GIVEAWAY: “Farm to Girl, Stitchin’ Post”

For a chance to win a FREE sampling of Farm to Girl skin-care products, tell me what color of flower would look best tucked behind your ear in the comments below. (My choice would be a red lily, or maybe a yellow rose, or maybe a pink peony or …) I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-October.


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  1. Amber Hersh says:

    The best and most favorite color/flower best.tucked behind my ear is a sunshine yellow sunflower. The ones that grow wild here on the Colorado plains. It ia my favorite flower because I love how it catches the sunlight and glows with illumination. It is also my five year old son’s favorite flower to pick and bring to me and tuck behind my ear. He loves it when I wear a sunflower in my hair <3

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I think I would like a dark pink Dahlia tucked behind my ear. This Farm to Girl skin care products has me intrigued. I am looking forward to learning more in our upcoming issue.

  3. Cheryl Herron says:

    If I had to choose one flower to wear in my hair, it would be a pink Gerbera Daisy. Pink is a good color for me to wear and the Gerbera Daisies have such a strong presence.

  4. Joan H. says:

    These products are right up my alley! I’m brunette and brown eyed and RED is my color. Thank you!

  5. Catherine says:

    I feel a violet tucked behind my ear would be the right touch as I reach for my skin care products & start my day. When I was in high school back in the 50’s, our family had a few cows and we used ‘Bag Balm’ on our hands. It was greasy yet did the trick for dry cracked hands.

  6. Melissa Eloe says:

    Definitely a red rose in full bloom.

  7. CJ Armstrong says:

    it’s a pink peony for me . . . one of my own and the fragrance is heavenly!

  8. Sara says:

    The Hibiscus flower with splashes of red color across its white petals would be my best choice for tucking behind my ear to look natural, just like the Farm to Girl skin-care products would also give a more natural look and feel that is good for the skin.

  9. Mary Pitman says:

    I would love to have a yellow rose tucked behind my ear, in memory of my daughter, who loved yellow roses.

  10. Linda Harris says:

    I think a orange/Coral gerbra daisy wouldl ook just peachy behind my ear!!!!!

  11. Jan Post says:

    I love carnations and it would be pink as I have heard it stands for Mother’s Love.

  12. Brenda White says:

    A white rose! I love them!

  13. Susan Boysen says:

    Purple Passion flower!

  14. Darcy Howell says:

    I would choose a Texas Bluebonnet one of my favorites, can’t wait each year to see the first Bluebonnet of the season!

  15. Lory Coulombe says:

    I love the color blue and it would look pretty in my gray hair

  16. Valerie says:

    I think a Beautiful big white Peony would be beautiful behind my ear. Smells heavenly and looks so Beautiful might bring out the Beautiful spirit around me.

  17. winnie Jackson says:

    I love this wonderful flower sent down from my great grandmother it is called Rose Champion and her name was rose. I see this beautiful berry color flower each season and I remember her with many of these plants that surrounded her home. I found out later in life why My great grandmother had so many of these plants. I just bet her husband was the first to start this plant in her garden. It was past down to her daughter, my grandmother, Emily to my mom, Nancy and now me. I would love this flower tucked behind my ear. It is so delicate. Winnie Jackson

  18. Denise Dugan says:

    A pink peony-my mother’s favorite flower.

  19. Cheryl bell says:

    I think a Texas Bluebonnet. it’s unusual to put behind the ear, but I’m a Texas country girl so why not!

  20. Gaye Durst says:

    A multi plumeria!

  21. Alice Minasian says:


  22. cheryl seals says:

    How awesome is this new skincare stuff ! I just love the label that is adorable ! My favorite flower would be the sweet spicy smell of the small pink carnations I could just sniff them all day an to have on tucked in my hair would allow me to sniff all day ! When I got married almost 40 yrs ago I so wanted to have those spicy carnations not only in my hair but at my wedding , but alas my mother thought the hair thing was way out there,, an it was a January wedding an so none of them could be found for even my bouquet..Piddle SO i settled for reg dusty rose & cream colored carnations which are my fav too.

  23. NORA C WINDHAM says:

    A wonderful smelling Gardenia behind my ear and it’s my favorite flower !

  24. I think a posy of white daisies would look bonny tucked into my brown hair. My Hunky Hubbie calls me his Brown Haired Lass. Daisies are my favorite flower. I’m not sure why, they just call my name.

  25. arlene wilder says:

    a white gardenia would be lovely

  26. Leisa Joan says:

    oh, but to choose just one…the Peony is my favorite, the old fashioned one with lots of fragrance. ahhh

  27. Lisa Ann says:

    A Gardena or peony (any color) would be beautiful.

  28. Carol says:

    I love the older fragrant peonies. I’d have to shake off the ants first!

  29. Phyllis Kauffman says:

    A simple blackeyed susan

  30. Dana Skelly says:

    Some burgundy snapdragons would be lovely!

  31. Kit naedele says:

    Definitely Cheyenne spirit echinacea my new favorite.

  32. Kathie Arseneau says:

    Lavender with some dusty miller. What a lovely look!

  33. michele hurley says:

    I would tuck a ‘autumn beauty’ behind my ear. I just adore sunflowers, I plant some every year. I like this quote : “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what the sunflowers do.” -Helen Keller

  34. Rachel says:

    Lily of the valley. Sweet simplicity!

  35. Renae Ratterree says:

    I would be wearing purple lilacs, they smell heavenly.

  36. Sylvia Jacobus says:

    A pink carnation, my Nana’s favorite and mine….

  37. Kelly Higginbotham says:

    I love yellow roses because my birth place is Texas. I miss it so.

  38. Diane Van Horn says:

    My favorite color is red but since my hair is red, I think a yellow Black Eyed Susan would look nice behind my ear.

  39. Sarah Puskar says:

    Pink any pink flower. My favorite flowers are pansy and orchids. I think daisys look beautiful tucked behind ears or even braided in your hair.

  40. Elaine Pendergrast says:

    Any purple flower! Purple is my favorite color and I would go for any shade of purple and any flower! 🙂

  41. Heidi Scheibner says:

    Anything in the orange/salmon color family. Orange just makes me smile!

  42. April Tovar says:

    Red poppy!

  43. Mandy J Jordan says:

    The best color flower tucked behind my ear is the orange-red zinnia. My favorite flower this summer. It was my first time growing them in my raised bed. They took over and my husband was in shock. He thinks he is married to an organized gardener. Not!! He loves me just the same. So yep orange-red, I need a lot of sparkle in my life.

  44. Kelly ONeal says:

    Me too on the orange zinnia tucked behind my ear. That or a barely pink almost white rose. These products look amazing.

  45. Amanda Rae says:

    I might opt for a delicate white flower. What a lovely thought, this is why I love you MaryJane! <3

  46. Sherry Hopper says:

    Flaming Red — any flower in flaming red — would be fabulous with my dark hair and skin. It’s a natural fit!

  47. Arlene Gallegos says:

    This year I have fallen in love with Dallias they seem to keep blooming all season and come in a variety of colors. My favorite is the crimson Dallia it is bright and showy and warms your heart. Love you Mary Jane

  48. Karen Purkey says:

    I would love to wear a white gardenia tucked behind my ear. The fragrance of these flowers lasts for days.

  49. Karla Welsh says:

    Tucked behind my ear would be a vibrant, dark purple Morning Glory with all it’s gentleness making a statement…I am here.

  50. Suzan Getch says:

    Pink zinnia would be perfect.

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GIVEAWAY: “Jackson’s Honest, Stitchin’ Post”

For a chance to win a FREE sampling of our favorite chips, Jackson’s Honest, tell me about an inspiring company you support in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-October.


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  1. Sara says:

    It’s wonderful to know Jackson’s Honest is dedicated to their cause with the slow food movement that has our support to push out foods laden in myriad of chemicals that are not fit for human consumption. I love making homemade onion dip from scratch that complements potato chips in any flavor.

  2. Sharon says:

    I like Bob’s Red Mill products. They support sourcing non-GMO ingredients in their products and they produce good, nutritious, wholegrain food. I buy many of their products, but my favorite is Nutritional Yeast. It’s great on popcorn!

  3. Catherine says:

    Cape Cod potato chips is the company of my choice, to date. Hoping to taste a sampling of Jackson’s Honest to share with my Great Grand Jackson. My precious dil, who is a nutritionist would welcome potato chips cooked in coconut oil. Sounds all healthy to me.

  4. Brenda White says:

    I knit and crochet, I also believe in supporting local business. My favorite yarn shop is the Yarn Garden in Charlotte,Michigan. Lyndsey the owner has a wonderful yarn store full of luscious yarns, patterns and a very comfortable place to sit and knit. She offers fun and adventure for all of her knitting customers.

  5. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I’ve not seen these chips here in Florida, but will keep my eyes peeled for them as I shop.

    My favorite company for organic eggs is My Country Hen. Their humane raising policies and commitment to quality make these eggs a go to solution. I also love the little newsletters inside every package. It makes me feel a part of the farm by giving me updates and often cute stories from the hens. The eggs are always fresh and good too.

