GIVEAWAY: “Denim Bed, A Rose Is a Rose”

Thank you for dropping by my Raising Jane Journal to participate in my giveaways! We’ve chosen a winner for this giveaway already, but don’t be afraid to leave a comment anyway. I love reading them.

In the June/July 2020 issue of MaryJanesFarm, “A Rose Is a Rose” (on newsstands May 5), I led you here to my journal for a chance to win a FREE “feels like your favorite pair of jeans” MaryJane’s Home denim queen bed coverlet and two matching shams. (My current bedding line is available on my website,

For a chance to win, share with me how it is you happen to be holding a copy of my magazine in your hands (20 years and still growing strong) in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-June.

Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

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  1. Elizabeth Davis says:

    I found your magazine a few years ago and feel in love with it. I am a country girl at heart. I love all the ideas and stories. Every page has something to keep my interest. I love to cook and plant and make things. You cover it all. I love the new and old ideas you cover. Thanks.

  2. Love your magazine. Such great info. I share with my daughter in law who lives and farms in Philippines. Her name is Mary Jane. Been getting your magazine about 3 years

  3. I am holding MaryJanes Farm magazine in my hand because my Aunt whose name is Mary Jane happened to come across this magazine one day at the library in her town. She liked it so much she wanted a subscription. She told me all about it for days so I ordered a subscription for her and myself and we have been enjoying it since.

  4. Nancy Frazier says:

    My mom was purging her house of magazines and catalogues and gave them to me. Most were the same issues. There happened to be just one Mary Jane’s so I perused it but then found myself actually reading it. I immediately subscribed because it had so many useful and fun articles. I even love the ads for things I’ve never heard of and even ordered one thing from an ad.

  5. Sue Marshall says:

    I was gifted a subscription to Mary Jane’s Farm magazine for Christmas several years ago (and every Christmas since!) by a very dear friend. I enjoy the articles, the recipes, the crafts, the ideas and especially enjoy finding out about organizations doing amazing things, for example, in the J/J 2020 issue, I don’t live on a farm, but I live outside a very small town in a very rural area. I have gifted my sister a subscription for many years as well. When we were little girls growing up in a medium-sized city, our summer vacation for 8 years was a week on a farm. We loved it!

  6. Jennie L Van Meter says:

    Used to get Mother earth news but found your Martindale magazine better suitedme: info, cooking, and crafts! Been subscribing forever.

  7. Jennie L Van Meter says:

    Love magazine and have Been a happylongtime subscriber.

  8. Mary Jo Trzebny says:

    Hi MaryJane!

    I originally found your magazine at the checkout lane in my Tractor Loader Store! The name caught my eye and the cover drew me in. I grew up a city girl with the heart of a Country girl. Finally at the age of 44 (I’m now 60) i realized my hearts desire! Living out in the country and doing all the outdoor things that I so love. I’m putting in a brand new garden, and getting new baby chicks next week (first time I will have Easter Eggers, so excited!) Many more ‘projects’ around the property and house. Your magazine is a great part of what I love and I look forward to each issue. I love it so much I bought a subscription for a friend who is a young mother and she and her husband run an organic farm. Thank you for you beautiful magazine and all of the interesting, vital, informative and FUN items you put in!

  9. Gerri Stitt says:

    A copy of your magazine just happened to fall in my lap last year I fell in love with every single page so I became a subscriber I can never wait until my copy arrives in the mailbox I am a registered nurse And soon to be a grandma I plan to retire next year my hobbies are natural living, gardening and vegan cooking. we are building an off grid cabin and this denim bed set would be the perfect addition. Thank you for considering me !

  10. Christine Goff says:

    A friend gave me one of your magazines afew yrs ago when i had surgery, i loved it so much so last yr i found an order form n a book n was so excited to finally get to order your magazine, n i just recieved another magazine today n the mail,i just love it!!!@

  11. Judith Berguson says:

    A co-worker happen to have a copy at work, I looked through it for three days. Decided I’d like to have my own, signed up and here I am!
    Thank you!

  12. Susan Mengon says:

    I love your magazine. I’m from Montana which a lot of is rural. I love to fish and look at any thing out of doors including many breeds of cows and bulls. But the real reason I love it is because my granny and grandpa had a farm/ranch but before I was born do I really only ever got to hear about the sheep, cattle, chickens. And the little garden they had. They are both gone now but your magazine keeps me close to them with memories! I love it!!!

