GIVEAWAY: “Denim Bed, A Rose Is a Rose”

Thank you for dropping by my Raising Jane Journal to participate in my giveaways! We’ve chosen a winner for this giveaway already, but don’t be afraid to leave a comment anyway. I love reading them.

In the June/July 2020 issue of MaryJanesFarm, “A Rose Is a Rose” (on newsstands May 5), I led you here to my journal for a chance to win a FREE “feels like your favorite pair of jeans” MaryJane’s Home denim queen bed coverlet and two matching shams. (My current bedding line is available on my website,

For a chance to win, share with me how it is you happen to be holding a copy of my magazine in your hands (20 years and still growing strong) in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-June.

Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

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  1. Patricia Robison says:

    Years ago, I came across Mary Jane’s Farm magazine while sitting in a specialist’s office. I looked at it for a few minutes before my appointment began. When I arrived at home, I got on the internet and subscribed to the magazine and have not missed a copy since. My subscription is always renewed and I enjoy reading it from cover to cover. This is the only magazine I have ever subscribed to that I keep renewing it. I totally love it!!!

  2. Karen Cecil says:

    I first found your catalog in Aunties bookstore over 20 years ago. I have been a magazine subscriber since it started. It makes me smile when it comes in the mail. I used to love your store in the Coeur d spend plaza and was sad to see it close.

  3. Janice Hardin says:

    It just so happened in this Covid 19 world, I thought I would treat myself to a former pastime of a couple of magazines with some Mother’s Day dollars from my grown daughter and yours spoke to me from the newsstand. I’m taking my time and enjoying every word.

  4. Katie weekley says:

    My moms been picking them up for the last twenty years so she’s sitting here drinking her coffee reading it and she doesn’t have anything technology so I’m entering her in this..

  5. Linda Bennet says:

    I happen to have gotten a copy from my neighbor. Since we’ve been at stay-at-home mode these past few months, we’ve been leaving little “gifts” for each other in our mailboxes. So that’s how I got my very first copy of Mary Jane’s farms.

  6. Cheryl Howie says:

    Received an invitation to your magazine in the mail and gave it a try. I love it, read everything then forward it on to a friend to read. Been a farmer for 45 years since marrying my high school sweetheart. Love the farm life.

  7. Ashley says:

    I discovered your magazine when an Instagram friend posted her current magazine reads. When I saw the cover I had to find a copy for myself. I headed to the nearest feed store and got the last copy. So happy to have discovered this delight and can’t wait to see future issues.

  8. Deloris Bennett says:

    I picked up this copy at my local Tractor Supply. I always look for the latest issue when I’m in there shopping for my chicken food. I like that denim look and I’m glad you saved one to share with one of us. Thank you for all you do to inspire and inform us.

  9. Beth Duchesne says:

    Hello! I just moved from CA to WI. I had never seen or heard of your magazine before, but as I was checking out at a local Tractor Supply, it caught my eye. I really enjoyed the June/July issue! I’m a farm girl at heart and am working toward being a working farm girl! I’m starting with a large garden this year and will add a flock of chickens next year. I’d love to win the bedding for my new place in the country!

  10. Leah Hunter says:

    My best friend gave me a copy of your magazine the first time about ten years ago. She still hands me one when she knows I need a pick me up!

  11. Lisa Humphreys says:

    I happen to have a copy of your magazine because my “farmgirl” sister Michelle Overstreet and my “farmgirl” mother Florene Carney got me a gift subscription years ago and we have kept up the tradition since then! I now gift subscriptions to all my ‘farmgirl sisters” (real and in the heart) each year for various events – Christmas especially! It is a blessing that is so easy to share and thank you for a wonderful magazine!

  12. Cary MILLER says:

    Many years ago while reading another magazine a card dropped out advertising your magazine. From a young age during the summers my family would travel to my Grandparents farm outside Pocatello, Idaho. There were cows, chickens, sheep, raspberry bushes, apple trees, a tree swing and so much more. Those careless days spent on the farm with my Grandfather feeding the animals or watching my Grandmother make homemade noodles to have with fresh chicken. I treasure these memories as I work my small 5 acre mini-farm. It brings me closer to my grandparents and I know they are always by my side while I am working and enjoying my property. Thank you!

  13. Abby says:

    My mom picked it up for my daughter and me to help pass quarantine time.

  14. Rachel Frisbie says:

    I discovered Mary Jane’s Farm a couple of years ago waiting to buy some plants at Fleet Farm. Thought to myself, this looks like my kind of jam. And I was right!