  6. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    My favorite company for makeup is 100% Pure! They use no chemicals, everything is fruit pigmented! So that means no dyes:) they use organic ingredients, there products are vegan, the list goes on and on. They also support many good causes and have sales to benefit them:) plus 100% Pure makes you look beautiful:)

  7. Alice Minasian says:

    I LOVE Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips and have ordered directly from them for years – now, I’m able to find them in my local stores! I support local companies whenever possible. If I had to pick another besides Jackson’s Honest, I’d pick Lala Earth in Vermont. I love her products and she is an inspiration to me!

  8. cheryl seals says:

    Thanks Mary Jane again for a fun giveaway ! Never have tried Jackson’s Honest brand before but would love to…I’m a firm believer that snacks are important to one’s soul, but that when you eat the GOOD ones without all the stuff you don’t know what is or can’t pronounce your body doesn’t like..When you actually eat what i call the junk chips you have to eat a ton your body dosen’t get the signal that it got nutrients, when you eat the wholesome ones you don’t get that I have to eat the whole bag feeling..This is really true…thanks again

  9. Carol says:

    We love Eden foods in Michigan! We even have one of their growers nearby 🙂

  10. Sylvia Jacobus says:

    I love San Francisco Bay coffee. I use their coffee machine which makes the best coffee. Their K cup pods are biodegradable and their coffee is raised on small farms in South America and Hawaii, where organic growing practices reigns supreme. I appreciate companies who respect the earth, help small farmers and produce outstanding products. Costco sells this brand and you can order direct from the company. Buying a box of 80 pods, shipping free, you get a biodegradable storage container, and you’re set for a month or two. Can’t beat that. You just have to figure which of their coffees are your favorite.

  11. Krista says:

    I haven’t seen or heard of these chips before. I will for sure have to give them a try. I love supporting individual people/companies. I have a few friends whom I have purchased their products to help grow their business and support them. It always gives me a great feeling knowing that I helped them out, especially in a time of need.

  12. Teri Schneider says:

    Although it’s a nonprofit and not a company, Sprout Urban Farms, where I live is one of my favorite places to buy from. I usually frequent them at our local farmers market, but they also have a building that was just donated to them, so they can have a regular store. This np grows their own veggies to sell. But beyond that, they have been educating the whole community regarding growing your own food and even participating in local city government meetings to help push towards changes in law in regards to in-city small farming (think a couple of chickens, a goat, etc). Also, they collaborated with the local schools and helped them start school gardens. The schools have embraced the whole fresh food concept and include the goodies in the school lunches. I love the people that run Sprout because they have such passion for their mission!

  13. Honey says:

    I hadn’t heard of this company, but after reading Megan’s story about her son Jackson and the challenges their family has gone through, I’m inspired! A family simply trying to do the best for their child. The product sounds amazing and with the back story it sounds like a win-win. I hope to find their products locally soon.

    I’m also inspired by Will Leather Goods of Eugene, Oregon. They have a program that puts backpacks filled with school items in the hands of children/schools that need the help.

    Thanks Mary Jane for introducing me to this product and the amazing family behind it.

  14. Paula says:

    First I want to say I love MaryJane and her products. She is an inspiration to women every where. Also I would like to give kudos to Westrock Coffee for offering great tasting coffees and purchasing from small farmers like Ernest N and paying him and farmers like him a decent prices for their beans. So far my favorites are Rwanda Select and Meza Morning Blend.

  15. Jenna says:

    I love Fair Trade Certified. They promote other brands that are Fair Trade. I love discovering new brands, that also treat their employees fairly.

  16. Lauren says:

    I support Serengetee, a clothing company that purchases fabric from over 25 countries, supporting artisans, their families, and ancient fabric making traditions. They give back 10% of profits to a diverse range of grassroots causes, improving lives in their communities. You can always feel good about online shopping at Serengetee.

  17. Lisa Ann says:

    Eden foods is good !

  18. Dana Skelly says:

    I’ve been a longtime fan and supporter of Real Goods. They have not only been wonderfully helpful with off-the grid systems, but I really appreciate their educational efforts and offerings.

  19. I love Flowers for Dreams in Chicago. They donate almost all their proceeds to a different organization each month and make the most gorgeous arrangements!

  20. Sheryl Edwards says:

    Cucina Antica is an inspiring company that I support! Their delicious products are made with fresh, high quality ingredients: pasta sauces, Italian artisan pasta, extra virgin olive oil, organic salad dressings and organic ketchup. Cucina Antica believes in giving back to the community. For example in August 10% of their online sales went to Mary’s Meals Crisis in Malawi campaign!

  21. amy guillaume linderman says:

    i like buying endangered species chocolate….love the pictures of the animals they are trying to save on the chocolates

  22. Jennifer Hess says:

    I support Seventh Generation because it’s safe products that are good for my family and the environment. Seventh Generation makes its easy for me to buy all the regular convient products my uses for our household and in a environmentally friendly way.

  23. Silvia R says:

    We love Jessica’s Natural Foods granolas. They are my son’s favorite breakfast!

  24. Sandy Tsoi says:

    I support company use organic natural ingredients, no chemicals, and products are safe for my family and the enviroment.

  25. Patti sabins says:

    I love Dave’s killer bread. It is the best

  26. winnie Jackson says:

    I live in CT and support Paul Newman Co. He has a hole in the wall gang camp for children with cancer & other illnesses where they go free and just be a kid among other kids who have illnesses. His products are very healthy, and the company makes many good donations as well to other groups they want to support. Check out many of the products and you will see what I am talking about. What a wonderful man Paul was to think of others in this world especially children who have a severe illness and many may not be around for a long time because of what they have. I love to see how the children are so happy to be at this camp and many look forward to making new or seeing the old friends from years of going to this camp. He has set up this camp in the State he lived in to be remembered by. I just love it!!!!! Winnie Jackson of Mansfield Ctr., Ct.

  27. Kelly ONeal says:

    I have never heard of this company before. I really support Third Coast coffee.

  28. Sherry Hopper says:

    OK, not exactly a company…but I totally support the League for Animal Welfare. This no-kill shelter recently initiated a mobile vet service (made available through private funding and fundraising) that will benefit the entire community. My husband and I were longtime volunteers at the League. Since his passing, I’ve kept up that tradition as much as I’m able.

  29. Arlene Gallegos says:

    I support Mountain rose herbs. I enjoy the variety of essential oils to natural clays for your skin

  30. Erin Heier says:

    When I can find them I buy Eden Foods. I also try to get to Aldi’s grocery store because they bring in a lot of organic produce.

  31. Teresa Dr Bruin says:

    I’d love to try these chips and see if my system will tolerate them. One place I patronize is certain vendors at farmers market

  32. BarbaraJean Smith says:

    I support our local yarn store. Vulcans Rest fibers is not just a shop but a place to learn and be with ladies who care about creating things with care and have fun at the same time

  33. Kristi Adams says:

    any company that sells gourds and project ideas and products for gourd crafting.

  34. Pat Frappier says:

    I support Wood Prairie Organic Farm in Maine. It is family owned and they grow and sell the best potatoes, seed potatoes and many other vegetables, seeds and gardening tools. They ship their products too. In addition, they work hard to support other organic businesses and keep their customers informed on how they can help fight Monsanto and
    promote labeling of GMO foods. I believe it is important to know what is in the food we eat.

  35. patrice says:

    We support several farmers who produce vegetables, eggs, bread, cheese and fruits.

  36. Leeza Perry says:

    Sweet potato and sea salt

  37. Elaine Holmquist says:

    What an inspiring story! These folk are truly blessed; first with a wonderful family and second for imaginations to create one of my favorite snacks made in my favorite cooking oil ever. I love the flavor of virgin organic oil. Next to Bob’s Red Mill products, I’ll support the Jackson’s for sure!

  38. Leeza Perry says:

    My favorite store I support is our local Mennonite Sommers market. It is a discounted, deli and grocery outlet that provides produce and meats, and cheeses at a cheap price and changes its discounts weekly.

    Leeza Perry
    Hartville, Ohio
    New Subscriber 2016

  39. Alise says:

    I haven’t been in a position to be able to support many companies like I used to (and will again when times are better). One company that I look forward to being able to support again is Jordan Rubin’s Beyond Organic. Currently, I enjoy supporting one local person who sells eggs and another that has a small roadside vegetable stand.

  40. Brenda Wheeler says:

    About 4 miles from me is a the wonderful little Adams Farm Market. They have all kinds of vegetables, fruits, spices, jams, jellies and honey etc. I have shopped there for years. Each spring I can count on them having a couple of flats of State Fair Zinnias ready for me and each fall I can count on them to have 2 bushels of Yukon Gold Potatoes for me. Those are standing orders every year. The zinnias are planted along the fence in front of our vegetable garden along with tall marigolds and morning glories. We have found that the Yukon Gold Potatoes hold the best and longest for storage. On year the owners of the market decided to keep some of all the different kinds of potatoes they have and told me I was right the Yukon kept the best. Anything we don’t grow here we can get there.

  41. Kandie Pieratt says:

    World Brewing Co – all profits go to charity

  42. Heidi says:

    I support A-Z Apiaries a very small local honey farm. Also Brush Hill Dairy for fresh raw milk, grass fed beef and eggs.

  43. Margie Cunningham says:

    Some of our favorite brands are: Once Again, Oganic Valley, Equal Exchange.