  13. Amanda Lonsdorf says:

    My mom found this magazine and got me hooked on it, but in a unique way. My mom is a part of a quilting group and she met a sweet woman named Mary Jayne. She started talking about her nephew who met this sweet girl and my mom started talking about how her daughter met this nice young man. And eventually they realized they were taking about the same two people (my husband and I when we had first started dating.). Years later when she was in hospice due to cancer we found this magazine. She thought it was the neatest thing when we showed it to her. We both shared a love of crafts, baking, and gardening. After she passed away my husband and I moved into her house. This magazine has been a lovely reminder of her spirit and sense of creativity. And that is why this magazine is still in my hands today.

  14. Janet Crawford says:

    A few years ago I received an offer to try MaryJane’s Farm magazine. Since I had nothing to lose, I ordered a free copy. I was hooked on it and ordered it immediately. Now I also give my daughter a subscription. She does all my sewing and mending for me, and that is her reward. We enjoy talking about the contents — “Did you see . . .” Thank you for such a thoughtful and fun magazine!

  15. Anne Chilton says:

    Beautiful-something to take our troubles and look at something BEAUTIFUL

  16. Patricia Kisamore says:

    I discovered your magazine by chance about one year ago, and it felt like home. My husband and my father were both raised on farms, but I missed out, and have experienced a yearning, which your magazine fills. Now a faithful, excited subscriber!

  17. I was a longtime subscriber. I started rereading the ones in my stash, I kept them all. I started pulling the recipes to laminate, I am a messy cook and splatter as I go. I weeded through my Campbell’s tin chucking recipes I would not make. I am 63 and have cut out and saved them since I was a Mom 43 years ago. Loved the cast iron cherry scones but had no cherries on hand so used dates and some coconut. I have since picked up some cherries. I have purchased my last 4 copies @ grocery stores or tractor supply. As the proud grand daughter of a stubborn Jewish grandma named Jennie I already know I could’ve paid for a subscription. So in honor of her and that 43 year old daughter who is her namesake I am going to order two subscriptions one for each of us.

  18. Was hoping for a mask pattern when I bought the new issue. Loved the Love Letter to food. Have not been able to afford ink for my two printers. Went back to teaching @ a rural unit school with agricultural and environmental focus. Plus the ubiquitous STEM. I teach Art so have a broad area of expertise. Dad was a plumber from Alabama. After teaching Metro Nashville for 20 years I am finally home. He has been gone over 30 years but your magazine helps me see him again.

  19. helen nickerson says:

    I have been a long term Mary Jane reader from the Pacific Northwest to the South and back again through out the last decade . I have learned to keep it all simple & true. It has been definitely a decade plus with the magazine

  20. Linda Flaherty says:

    Not sure when I discovered this magazine but it’s the only one I read cover to cover.
    I think the cover is what first grabbed my attention. Occasionally I will give up my old copies and pass along to others but it takes some coxing out of my bookshelves
    Continued successes

  21. Andrea E says:

    Your magazine brings interest and comfort to a very digital world! It’s wonderful to open your magazine and read and create and inspire!

  22. Robin D. says:

    A feisty, get-your-hands-dirty, spitfire of a woman recognized a kindred spirit when I arrived as a newlywed in our rural wheat farming community. She hired me to ‘help’ her with her garden … which mostly turned into her paying me to learn how to garden from her. She let me borrow her copies of MaryJane’s Farm … and my first subscription arrived that Christmas from her. Each issue that arrives in my mailbox is a reminder of my friend’s kind efforts in those first early years of ‘being the new girl in town’ to help me build connection and community. And it reminds me to keep an eye open for ways to care for the next ‘new girl in town’.

  23. MARLA GARNER says:

    A friend at work picked up a copy of your magazine for me thinking I would like it. I’m finally living with a little space around me – gardening and enjoying my 40+ animals. Every issue of your magazine brings tears to my eyes, some touching article or a sweet memory trigger. Today, I made it all the way to page 5 before I teared up! It’s a toss up as to what was more touching – Buttercup’s sweet quilled face or the reminder of Fred Rogers’ quote to “Look for the Helpers.” Thank you for a very special bright spot in my life.

