking that I love doing for the home and family.

  43. Susanne says:

    I really enjoy calligraphy and love learning new lettering styles. I also really enjoy puttering around in my little garden of herbs, flowers and vegies. Current projects for the summer are going through each room of the house trying to simplify.

  44. Deborah Jesseman says:

    Although my favorite creative endeavors include quilting, drawing and card-making, storytelling, and herb gardening, my special interest in this contest is because I thoroughly enjoy writing letters. 5 years ago when my daughter went off to college in Florida from Minnesota, I would write (with pen and ink and sealed with wax impression) “Sunday Letters to Sarah” and later to my son “Wednesday Letters to Will”. In addition, I have taken to writing to my niece who has Williams Syndrome and is now living in a group home and loves to get the mail 🙂

  45. Renee Hammack says:

    When I was a young girl I learned to sew from an Aunt who tried to compensate for my deceased Mother. After sewing I tried macrame and then crocheting, cross stitching,
    Crewel, petit point, beadwork and jewelry. All of which helped pay the bills. I taught my daughters to love home, family, nature and creativity. When they and their families get together a craft activity is always on the program. And so my Grandchildren are learning to appreciate being creative in many forms. The two oldest granddaughters love books and journeling. They frequently receive art kits and can dry up a marker or use up colored pencils in a short time. Today I mostly create Mosaics artwork, cross stitch, color and crochet. But Iam blessed to share my love of art of all kinds with the people I love most.

  46. Joye Gulley says:

    I love scrapbooking and creative lettering is a very helpful tool for page decorating.

  47. Heike says:

    My favorite creative endeavor is making the KitcheWitches :). They always make me happy as they develop. I especially love making group custom orders, because the stories and pictures that come before and after are just precious.
    I love adding little handwritten notes to my orders, and have recently discovered colored calligraphy pens! They are fantastic, but I am still learning the actual lettering.

  48. Rhonda Thomas says:

    I tried to get creative and do my Christmas card envelopes but really needed help. It would a great to a book that shows you the how to’s!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Love Mary Jane’s Farm magazine. So excited when it comes it in the mail. It is about the only magazine I actually read!!!

    • Catherine Regan says:

      Rhonda, when we are working with creativity we need to stop and relax and wait for
      our mind to contact the brain. Many times we think we have to plow through to get the job done and feel we need to accomplish a great feat in a short time. So much better for us to stop and relax and wait … then allow our mind to lead us. Catherine

  49. Dana Okerman says:

    The most recent creative endeavor I have undertaken was putting together a timeline of my mother’s life, for her celebration of life service, in scrap booking pages. It turned out beautifully and my siblings and I had a very special time going through all of the old family photos, often laughing until we were crying.

  50. Nancy says:

    One of my favorite new creatives is coloring and I am inspired to write along with the pictures I am creativing.
    Would so enjoy this book and being able to use it and pass it along to my grands, especially as they do not write in cursive!!

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  1. Rosemary Smith says:

    My favorite creative craft/project is the one I am working on at any given moment! 😉
    I am interested in so MANY things: quilting, sewing, crochet and creative lettering. I am retired and don’t have enough time to do the things I want to do. I have been interested in calligraphy writing for years, but am just now having time to get involved with it. I would like to make my own greeting cards and stationery, etc. Love the fancy writing, I have never liked my own writing. Love your magazine, I just saw my first copy recently. Thanks for having it for us to enjoy and learn from.

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