  44. Christine Robinson says:

    I support my friend’s business Kingsley Street Soaps. He is local to NYS, and I have a lot of allergies, and his soaps do not give me any issues.

  45. Stacey Mitchell says:

    I love to support small business owners. Love small business Saturdays. Would love to get a sample of these chips. Farm girl sister #6969

  46. Melanie Gamlin says:

    I love supporting local businesses. In our small town there is a shop called Sozo Market that sell handmade products with a purpose. They sale products to provide resources to the broken and needy of the world. From their website their mission is providing resources and education to create unique handcrafted goods to enable impoverished communities to change their lives.

  47. Phyllis Reding says:

    Supporting companies that give back to the community around them and globally is an amazing way to share the abundance we have…DoTerra in dedicated to “co-impacting projects” and “humanitarian partnerships”

  48. Colleen Davis says:

    I wholeheartedly support Soap Hope. This is a company that empowers women all around the world. Every sale that is made is allowing women to stand on their own two feet and succeed. Love this!

  49. Shelby York says:

    I support Buffalo Gap Gifts. It is a local owned gift store with Tuscola Soapworks inside. They feature works by local artisans and I absolutely love their soaps! Often the will feature wine tastings from surrounding vineyards. It is a great place to visit and I love that I am supporting a local small bussiness.

  50. Denise says:

    I like Bakery on Main. They are a company based in Hartford, CT whose mission is to save the world from boring and tasteless gluten free products. They make incredibly delicious foods that my family can have on their limited diets. I hope to win some chips to add to our diet plan. Thank you so very much.

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GIVEAWAY: “Knit, Hook, and Spin, Stitchin’ Post”

For a chance to win a FREE copy of Knit, Hook, and Spin: A Kid’s Activity Guide to Fiber Arts and Crafts, by Laurie Carlson, tell me about your favorite kids’ project in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-October.


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  1. Amber Hersh says:

    I am a Cloverbud 4-H leader and we make projects every meeting all year round introducing them to the different projects available to them when they become regulars.They will by them have an ididea what they are interested in learning more about. One project I love doing with them is doing a project called “Art all around me”. I have them paint their hand, make a hand print and them as it is drying I have them gather items around them. It can be scrap paper, yarn, twigs, flowers. ..whatever speaks to them is free game. Some will dig in mom’s purse for items to! Then they come back and decorate their piece. It is always interesting to see what they use. The kiddos who have done the project before always take it up a notch and really get into it. It really shows their creative growth 🙂

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Although my kids are grown, this book looks like it would be fun to have for any family that has children who are interested in working with their hands. My kids learned simple knitting when they were 7 & 9 and we have a few of their knitted animals packed away in their childhood memory boxes.

  3. Brenda White says:

    I have to pick just one?? Ok, my all time favorite would be a newborn sweater that I have used as gifts for anyone I know having a baby. I love to use unbleached soft cotton. Warm and cozy for those little sweethearts❤️

  4. winnie Jackson says:

    this is a fantastic book for teaching grandchildren. Mine wanted to learn how to crochet.
    Great examples, projects, colored photo’s & explains in detail just what to do. A follow along book for kids. Adults can make the projects right along with them. I love to teach children how to make a scarf for their first project. They pick out the color yarn, we get their first hook and go step by step. This book has a scarf project and many more. I would love to have this book in my home. I did get it once at my local library. I would prefer to have my own copy instead of having to photograph the pattern. Perhaps this will happen for me with any luck. Glad to see this book being offered. Winnie Jackson

  5. Sara says:

    To begin an easy project for children is a wool shawl that I love teaching to, using wool as my favorite so children can develop an appreciation for natural fibers to work with which includes involving the spinning wheel to keep the dying art alive. To create something with yarn takes skill and experience of craftsmanship, starting with a constant need to reach all levels to be proud of–no doubt, this fun-filled book chock-full of other pattern and project ideas sure will help children achieve their talents.

  6. Krista says:

    This book looks like so much fun! I would love to use this book to make crafts with my kids! I would have to say my favorite project to do with kids is making 3D animals. Every year during preschool time I would give the children an assignment to create any animal they wanted out of anything they had sitting around their home. Of course they needed some help from parents, but I felt that gave them a bonding opportunity. It was amazing how these animals turned out and the kids had so much fun. It helped expand their imagination!

  7. Joan H. says:

    I love most any project that you can drop and resume later, or one that is completed quickly. I’ve been teaching my granddaughter to sew. She made her cousin a pillowcase for her birthday and it was such a hit she has requests for a few more when she visits next! For her birthday I got her a kid’s cookbook and I can hardly wait to get started on that!

  8. Carol Vagher says:

    I work at a school for children with special needs. We have students from Preschool to 21 years old. We have an art teacher that works with the students doing adapted art projects. They are my absolute favorite! ❤

  9. I am an avid reader. A favorite kids project I like is something I call “picture painter.” Once a child has read a book, she can sit down with watercolor paints/colored pencils/crayons/etc., and create a picture about the book. Using the picture as a jumpstart for sharing, the child tells the listeners about the book. It definitely promotes reading in children! Can you tell I am a retired teacher?

  10. Sorry, what does awaiting moderation mean?

    • MaryJane says:

      It means your comment is waiting for approval by me. Unfortunately, I have to sort through and delete those that are spam.

  11. Linda says:

    I have all grandsons, and because of interests their mother and I have, they are around fiber crafts all the time. One of my 9-YO grand-twins has been asking me to teach him to knit. This book would be a great start to show him the fundamentals of knitting. Thank you for offering this opportunity to win the book.

  12. Denise says:

    My favorite kid’s project is anything crocheted or knitted. My brother and I both learned to crochet at the same time from my mom. We are both left handers and she just sat opposite us to teach how to do it. I think anything fiber arts is great to teach a child. They learn how things are made to be used to make other things. Ie; wool, paper, etc.

  13. Linda Crouch says:

    Would love to win the book! Favorite kid project is making sock monkeys!!!!

  14. Gaye Durst says:

    Picking a favorite project is impossible, but looking back, a reoccurring theme whith my children has been wool. We made little wool animals and dolls, made costume accessories such as princess hats and satchels, capes, shoes out of wool felt. My youngest daughter enjoyed felting as a teen.
    Now I have grandkids at the perfect age to start with!

  15. Cheryl Herron says:

    My favorite kid project was with the students in my classroom. We made fleece blankets for the folks in the local nursing home. The kids also decorated plain paper to use as wrapping paper. It was a wonderful experience for them.

  16. Honey says:

    So far, my favorite art activity has been painting my grandkids feet and letting them walk on butcher paper. The prints can be cut to frame, become wrapping paper, or just a plain ole good time with no purpose except to have some fun and be creative.

  17. Madelyn Shields says:

    I love handcrafting and so every little bit I host a party for my Grands such as a “Blanket Party.” We make fleece blankets and have a completion. I have had “paint parties” using acrylics and large patterns that are easy for them to do on canvas. It is their work and always great. They gift them usually at Christmas. We always end our party with Chili or some easy dish and it makes for a exciting evening Great way to enjoy each others company. The book would be of great help and excitement.

  18. Our youngest granddaughter just turned 4 and for a good bit her Mom has called her Miss Muff. One day it just popped into my head that it would be fun to make the little one a tuffet. So, a couple of months ago, I happened on one at a quilt shop in Chapel Hill, NC and decided then and there it would be great for her. It took 64 strips of fabric and a form created by a husband and wife team in Cary, NC. It was quite a feet by the time I finished, but the giggles we got on her birthday made it very worthwhile. For good measure, I machine embroidered the poem, “Little Miss Muffet” which was released in 1901. She loves it as her place to hold her dolls and also to look at her books. She is beginning to take interest in all things that I do, so this book would be such fun to go through with her. Thank you.

  19. kim wrye says:

    kim w. says

    My favorite kids project is a bean bag my son knit when he was four. It had a lot of
    holes in it; so we put the beans in an old sock, tied it, then put the sock in the bean bag and sewed it shut. He was proud of what he made and had fun playing with
    it too.

  20. Heidi Scheibner says:

    Not sure I can pick one specific craft so I’ll go with anything where kids can get dirty…gluing, paper machete, finger painting…something along those lines.

  21. Arlene Gallegos says:

    My favorite kids project is one I saw on the Raverly website a variety of animals by Heidi Bear. Love them

  22. Elline says:

    My son who is now 43 is a cabinet maker and residence builder. He loves the fine art of finish work on cabinets, furniture. When he was 8, he made a Superman hooked rug that I still have. My grandsons, 16 and 13, loves to build things, especially Lego monstrosities. They burn scenes with a wood burner. Both are very artistic. This is how we spent our art project time when they were small!!!

  23. DarleneBhattacharyya says:

    I have grandchildren who are just now old enough to do crafts, so looking forward to getting this book. My favorite thing to do when I am traveling is to crochet cotton washcloths

  24. Kristi Adams says:

    Im a music teacher but love the arts and crafts also. My students would love this book. My Grandma always made us slippers for Christmas, I still have a pair tucked away in my antique trunk.

  25. patrice says:

    We have 12 grandchildren(soon to be #13) and I have them help me with my herb projects. They plant, harvest, dry, use fresh, make tinctures, whatever the project is.
    Love exposing them to skills using their hands.