  24. Cindy Kinnamon says:

    I discovered Mary Jane’s Farm while sitting in my dermatologist office. I was intrigued by the cover, picked it up and started paging through it, I ran into an artist that I thoroughly enjoy! ( You were featuring her artwork. I bought some of her cards but gave them away and couldn’t remember the name of her company. I was so excited to see this and asked the receptionist if I could tear out the page, she said take the whole magazine! After reading the many wonderful articles, the rest is history!, I ordered the magazine for myself, it brings much joy to my life!

  25. Sherry Marshall says:

    I have grown to absolutely love this magazine. Many years ago I bought one while waiting in the checkout line and I was in love. I had just started my farmhouse journey so all the ideas got my creative juices flowing so I subscribed. However my next few issues were a let down. Years later when I got my mini farm o tried again and never looked back. Keep them coming Mary Jane


  26. Kendra says:

    My mom have me a copy of your magazine in 2010. I fell in love and she got me a year subscription for my birthday. I renew formyself every year. We moved from the city ten years ago to 120acres in the mountains. I organic garden and will be bee keeping soon.💜

  27. Denva Corff says:

    I happened to find my first copy while looking at a display while on vacation for something to read while in the car. I look froward to getting each new issue!

  28. Kathie Arseneau says:

    I have received your magazine for years but can’t remember how I came across it. But I sure am glad I did!! Love every issue❤️

  29. Sharon Schneider says:

    Although growing up in a suburb, moving to a beach town, and will shortly be retiring in the country.. I reached out to MaryJanes Farm magazine several years ago, cuz it has it all- and have enjoyed it from the get-go! It grounds me! I am a true country girl at heart.

  30. Staci McLarnon says:

    Impulse buy from the co-op store. Am loving it so far!

  31. MS Barb says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  32. Susan White says:

    This magazine is a gift I’ve been giving myself for many years. It takes me back to the days growing up on a small farm. I’ve learned so much and continue to with every issue. Happy 20 Years Strong!

  33. Angie Billington says:

    I first found MaryJane’s Outpost in my public library, after that I was hooked. Found out you had a magazine. Looked all over to find the magazine locally, purchased one copy of it and that was all it took. That is how I happen to be holding a copy of your magazine.

  34. Ann Senge says:

    I have been a fan and reader since 2015 when I picked up a copy at Tractor Supply. My favorite pillow cases are made from MaryJane truck fabric, and I always find a recipe I can use, a canning tip , craft idea or gardening idea in your magazine issues. Love it, love the organic nature.

  35. Annabelle Gosz says:

    I love reading every page. I’m going to make the pickled radishes, and how to eat the different types of cheese. Aprons section motivates me to make some to hang in my kitchen.

  36. Jessica Kaufmann says:

    Grandma Jeanne, or GJ as we affectionately call her, is a true farm girl nestled amongst rolling hills in the vast plains of Montana. She raises sheep, and engages in all the pioneer activities in her quaint little farming town. Most of the neighbors live miles apart, but they frequently meet and gather for quilting and sewing and good old fashioned socializing. I am also a farm girl at heart, growing up on a large farm with a huge garden and horses as a hobby. One year for my June birthday, I went to the mailbox and was delighted to find, “Mary Jane’s Farm”, magazine with my name on it! It immediately made my heart jump as I realized that the magazine was unique and special and each page caught my interest with topics I love, which include reclaimed project ideas and topics in health. From front to back, I loved every page. There was a message inside my first magazine that explained that my subscription was a gift from beloved GJ. I smiled thinking about her on her farm, another type of Mary Jane, in a different location. This was one of the nicest gifts that I had ever received. Every time a magazine comes, it warms my heart knowing that GJ loves me and wants to share these inspirations with me. I will gift it to another one of my friends who is also a farmer at heart and an amazing soul, who deserves to feel the same special feeling I had when I opened the mailbox at the end of the dirt road and pulled out my first “Mary Jane’s Farm”.

  37. Kelly Robinson says:

    A friend in another state was going through her mother’s magazines and found an article she thought I would enjoy so she mailed it to me. I loved it and looked up how to subscribe and now I’m holding my first issue by mail. Trying to spread out reading it so it lasts longer. 😉

  38. Shari Percifield says:

    I am a mail carrier on a rural route in Indiana and I noticed your magazine one day on my route and thought it looked just like something I would enjoy. I snagged an order form from inside and decided to take a chance. I love it!