  26. While living on the island of Oahu, our Girl Scout Troop was working on our sewing badge. I had fun learning to knit, embroidery and sew kitchen towels. I continue to
    have peaceful moments with doing any one of these projects. Now I will be piecing
    together the beautiful 10 inch pieces if fabric. This winter will be amazing!

  27. Elaine Holmquist says:

    I taught my granddaughter counted cross stitch, just as I taught my own daughters sewing and needlework. It paid off for one of the daughters as she now sells her embroidered jewelry through Etsy. I also do origami with children. It teaches so many skills, one of which is the art of focusing!

  28. Leeza Perry says:

    Making your first tubular neck scarf on a beginner’s loom from your favorite craft store. Guaranteed to keep any boy or girl home sick or just a day inside due to bad weather. It’s magic watching the scarf appear, and satisfaction for any child to know they created it themselves. Use multiple colored yarn for your favorite sports team or school colors.

    Leeza Perry
    Ohio New Subscriber 2016

  29. linda gardner says:

    One of my favorite craft to do with my grandchildren is to make home made play dough and play with them immediately after. Nothing like fresh home made play dough. You even get to make whatever color that moves you.

  30. I love teaching my grandchildren to embroider and sew. When my eldest granddaughter caught the quiltin bug 9 years ago, she curled up next to me in bed and told me she now understood why I liked it so much. My three younger granddaughters love to embroider and one if them is busy making early Christmas gifts for her friends.

  31. Kathy Lopez says:

    I would love to share the gift of needlework and crafting with my granddaughters. They already show some interest.

  32. LoriAnn says:

    I have been teaching a group of girls (from the ages of 5 to 20) for the past 13 years how to embroidery. It is so much fun to see how much they enjoy embroidery and just a great time spent together talking, enjoying time together.

  33. Lynnette Zaunmiller says:

    I hope to be able to teach my granddaughters how to knit, crochet, embroider and sew. This would be a very good primer to pass onto them. I was a 4-H leader for a quilting club, when my daughter was in high school. It was very rewarding, though I don’t want to be a leader again, I do want to teach my granddaughters these old pastimes that are becoming a lost art.

  34. Kandie Pieratt says:

    sew 2 fabric pillowcase.

  35. Christy Wilkinson says:

    As i write they are constructing their own tree house! It is exciting to see their enthusiasm and creativity, hardwork and cooperation.

  36. Heidi says:

    I love any project that introduces children to some “old fashioned” skills

  37. Heidi says:

    I love any project that introduces children to “old fashioned” crafts/hobbies/skills.

  38. Connie Lambery says:

    Over the years my grandkids who range from 8 to 19 have enjoyed crafting with me. We have sewn pillows, shorts, aprons, fleece pj pants,etc. recently my 14 year old granddaughter, Julia and I have begun making little dresses for underprivileged girls in poor countries. We are also making diapers out of the bottoms of old tshirts, and sanitary napkin kits for the young women. we also enjoy stamping cards, painting birdhouses, flower arranging, making clay figurines and gifts for others. We also spend time with our hens and 2 indoor cats. We grow zinnias by the hundreds, have an apple orchard, and spend time riding around our 20 acres of “heaven” on our Ranger. We have attempted knitting but my knowledge has always been very
    Limited. Maybe this book will help us find new joy in yarns. Love your magazine. Connie Lambert

  39. LeeAnn Johnson says:

    I just retired after working 23 yrs. in our local school district as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. Therapy for children is all based around play and plenty of crafts so I have a multitude of actvities I have done w/ kids, tooo… many favorites to decide on just one.

  40. Stacey Mitchell says:

    My favorite is crocheting and sewing for my grandbabies. I can’t wait to teach my granddaughter how to sew, crochet, quilt and all the fun crafts there are out there. She is two years old loves to dig into Grammy’s sewing notions and my gallon button jar.

  41. Teresa Dr bruin says:

    My favorite is cooking and whatever with the great grandkids. Yearly my grandson and I have to go to the pumpkin patch. He likes to make pumpkin pie and knit with me, and also cook

  42. Melanie Gamlin says:

    As a home schooling momma I love Laurie’s books! We have used her books and activities in the many unit studies we have done. I have so many favorite activities and projects that the kids have done. I really like the scarves my daughter has knitted or the handmade journals they created.

  43. Phyllis Reding says:

    Projects that I can teach my grandchildren …some of the forgotten arts of the past. They love learning new things and I love that they are learning from the past.

  44. patti carlson says:

    At summer camp I had a group of 6 kids who wanted to make a fairy house. I armed myself with a glue gun and the kids ran through the forest collecting materials to build a spectacular fairy house with cobble stone pathway. We also made a fairy bed for the inside. The fairy house was the most exciting project for these kids. When I see them around town they still say “Mrs. Carlson I still remember the time we made the fairy house. It was a time to remember!

  45. Kristine says:

    Twigs and Glue! It is amazing what kids nvision when gluing twigs into rafts, buildings, fences, etc.

  46. Karen M says:

    I am a new grandma of 2 beautiful girls and would love to have some craft projects for when they are older.

  47. Anne says:

    My Kids are grown but have 9 Homeschooling Grandchildren I’d to share projects with.

  48. Randi says:

    Oh my, we love so many crafts it is hard to choose just one. Alpacas and sheep are on our agenda, so this would make a fun addition to that journey.

  49. Shannon H says:

    This is a seriously hard choice, as our family LOVES to do crafts and projects. I think I’m going to have to go with finger-knitting, as quite a few of my children have caught on how to do it and thoroughly enjoy it!!! They have made headbands for newborns, “leashes” for their stuffed animals, belts, and scarves, to name a few.

  50. Jimi Timmer says:

    One of my son’s in his woodworking class made a wooden napkin ho!dear he’s in his 30s now with children of his own but I still have and use that ho!der, very proud of him for that memory.

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GIVEAWAY: “Natural Candy Store, Stitchin’ Post”

For a chance to win a FREE sampling of the Natural Candy Store’s “sweeter treats,” tell me about your favorite Halloween tradition in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-October.


Continue reading

  1. Amber Hersh says:

    Our favorite family Halloween tradition happens starting in the spring. We start growing our pumpkins! We tend and take care of them all growing season and just about the time Halloween is here we harvest our pumpkins, display them on the porch in the red wagon and the night before Halloween we carve them all into jack-o-lanterns! The kids love to see their hard work pay off into lots of fun pumpkins! We also grow different types that can not be bought anywhere so their jack-o-lanterns are unique 🙂

  2. Catherine says:

    O those wonderful grands who came to my door with all their school goblins every Halloween. I would also call out to the adults passing by to come & get candy. One couple was new to our neighborhood and could not understand English. I walked to them with bowl in hand and they smiled and we used our own language and they accepted my treats. PTL

  3. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Halloween is my favorite of all the holidays!! A tradition that I keep every year is to decorate my porch with my vintage paper ghost, witch and skeleton, carve out a a fat jack-o-lantern, add lots of pumpkin votives along the sidewalk up to the porch, and hang paper bats from the porch lentil and branches that hang over the sidewalk. Then I dress up like a witch or a pumpkin and hand out candy. Trick or Treat!

  4. Brenda White says:

    Candy corn is my all time favorite! Those orange and yellow candies are one of my many favorite things I love about fall.

  5. Krista says:

    One tradition I have had my whole life is to eat chili and glazed donuts on Halloween! It’s not the healthiest combination but that’s what we eat and Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without it. Once I had my own place I began decorating with corn stalks, pumpkins, and straw bales. Every year I put the same decorations up in the same spot. It’s become my own little tradition.

  6. Peggy Richmond says:

    Halloween traditions include serving pumpkin pie and hot apple cider or coffee to the adults and popcorn and hot chocolate to the trick or treaters. My mom started doing this at our house when we were kids, Aunts and Uncles would come to our house and we cousins would go out trick or treating by ourselves, no less, eager to get back home where we could eat some of our candy and sit around a campfire to listen to all the stories told by the adults of past Halloween pranks and activities. There was always a new story to be heard and enjoyed and laughed about. We still do this when we can, our families are spread out and don’t live so close together but my siblings and I invite our friends to our own homes and continue the tradition of camp fires and story telling.

  7. Leisa Joan says:

    We had our nieces & nephews over to trick or treat with us, and afterwards would watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown while sorting out the goodies!

  8. winnie Jackson says:

    my favorite Halloween tradition is to decorate with wonderful things for the children & adults to enjoy. I have made so many over the years, from pumpkins out of wool, mice that I use double stick tape for them along my molding close to the floor, to witches clothing hanging on a clothesline under the mantel, to orange candles that flicker, to ghosts out of fabric, hay, scarecrow, gourds, mums, fall leaves, fall ribbons and it all comes together. I always leave it up for a couple of months. Starting in Sept 1 and takes about one week to finish it all inside and out. Don’t forget the candy purchased to give to all those wonderful kids each Halloween. I just love it and here I am a senior!!! Wow does time fly by. I would be a “HOOT” to win this prize. thank you for all you do. Winnie Jackson

  9. Sara says:

    My favorite Halloween tradition is a combination of apple bobbing in a barrel tub of water, making candy apples, and having a bonfire to roast homemade marshmallows for s’mores with dark chocolate as a way to celebrate the autumn harvest season along with homemade old-fashioned apple cider. All these healthy treats–both apple and dark chocolate–keep the doctor away!

  10. Rebecca Taylor says:

    My Grandma Taylor used to make homemade popcorn balls for all the kids in my dad’s neighborhood every Halloween when he was a kid and now my dad makes popcorn balls every Halloween for me and my friends (no mater how old we are). It’s always a treat and it has become a Taylor family tradition!

  11. Carol Vagher says:

    My mother started having little parties for us as small kids. I sewed costumes for my kids. We still keep the tradition of hot spiced apple cider!

  12. Darlene Riboldi says:

    I decorate with all the normal pumpkins,Indian corn,wreaths,leaves,gourds and more. However, for years I have made cloth stuffed and decorated pumpkins and given them to random people. I put a tag on that says, Be Blessed and Be a Blessing. Many let me know when they have put them out as they decorate each year.

  13. Rose Ann Wong says:

    As a child I always enjoyed after trick or treating when my brothers and sisters and I would gather in a circle on the living room floor, still in our costumes, dump out our ‘loot’ , and trade each other for our favorite treats!!

  14. Stephanie Guevara says:

    Every year, starting when my kids were about 5 and 7 (they’re 23 and 25 now), we would bring the lighted Jack ‘o Lantern into the house after the trick-or-treaters were gone, turn all the other lights out, and listen to Suspense’s 1945 radio play “House in Cypress Canyon”. Grown and with their own lives now, they still listen annually, and my son insists it still gives him the shivers.

  15. Ginger Nosbusch says:

    Every year we carve pumpkins and watch The Raven. 🙂

  16. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    When I was a kid we never went trick or treating, We always would go to a church down the road. Every Halloween they have a event that they call “Hallelujah Night”. We played games and collected candy, bounced in the bouncy house, and rode the hay ride:) it was like a big fall festival.

  17. Every year I spend my Halloween with my children and grandchildren.We all get dressed up carve pumpkins and go out trick or treating.

  18. Honey says:

    A new tradition since the granddaughters were born, is to take a trip to the local pumpkin farm to choose their very own. The owners have a small corn maze, games and animals to pet after the hunt is complete. Small town life that’s replicated all over America.

  19. Lisa Ann says:

    My hubby’s family makes sloppy joes and watch Young Frankinstein . Then they take all the grandchildren, nieces, nephews cousins trick or treating.

  20. Debra Allison says:

    As a child I love sweet tarts, but as an adult chocolate, especially very dark, is my sweet-treat go-to choice!

  21. Kelly Higginbotham says:

    Would so love to give my sweet children at Halloween something more good for them.

  22. Sarah Puskar says:

    When I was little every year my mom would throw a Halloween party for the neighborhood. We would spend the week before preparing by carving and painting pumpkins, decorating trees with hanging lanterns, spiders and cobwebs. We would go to an orchard and pick Apple’s for caramel apples and Apple bobbing. And then my favorite.. we would make our own costumes, my mom couldn’t sew so we were very creative with wire and duct tape. Now as an adult, I have no children but seven nieces and nephews and we make caramel apples and carve pumpkins together. I never thought I could get seven kids together age range 12-21 and carve pumpkins and make caramel apples together for hours. I guess you are never too old to enjoy pumpkin carving!

  23. Patti sabins says:

    My favorite thing to do is to decorate my front yard. We dont get any trick or treaters but i still love to decorate for the neighbors to see.

  24. Heidi Scheibner says:

    When my kids were small, we lived in a very rural area where there weren’t a lot of homes to get trick or treating to but they, of course, wanted candy. I started doing scavenger hunts for them. They had to use a flashlight. Some years they even did it in the snow.

  25. April Tovar says:

    We make candy apples!

  26. Kelly ONeal says:

    It has always been a tradition to go to a pumpkin patch and buy several pumpkins that my children pick out. We can’t go without a little candy corn. Love to decorate the house and porch.

  27. Amanda Rae says:

    Being a new mother a few years back and only eating ORGANIC I came up with a tradition that would get us through the tough time of all that candy. So far I’ve been able to make it fun enough to work these last few years! After the candy’s all collected, fun had, said candy is turned over to dad who is happy to eat non-organic junk stuff, and the children go on a search in the house for their “candy bag” that mama has hidden and stuffed with organic candy treats from our local chocolate shop/candy store!

    Second would be reminiscing about all those cool homemade costumes of old! <3

  28. Sherry Hopper says:

    Ah, Halloween… in my family, it’s always been a special time. We carry on with the “old” traditions — bobbing for apples, pin the let on the skeleton, homemade candies and treats, homemade costumes — as the next generation has begun to have families of their own, it’s so wonderful to see them carrying on what they’ve learned. Makes it a very satisfying bit of continuity…thanks for asking!

  29. My daughter Marcy and I would gather all my grandchildren up.In the costume I would make for them and go all over the neighborhood until I would drop we had so much fun.I would decorate the house and yard with homemade decorations .They are taking their children now. Where does the time go? It seems to fly by.I love to see all the little ones in costumes so cute. Coming to my door So many memories

  30. Wendy Wickersham says:

    My favorite is the excitement in the eyes of children when they put on their costume! It’s their day to pretend to be someone else. I’m a teacher and you can see and feel their excitement! Fun!

  31. Joyce Hein says:

    We don’t celebrate Halloween – but we have another fun family tradition in lieu of it. On November 1st we have our self-proclaimed backwards day! We dress backwards, have say good night first thing in the morning, eat supper for breakfast etc. And, of course, eat candy 🙂

  32. sue carter says:

    Just moved to small urban farm in Washington State-continuing the tradition of growing our own pumpkins for cooking and decoration- We’re having a bigger harvest this year-it’s exciting!!! Creating new memories in our new home!

  33. Elline says:

    I grew up in a rural community. We would get in the back of a pickup or on a hay ride and drive about 10 miles visiting homes in our neighborhood. My 3 brothers and I would always each come home with a paper grocery sac full of candy, fruits, peanuts, and lots of goodies! We always carved pumpkins and put candles inside.

  34. Paula Ann Leyva says:

    Love to see all the children dressed up for Halloween!
    My brothers & I would dumped out all the candy and sort it out!
    My Father would take all our gum and lollipops to work!

  35. Paula Ann Leyva says:


  36. Anna christine says:

    you never know if it’s going to be sweaty or icy where we live on Halloween, in our small town in Kansas but we trick or treat all over town, all night long, just like ol days 🙂

  37. Candice Buerer says:

    My favorite tradition was getting together costumes for my kids to wear to the church Fall Festival. A puppy costume made from a zippered sweat shirt with ears sewn on, a lamb suit made from an old coat’s imitation shearling lining, and a mermaid outfit of my own design are among my most memorable!

  38. Kristi Adams says:

    my fav. is the popcorn balls Mildred (our neighbor and friend in Harpster Idaho) would make to pass out to us trick or treaters. They were so yummy. We have tried and tried but no one can make a popcorn ball like Mildred. She also made carmel corn to die for! Miss you Mildred!

  39. debra santulli says:

    Every halloween I make a big pot of homemade chicken soup!! When trick or treat is over…its so good to come home to a steamy bowl of soup!! Makes house smell awesome too!!!

  40. patrice says:

    Like to get together with the family and have chili and cornbread and some type apple and or pumpkin desert. Also, cider and hot chocolate. Since we are rural the children visit our rural neighbors to trick or treat.

  41. Nancy Manley says:

    Love to see the little kids come by — so excited. Also great when it is their older sibling taking them around & they are so careful of the younger ones.

  42. Karen Bolen says:

    Carving pumpkins with my Grandson.

  43. Elaine Holmquist says:

    My mother had the best recipe for caramel popcorn balls; loaded with caramel, but just enough that they weren’t too sticky to form into balls and wrap in plastic wrap. I’ve never tasted anything like them since; deep, dark, buttery caramel. It was a family project at Halloween.

  44. Leeza Perry says:

    Nothing says it’s Halloween like caramel and red hot candy apples. Making them is half the fun and turning them upside down on wax paper to cool. Better have some good teeth for the first bite, and then the succulent apple awaits underneath. Still a favorite of mine!

    Leeza Perry
    Ohio New Subscriber 2016

  45. Growing and car in the pumpkins is my favorite tradition. Each year I start early and grow the largest pumpking I can manage for each of my grandchildren. They watch them all summer then just before haloween they get to take them home and carve away. Most years there are enough for the grandkids an their friends.

  46. susan barger says:

    Our favority Halloween tradition is going to the local apple farm. Once I get my first bag (and quart of cider), it’s time to put out the decorations!

  47. Melody Hingl says:

    My favorite Halloween tradition is hanging my recycled milk jug skeleton out in a spooky display on my front porch each year. I also enjoy taking up those fallen leaves into white trash bags and creating cute little ghosts and goblins with them!

  48. Shirlee Pilny says:

    Our favorite family Halloween tradition was for our son to dress up in his costume and go out to eat. He was always a hit at the restaurant for the employees who were having to work the holiday.

  49. Kandie Pieratt says:

    sewing costumes

  50. Heidi says:

    Trick or treating with the kids

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GIVEAWAY: “Harvest Apron, Stitchin’ Post”

For a chance to win my one-of-a-kind harvest apron, tell me about a vegetable or fruit you grow that is your all-around favorite in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-October.