  39. Nita says:

    We retired, found a little place in Arkansas, and left what was intended to be our home in Texas for fewer mountain junipers (and fewer bouts of pneumonia) and fewer fire ants (we hope!). Became regulars at the local Tractor Supply, where I picked up my first MaryJanesFarm and had to subscribe! Gardens and chickens came and went, but I kept MJF for my own uplifting. Now it looks like chickens and a garden are back in our lives; although I thought I’d grown too old for all that, they may be necessary for survival. Just need to find another good dog and it will be like turning the clock back. Well, except for the body that’s 15 years older! Need MJF more than ever since even the quilt club must meet on video. Take your comfort where you can, and MaryJanesFarm really helps!

  40. Poppy wendling says:

    I read your magazine at your sisters house then bought subscription for myself

  41. Jada Mathis says:

    I have been a subscriber for a couple years now! You have the best magazine out there. I feel pampered, relaxed, challenged, and wiser after reading your magazine!

  42. camille says:

    Well I must say your magazine gives me a quiet getaway every late evening before my eyes get sleepy. I literally read every page finding new knowledge in farm life! I’ve enjoyed MaryJane’s magazine for 10 +years. Gods peace I find on our farm and thank you for reminding us that Farm Girls are special ❤️

  43. Amy Bassett says:

    My mom found this lovely magazine for me and has been sending me the subscription for the last several years, ever since we bought our own homestead in rural Connecticut. This magazine feels like it was made just for me as a functional medicine practitioner, knitter, gardener, and farm girl at heart!

  44. Heather Carpenter says:

    I absolutely LOVE your magazine!! My mom subscribed to it when I was a child,and I still read them now,because she subscribes to them for me every year for my birthday!! I miss the small farm I grew up on,and have been living in the city for too long. I dream of owning a farm some day! 🙂

  45. Adrienne Wilber says:

    I first found out about your magazine shopping at the Tractor Supply store a little over a year ago. I am an avid home gardener and bird watcher and often go to that store to get gardening supplies and bird seed/suet. I have a subscription to your magazine now. I especially like this months issue since it has a lot of articles about Roses My father was in the American Rose Society and had an amazing rose garden. He died last month, and me and my brother had contacted the Rose Society to see about replanting some of his roses into our gardens without the rose going into shock. I am hoping to incorporate some of your recipes using rose petals from roses that bloom in my garden that were originally my Dads. I hope to look at his roses in my garden and think of my Dad smiling down on me.

  46. Joyce Johnson says:

    A few years ago a friend had a copy of MaryJanesFarm and I knew I needed to subscribe. I have loved every issue and after I read it I take it to my local library to share. They save the issues and then I pick them up to keep.

  47. Kathy Ferguson says:

    I have a childhood friend, Ann (we’ve known each other before kindergarten- 64 years!).
    After college, she packed up her little car to teach in Idaho and married a rancher.
    I had never seen the MaryJane’s magazine. About two years ago, the magazine was in our mailbox. Ann had given me a subscription as a birthday gift!

  48. Kelly Schaffer says:

    Thank heavens for sisters!!!!!
    I am holding your magazine and have been for 3 years now thanks to my wonderful sister for buying me my subscription as a Christmas gift. I can not thank you enough for your wonderful magazine!!! I read every last article and I save them all. I keep telling my sister and my kids that we really need a backyard cow!!!! Oh how I wish I lived on a farm! I do my best to keep my little plot of land flourishing ( no pesticides here) Thank you for Letting me enjoy your way of life and dreaming about living the same way!!!!

  49. Joanne says:

    I am a lucky recipient of a gift subscription to Mary Jane’s Farm courtesy of my sister-in-law Mari. She lives in New Hampshire and I am in Florida. When I was visiting last year I enjoyed reading her subscription and she remembered and now I look forward to each issue. When my gift subscription runs out, I will subscribe again and I will pass a gift subscription on to a good friend of mine who currently enjoys reading my magazine. Hopefully she will continue the “gift it forward” tradition!

  50. Kate Elwell says:

    I read your latest issue sitting in my apt in downtown Chicago! My heart is, and will always be, in the country so I hang on to every article, story, and recipe! We purchased my family’s home farm in northern Wisconsin….my husband’s work keeps us in the city for now but we plan to retire there in a few years. I escape to the country two weeks of every month. With the help of your magazine I have been dreaming, scheming, designing and replanting to make the place our own.
    Thank you Mary Jane!

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