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  1. Amber Hersh says:

    My most..most favorite is Pumpkins!!! Between the blossoms, watching them grow and the huge bounty they are and the fun you get to have with them is so cool. Plus my kiddos love helping take care of them and picking them for jack-o-lanterns. <3

  2. Catherine says:

    My fave all around yearly fruit that I grow is tomato. Apron is beautiful. Good job.

  3. MaryBeth Schwarz says:

    Oh MJ, where did you get that wicker dress form? I would love to find one. Beets are my favorite veggie to grow. THANKS, MB

  4. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What a darling harvest apron. I love those pockets and the colors in the fabric.

    The only item that grows at my home are Satsuma Oranges. They are a cross between a tangerine and orange and make the best little oranges ever. Easy to peel and easy to eat, they are quite popular in this area of north Florida. My favorite thing to make with them is orange marmalade using MaryJane’s ChillOver powder. It is one great way to enjoy the oranges all year long.

  5. Brenda White says:

    Green beans! They are our best producer. What a wonderful vegetable! Casseroles, side dish or right off the vine!

  6. Teri Schneider says:

    I absolutely love peas! We have great difficulty growing them in our garden due to the deer munching them down (despite our best efforts to protect them). So when they finally get past the “tasty” young greens the deer like stage, and grow those delicious pods, sometimes I just east them as a snack while weeding! Yum!

  7. cheryl seals says:

    I love to grow squash any squash ! Is my all time favorite an you can do alot with all of the different kinds..Thanks for the giveaway !

  8. Jodi Froeb says:

    We grow tomatoes. Cucumbers peppers and culinary herbs. That’s it

  9. Donna Lizbeth says:

    What an adorable apron! I would have to say that my favorite garden veggie is okra…So very easy to grow in my part of the country, and oh, so yummy battered and fried up in a cast iron skillet, and super tasty in a big pot of seafood gumbo. Thank you for the opportunity to win! Gardening hugs ~ Donna =)

  10. Peggy Richmond says:

    Tomatoes! versatile, wonderful, delicious: although, technically, I guess you could call them fruit. Here’s the thing, sliced fresh tomatoes are wonderful by themselves with a little mayo on bread, on any sandwich but especially a burger, as a salad or in a salad, great as a breakfast side. Tomato Sauce, pasta sauce, relish, chutneys, salsa… oh for the love of all that tastes good… homemade salsa. Stewed tomatoes, tomato soup, and chilis. Then there’s fried green tomatoes! OH, and let’s not forget Tomato pie, and then there’s that tomato pie! This season my garden had 35 tomato plants and I have just about every one of them eaten, canned or frozen. Well, I could go on but enough about the wonderful red, green, yellow, orange and purple tomato.

  11. winnie Jackson says:

    I have loved growing my dwarf blueberry bushes in my back yard. Nothing better than growing your own fruits to pick early in the morning for cereal or baking pancakes or home made syrup. I have always grown blueberries and other berries. But blueberry is my favorite. I love to wear aprons in the kitchen. I love this one being offered with great pockets. Colors are so great and festive. In the magazine I love seeing all those great aprons in the photo’s. Nothing better than a woman in the kitchen! I hope to be the one who is be sporting this new apron in my home. Thank you for all you do. Winnie Jackson

  12. Sandy Rees says:

    I would normally say that tomatoes are my favorite ” vegetable ” to grow but this year I would have to say hot peppers. My son has decided to take an interest in growing them and has made some great poppers and pickled peppers with them.

  13. Jan Post says:

    I love rhubarb. It is so early it is one of the first things I start baking with out of my garden. Rhubarb cream pie, muffins, cake and sauce. The best part is that it is a perennial so it comes back each year. Just love rhubarb.

  14. Denise says:

    Oh I don’t know if I can pick just one! I love vegetables of all kinds. I will have to go with peas! I love them. I love seeing the vines growing up the trellis reaching for the sun and the pretty little blossoms that let me know there will soon be pods coming on.

  15. Denise Anderson says:

    Blueberries are our favorite. We started off with 17 bare root plants in January of 2015 and had a small harvest that summer. This summer we have picked baskets and baskets of blueberries! They are our favorite, either fresh off of the plants or in my oatmeal every morning of the week! We are cloning new plants from cuttings and they are all doing well. Looking forward to many more harvests and healthy berries in our meals in the years to come!

    Denise Anderson

  16. Terri Dye says:

    It has to be my herbs! They give life to all my dishes. Whether they are fresh or dried I use them year round!

  17. Ginger Reibsome says:

    I grow so many things, grapes, pears, plums (aren’t doing well this year.). Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, kale, horseradish, asparagus, onions, peppers, onions, beets, spaghetti squash and of course flowers, herbs. Would love to win this beautiful apron.

  18. Randi says:

    What a lovely apron. =)

    Any type of squash is always the most productive plants in the garden, but my favorite veggie we grow is cucumbers. My 7-year-old and I go out regularly and sit with the chickens while we munch fresh cucumbers from the garden.

  19. Carol Vagher says:

    In March every year I seed eggplant along with many other veggies and have for several years. I have carried out my father’s traditional farming as a hobby. He also raised carnations snapdragons and bedding plants in his greenhouses. My eggplants are by far my favorite crop as I make eggplant parmesan for my Italian family. It is their favorite meal! I would love and need that beautiful apron! I have such a bountiful harvest I give it to neighbors and coworkers!

  20. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I love corn on the cob. It’s just ripening and ready to eat. I love all the vegetables we grow. The apron looks so wonderful!

  21. Nancy says:

    I love pumpkins! I have loved gathering them over the years with my boys, decorating with them and then cooking and freezing the portions for yummy muffins and pie. This year I am finally growing my own…it is never too late to join the gardening fun! 🙂

  22. Gaye Durst says:

    I guess really depends on the week, right now it’s cucumbers! I love how fast they grow, their pretty blossoms, how they hide under all those leaves and how versatile they are.

  23. Cathy R says:

    What an adorable harvest apron! I love all the veggies and fruit I grow in my garden, hard to pick just one! Tomatoes, potatoes, corn, green beans, cucumbers, peas, carrots, onions, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, rhubarb and lots of flowers! Thanks for the giveaway!! Blessings!

  24. Cori says:

    Love me some tomatoes! Still warm from the sun with salt. Also, like to get a bowl of sugar and bite and dip.

  25. Amanda says:

    My favorite thing to grow in my garden has to be nasturtiums. The edible flowers brighten up any salad.

  26. Melissa Eloe says:

    Dear MaryJane, I love to grow corn. That tiny seed becomes a tall stalk! I love to have height in the garden! Thanks for all you do, Melissa

  27. Leisa Joan says:

    Tomatoes would be the winner, just waiting for it to finally ripen so we can make the best BLT ever!

  28. Rose Ann Wong says:

    Tomatoes of all types!! I love the earthy smell of the plants, and how vine ripened tomatoes taste like summer.

  29. Sara says:

    My watermelon patch is the essence of an all-around summertime harvest straight from the field to frolic on picnics. Love your harvest apron that is almost like pastorale toile de jouy of fruits and vegetables!

  30. Darlene Riboldi says:

    Zucchini! Breads,cake,casseroles,roasted,grilled,raw in salads,refrigerator pickles, parmigiana,caponata,in soup,frittata,omelette and with macaroni/spaghetti. Did I say I love zucchini? LOL! I have zucchini in my house year round and on my table several times a week. Sounds like an addiction! I just grated and froze bags of it as well as froze it cubed alone and with carrots. I feel the same way about eggplant! LOL!

  31. Cheryl Herron says:

    My favorite thing is green beans. There is nothing like a fresh steamed side dish of green beans. I keep it very simple with a bit of real butter with salt and pepper. Simple is the best.

  32. Karlyne says:

    Do herbs count? I love my sage, oregano, chives and basil, and this year I grew chervil – very delicate and lovely! (For “real” veggies, it’s hard to beat taters, but maybe I just think that way since I’m a true-blue Idahoan!

  33. My favorite is our Meyer lemons! They are the very best, and I keep finding fabulous ways to use them from baking and cooking to health and cleaning. : )

  34. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    I love purple hull peas! They are one of my favorite vegetables. Plus they are easier to pick because when they turn purple you know they are ready. So there is no guess work as you go down the row picking. And they are fairly easy to shell too:)

    • Donna Lizbeth says:

      Oh, those are my all-time favorite pea!! We have also grown to love the Pink-Eyed Purple Hulls, too. Cooked and served over rice and I have a meal. =)

  35. Honey says:

    The first peas of the spring! Their sweet taste makes the cold, wet planting worth it. And the grandkids love them; pods and all.

  36. Darcy Howell says:

    Have grown many a tomato in my years but my all time favorite is the Purple Cherokee a real treat

  37. arlene wilder says:

    I love our Meyer Lemon Trees, Our lemons are huge and sweet and yummy. They have grown the size of baseballs sometimes. We love Lemonade from them it is so fresh and Lemon Water which alkalines your body.

  38. Lisa Ann says:

    My favorite is beef steak tomatoes .

  39. Carol says:

    Squash, squash and squash!

  40. Kathie Arseneau says:

    I love herbs. My small kitchen garden is in progress. Chives, curly chives, garlic, lavender, and sage. Not only do they taste good they make a beautiful bouquet.

  41. suzanne nilson says:

    I love my marionberries. The elk & rabbits leave them alone 🙂

  42. michele hurley says:

    I grow Brandywine heirloom tomatoes. I like the old fashion variety of vegetables. Love the apron. I have a cherished apron that belonged to my grandma, who wore hers daily.

  43. Daizy says:

    Hmmmm….my favorite? I have to say…, maybe……well, then there’s the…… Oh I don’t have a single favorite but I do have many favorites!! Right now I’m putting stewed tomatoes in the freezer for winter meals. I’m headed over to my neighbors apple trees tomorrow…..maybe making some applesauce. The garden is being prepped for winter plants

    Now, that apron would be helpful in the kitchen with all that cooking. Its very pretty. I enjoy your magazine and all the articles and farmgirl love that goes into it. I bet the apron feels like love also.

    Hugs and prayers,
    Daizy #1093

  44. LaRoyce says:

    Green Beans! We can them or eat them fresh. Grandkids eat them from the vine!

  45. Janie Townsend says:

    My favorite vegetable to grow has been asparagus, then tomatoes, then green beans, then…you get the message. I love veggies. This is my 6th house and 6th garden. This is a new build so starting over again. Have a neighbor who I get eggs from who has bunnies. Bunny “balls” are the best fertilizer–just dig a hole in an empty spot in garden and bury them. Wait a few weeks and watch anything grow.
    Love the apron. It would be great to collect the produce and eggs in early in am. Hope to get my own chickens next year.

  46. Linda Chapman says:

    Cucumbers, with spaghetti squash a close second. So many things can be done with these two veggies and they are healthy. Love a garden salad with the cukes and my own dressing. We also have the tomatoes, peppers, herbs, etc. The list is endless! Patty pan squash was a new one for us this and they have done wonderfully.

  47. Kelly Higginbotham says:

    I love cantaloupe it is so good for your skin and body inside and out.

  48. Theresa Atkinson says:

    My favorite to grow and eat are tomatoes (and peppers). Love the apron!

  49. Sandy says:

    I guess I would have to say tomatoes are the most valuable players in my garden. We enjoy them fresh off the plant and they are very easy to process to use all winter long.

  50. Sue Schrock says:

    My favorite thing to grow are Armenian white cucumbers. I love giving them to family and friends and see the surprise and delight on their faces when they see the size of them. They can get to almost two feet long. They are so mild you do not have to peel them. Just slice and eat foe a great healthy snack.

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GIVEAWAY: “Junk Gypsy, Stitchin’ Post”

For a chance to win a FREE copy of the new book from our favorite junkers, Junk Gypsy: Designing a Life at the Crossroads (out in October), tell me about your favorite junk find in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-October.


Continue reading

  1. Yolanda Solferino says:

    My husband and I have been collecting vintage rotary dial phones. We love that most of the ones we have found actually work!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This book looks like a lot of fun as well as inspiration. I haven’t been out much lately to junktique, but I do have a favorite place when the weather gets cooler. This person has tables and tables of old dishes that just sit outside along with other stuff like machine parts etc. Actually, there is all kinds of stuff to rummage through. The last time I went, I found a nice small heavy glass baking dish with a lid in mint condition. I think I paid $1 for it and all it needed was a good soaking in hot soapy water and some Bon Ami to get the grunge off the sides. When it cools down, I will most likely head down some day and see what else I can find.

    • Robin Steffek says:

      My favorite find is when our town dump used to be open to the public. I would find old doors with original knobs still intact, metal ceiling tiles, and I even found an old cast iron mailbox, my favorite

  3. Catherine says:

    I enjoyed ‘junking’ when my family vacationed at Lamoine, ME. My favorite find
    remains in my daughter’s home back in MA. I saw a copper 2-handled container. The person who was selling at her barn door, was rather taciturn. I asked her the price. She scowled and growled, “42”. I thought she meant dollars. I waited a bit. My heart was pounding, because back in the day, that price of $42 was very good. I mustered up the courage to say, “Cents?” She said, “Whadda think I mean? Yes. Forty cents.

  4. Brenda White says:

    I love the Junk Gypsies!! Their creativity is amazing. My favorite piece of junk is a handmade metal container that has a wooden disc for a plug or stopper. The patina is a rusty kind of brown, it would my guess be equivalent to 4 gallons worth of fluid. Not really functional but my husband and I both thought of our living room. And that’s exactly where it’s at, the seller has no idea of it’s history, but it was perfect for us.

  5. MaryBeth Schwarz says:

    One of my favorite stores had a fall clearance and I got three old spools from an old factory and a barley twist candle holder for a dollar each. MB

  6. Mary Lakota says:

    One of my favorite finds was a freebie. We were clearing out our Grandmother’s house to sale and when I was checking the side of the house, I saw a small handle sticking up out of a very large pile of leaves. When I lifted the handle up to find it was a push garden tiller. It’s rusty and worn, but looks great in my backyard garden.

  7. Sabrena Orr says:

    The Junk Gypsies are so creative & inspiring! My favorite “junk” items (although they are NOT junk!) are vintage watering cans. Ahhh…love them and they remind me of my grandma!

  8. Becky Davies says:

    My favorite junk find would be a recent find. An almost duplicate of our coffee table growing up. Can’t wait to do some work on it.

    • Elisabeth Perkins says:

      My first job after graduating home school was working at a local thrift store that supports a rescue mission in town. I collected so many treasures during the year that I worked there! Mostly colored Pyrex dishes and glassware, and little knick knacks:) I found a fisher price wooden mailbox toy.

  9. Tina Coleman says:

    One of my most favorite finds is an old dark red high chair! I spied it at a garage sale and gasped out loud but there was no tag on it. I went to ask the price and notice the mans wife had just went inside. I gasped again! I asked the man if he knew the price and he looked at it and asked me if $1 was too much to pay. I handed him my $1 bill in my trembling hands and thanked him! I turned and exhaled and fought the urge to cartwheel to my car! lol i yhink of that man everytime i walk by it and hope his wife forgave him. lol

  10. Krista says:

    This book looks like a fun read. I haven’t been much of junker but I did find an old crystal and wire table centerpiece that I have used for decorating for years. It needed a good cleaning when I brought it home but it works perfectly as my business card holder and I get many complements on it.

  11. Sara says:

    An very antique stainless steel double wash tub complete with stand on legs and drainage hose still attached (for rinsing) found abandoned in an country field while strolling through on a fine, sunny day! Somehow I managed to put it inside my truck to take home. Now sitting proudly in the garden, flowers are blooming out from inside the wash tubs. With drainage hose, it can still be useful for washing/rinsing laundry so it is a lovely treasure of the past, not junk!

  12. Teri Schneider says:

    I love “junking” and I’ve passed that love down to my daughter who is now married and has an apartment. My story is actually an extension of hers. She came home one night from work to find that someone put a solid wood desk by the garbage bin. Because it was so incredibly heavy she had to drag it back to her building and their apartment. But while she’s dragging, she calls me to tell me about it and to say that they also threw out a metal scroll-style twin size headboard. Of course I wanted it! So after dragging in the desk, she went back for the headboard! I’m in the process of making a bench for my shade garden with it. So happy that my daughter loves this stuff too!

  13. Candice Buerer says:

    I found a 1958, 23.5 x 31 inch acrylic on canvas painting of a stream flowing into a high mountain lake with snowy, jagged peaks above. It was laying in a jumble of frames and prints on the bottom shelf in a thrift store. There is one slight tear in the canvas which is almost unnoticeable. The artist is “OKRENO”.

    What I like best about this find is the peacefulness of the scene and memories of special moments spent in the Sierras with family and friends.

  14. Brianna says:

    It may seem small, but I was once exploring in an abandoned house out in the middle of nowhere and found a milk bottle from 1910 that was from a dairy in my hometown. the dairy is no longer there, as I live in one of those Dying Towns but finding it reminded me of how big my town once was and it set me off on a path to help make my community wonderful (instead of just moving or ignoring it). Yup. A milk bottle found in an old house changed my world!

  15. Nicki Robinson says:

    My find was a book that my mom’s mom read to her as a child called “Little Brown Bear”.

  16. Lana Wolford says:

    Old windows/frames from the farm I grew up on…

  17. Ginger Reibsome says:

    My favorite thing is actually something my daughter found for me, it’s Edith Bunkers Cookbook. Love it along with pictures there are stories in it. I display it on a easel in my kitchen.

  18. My bestest find was an old picture of Yellowstone Falls at a yard sale that I bought for $1.00. I actually bought it for the lovely antique frame. However, upon further inspection, I realized that the photo inside was something special. It looked like someone had hand tinted the photo to give it that modern colored photo look. I did some research. What I had found was a early print of a William Henry Jackson photo that was sold to tourists during the early days of Yellowstone National Park. I sold it on Ebay for $150 and took $75 to lady that I bought it from at the yard sale. She was thrilled and so was I. Here is the link to see what the photo looked like:

  19. Ashley says:

    My favorite junk find is a cabinet from a butlers pantry. Only $20!

  20. Linda says:

    When my high dollar coffee maker quit after only 3 years I went hunting for something reliable. Came home with a vintage glass Pyrex stovetop percolator for $7. Still using it!
    Think the gypsies would approve? 🙂

  21. Cynthia Bohli-Nelson says:

    One of my many favorite finds, is a cylindrical Scotch cooler, just like the one we always took camping when I was a kid.

  22. Cindi says:

    Don’t know if it would be junk but my favorite “find” was a pair of peep-toe high heels that I loved so much I still hope to find another pair. Thing is, I dislike thrift stores. My mother dragged me around to every flea market, thrift store and junk shop she saw and I disliked them with passion. The day after I had my wisdom teeth pulled she dragged me to yet another. Still being shaky from anesthetic, I plopped myself down on a bench in the shoe department. Right in front of me sat the most beautiful fawn colored high heels in perfect 1940s fashion. Shocked that they fit and were only 50 cents, I got them. Turned out they were real leather Saks 5th Ave shoes! Most comfy shoes I’ve ever had. I got so many complements and wore them until they could not be worn anymore. Like those thrift stores, junk shops and antiques now!

  23. Rhonda Bowdy says:

    Found an old waffle iron. Cleaned it up and plug it in with fingers crossed. It worked and still works. Love it. I’m always picking up old items. Found many old cast iron skillets and griddles. Love cast iron.

  24. Kathy E. says:

    I love finding new purpose for old items. My son was set to take an old microwave cart to the dump, but I rescued it just in time. I sanded it, painted it off-white, added pretty knobs to the lower doors and it now sits in my sewing room holding lots of supplies. The top serves as a bookshelf and a place to show off my button collection!

  25. Rebecca Taylor says:

    So I’m not sure if this counts as a “junk” find, but I was recently perusing through an everything-your-crafting-repurposing-heart-could-possibly-desire-for kind of store and saw a super cute idea! Take your old silver trays (perfabably the round ones) and turn them into chic chalk boards!!! Get some chalk paint and paint the inside just below the rim/edge then punch two holes in the top about an inch apart and string your favorite color of yarn/ribbon/thread through the holes and Volia! you now have your very own chic chalk board. Now I know what to do with some of our silver trays! 😉

  26. Carol Vagher says:

    Not sure I would consider them junk but I have inherited all the family doilies from my Grandmother and my Husband’s Grandmother. Love using them all over the house especially for the holidays.

  27. Sue Gottsch says:

    I repurposed an old leaded glass window as a cool decoration in my home. We love it!

  28. LaRoyce says:

    My husband and I found a large spool that holds some sort of cable….used 2×6 pieces of wood which he cut at angles to form an octagon shape top. I sanded and painted and we have used this as a porch table for many years!

  29. Jennifer grabinski says:

    Claw foot tub out of a house bring demolished. Was from the maids quarters. Inspired a whole new bathroom where the only thing brand new is the toilet. The rest is finds.

  30. Tracy White says:

    My favorite vintage find is my 1973 Shasta Camper. The fun part is I’m refurbishing it and turning it into a traveling boutique that sells handmade & vintage & upcycled “goods”! 1973 is the year I was born, I’m naming it Betty Jean after my Aunt who raised me who recently passed away, and she LOVED Shasta Daisies! It just ALL fell into place! I adore Mary Jane’s Farm!! ❤️

  31. Cindy Parker says:

    My favorite junk find is an old enamel top canning table with an attached stool that swivels out for use

  32. Schelli Nimz says:

    My favorite most useful find was 3 perfect cast iron skillets..they had been wall decor, and had only a light layer of rust on them. $2 each. 2 of them were Griswolds..all of them cleaned up beautifully and are used daily in my kitchen!

  33. Terri Dye says:

    Best junk find ever to me was also a family surprise; quite a few years ago we went to my husbands grandpas old homestead. The old house was still there; the windows were gone and it sat long empty in the middle of a cow pasture but once upon a time Paps yard. As we looked around I noticed someone had shoveled a pile of “stuff” into the middle of the floor. So I decided to go through the pile, as any junker worth their salt would do, it was mostly old newspapers, magazines, and ads all addressed to either his grandpa or grandma. That in itself was a treat to me! But at the very bottom lay an old tattered and torn quilt that once belonged to them. So I shook it out and although it was a mess, I brought it home and began taking pieces of it that could be saved. I have since saved a piece for each child and grandchild. The house has since been torn down but the photographs and memories of the day I found that quilt live on.

  34. Sharon says:

    My favorite junk find were some old dishes with the same pattern as my grandmothers!

  35. cheryl seals says:

    HELLO Mary Jane, Boy tha’ts a tough one my favorite Junk is all of it ! lol My sweet hubbie bought me for xmas one year a victorian couch & chair , all the wood is spoon caved an very unique.. The find was the matching coffee table that went with the two pieces at a totally different junk shop ! I had been driving by this place for a few wks an it was out front an I never had the time to stop , I was gone one wkend an came home to find it in the livingroom ! Again my sweet hubbie had brought it home for me..The weird thing is I never told him about it an he found out it was the actual coffee table that was with the couch & chair !!! Now that’s a find I’d say…

  36. winnie Jackson says:

    there is nothing better than taking old and making something creative, useful with it.
    I know my birds love their new tea cup feeders this season. I love them. taking odd cups/saucers and garden(medal) stem stands, strong glue and voila a new dinner place for the birds. I put them throughout the same areas that I had feed so the birds will see them. They now feast away daily. I know this winter those feeders being at the great height for me will be best for all of us during the cold months which I know will be just around the corner. I hope I would be able to win this wonderful book for other great ideas in those great finds that people don’t want that we crafters, creators could create!
    What a great book. Winnie Jackson

  37. Leisa Joan says:

    I work part time at an auction, so I get lots of good deals for cheap…I collect cloches, or bell jars, so those would be my favorites. anything for the garden though.

  38. Linda Keeler says:

    I want this book i have all of MaryJanes books. I love old things old furniture and sewing i restore furniture . love love love this.

  39. Cheryl Herron says:

    I found an old wooden chair that someone was throwing out because it had a huge crack in the seat. I used it in a corner of my garden to hold a potted plant. It looks great.

  40. Honey says:

    While drifting down the Rogue River and fishing with my dad years and years ago, we pulled ashore to stretch our legs. High up on the bank something was catching the evening light and partially protruding from the sand. My dad carefully climbed up, did some gentle excavating and discovered a fully intact blue Ball mason jar with a zinc lid. It’s been proudly displayed in every home I’ve had and I love the sweet memories of that Fall fishing trip with my dad that come with it.

    • Becky Davies says:

      So similar our stories, rather the “find”. I was horseback riding up a trail near our home with my mother in law and youngest daughter… I, too, saw something sticking out of the ground on the hillside embankment… A blue bottle… Which we have displayed everywhere we have lived. Still has the dirt it it. I’ve never washed it out. They still tell me I have an “eagle eye” out on our adventures. Love your find and family adventure!

  41. Renae Ratterree says:

    I have lots of junk finds, I love going to flee markets, yard sales and thrift shops. One of my latest finds was a rooster & chicken, sugar & creamer, salt & pepper containers, so cute.

  42. robyn oconnell says:

    my favorite junk find was a rooster lamp…..needed a little TLC and rewiring but once i did that, use it on my kitchen counter as a nightlight!

  43. Lisa Ann says:

    My favorite junk find was miniature creamer and sugar bowl that is green depression glass at a thrift store

  44. Monica says:

    Any junk find is my favorite ! Right now is old picture frames that I put my own spin on and pictures in to hang on the outside of my chicken coop.

  45. Carol says:

    One of my favorite finds was a handwoven wool tapestry with lovely colors. I got it to cut up to make Christmas stockings and thankfully realized it was hand loomed before I totally ruined it.

  46. Kathie Arseneau says:

    Oh my where do I start? I see the beauty in everything! My latest project was with a stained glass windows, barn wood and old cabinet doors. I made a beautiful cabinet that will be great for storin my vinyl albums and some collectibles

  47. Sarah Puskar says:

    My favorite junk find would have to be any random old wood laying around my sister’s farm. Treasure hunting we call it: I use the old wood pieces to make picture frames and string art. My newest project is using an old scrabble board I found and creating a crossword family tree with scrabble letters, then I am going to nail to old wood so my mom can hang it, it is her christmas gift.

  48. June says:

    My mama and I found an old wooden wash stand in an abandoned, falling down house. The back of the stand was gone and one of the doors had rotted, but we dragged it home, refinished it and had the door replaced. It isn’t perfect, but it looks great in my living room.

  49. kim says:

    My favorite find is an old bench with a shelf underneath. It was my first find and I have been using it for years.

  50. Darcy Kane says:

    My favorite junk find is an old egg basket that I use to hold my current and past issues of Mary Janes Farm.

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    Congratulations MaryBeth, Margaret, and Teddie! Enjoy your new prizes!

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    Congratulations to all the winners!! ~ Donna =)

  5. Denis says:

    Congratulations everyone!

  6. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Oh, have fun!

  7. Ann Marie says:

    Would of entered the creative
    lettering but gf that gives me books was to late
    But a very goodfriend who is battling
    cancer told me there is nothing like something in the mail or a phone call
    No tech devices, so true.
    Ann Marie

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