  15. Colleen Davis says:

    I happen to be holding your latest issue in my hand, thanks to my local library. Many years ago, one of our patrons actually gave our llocal library an annual subscription to be added to their circulating magazine collection. Mary Jane’s Farm became a fast favorite of both the staff and patrons of the East Lake Community Library in Palm Harbor, FL. After that year’s subscription ran out, the library has continued to subscribe ever since! And to this day, it continues to be the number one circulated magazine in their collection! Just goes to show, everyone loves Mary Jane!!

  16. Teresa Haas says:

    I found your magazine one day when I was in Barns N Noble. I have enjoyed reading it and have a subscription. It is a breath of fresh air every time i open the pages. From the minute I found your magazine I have been a fan!!!

  17. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I bought a copy at our local Tractor Supply (the plum issue) to read. Fell deeply in love with all the ideas and have been reading them every since. Can’t get enough of MJF!!! Proud to be a MJF sister as well.

  18. A farmgirl at heart is a growing thing that spreads seeds in my heart and others.When my husband ordered for me a magazine that made me not only smile but inspired me to work our 7 acres,he knew Imeant business.Your magazine gently reminds me who I am and how to make a difference in a normal day.Simple things become a passion.Vision and excitement keep me moving at 64 years.I actually feel young at heart.I knew at 5years old with grandpa tending chickens was important. More is caught than taught.I will have a goat farm and teach kids caring for creatures is a joy! These things grow deep in my heart.So thankyou MaryJane for being the fertilizer I needed to remind me who I am and growing to be.I will never grow up just be farmhearted!

  19. Jo Anne Moe says:

    Somehow I stumbled upon your magazine in a giveaway pile at the library. I instantly was charmed by the magazine. The contents and beautiful yet simple lifestyle and photography captured the old
    fashioned gal in me. I had to keep getting this magazine, so for my birthday I gifted it to myself.

  20. CINDY Davidson says:

    I was looking for an interesting magazine and ran across Mary Jane’s farm. Looked very quaint and informative as I am town gardening girl. I love this magazine and have read every word on every page,

  21. Darlene Ferree says:

    my library was shut down for over 2 months due to the coronavirus. it finally opened May 4th with limited hrs and curb service only. My first question “has the new issues of magazines came in yet? No. the library finally open to the public May 26th. I headed to the magazine shelf & yes the June/July issue Mary Jane’s Farm had arrived!

  22. Linda Lundgren says:

    5/27/20~Well, think about 7-8 yrs, saw an ad online and magazine looked pretty neat, subscribed and enjoyed THOROUGHLY for a year (didn’t like the smell of the paper but KNOW you used biodegradable paper, so good for the environment). Didn’t renew, BUT a year later GOT from WV sister Judy a renewal for Xmas (OH BOY!) and she’s been renewing subscription ever since…think at least 5 yrs or so. Read it cover to cover and find everything very informative, useful and insightful-thanks so much for the great reads!!

  23. Kathy Seery says:

    Loved this magazine since I saw an ad for it in one of my other magazines. It sounded different then all the others and I was very pleasantly surprised. Just love this magazine and always learn something new every episode! Just love it!❤️

  24. Kristen Luethmers says:

    My Grandma and Mom read your magazine – and pass it on to me. Three gebereations of women enjoying MaryJane. Thank you!

  25. Sarah Watson says:

    I first started reading your magazine about four years or so ago when my mother in law gifted me a subscription. It has been such a blessing in my life and I look forward to reading every issue cover to cover! I’m always sharing things as I read as there are always multiple things that inspire and delight! MJF is truly my favorite!

  26. Diane Walker says:

    Golly! My Good Girlfriend, Mary, Gets Mary Jane’s farm delivered to her home every month. She is such a Great friend she let me borrow her copy to Gaze at and Go over from cover to cover. Gracious! It really is a Grand maGazine! It was hard to Give it back! Gee whiz! I Greatly enjoyed it! I’m Glad I took a Gander at it. It really Grows on one! I’m Going to have to Get me my own! I especially like the Gardening info and pictures to Gaze at! Grateful for my Good friend, Mary!

  27. Connie dees says:

    I am a subscriber. I thoroughly enjoy your articles and finding them helpful.

  28. Cynthia Robb says:

    I don’t remember how I first stumbled on your magazine, but I have enjoyed it for over 6 years I think. I’ve shared it with my daughter as well (who would love to raise chickens if her schedule would allow it).

    When I get the magazine in the mail, I generally sit down and read it cover to cover!

  29. Laurel Lawrence says:

    It’s been 9 years since I picked up a MaryJanes Farm magazine from the news stand. I still remember the first issue that drew me in about making your own kombucha. I was hooked and have been a subscriber and gifted a few subscriptions over the years!!

  30. Donna Fredricksen says:

    I have been buying your wonderful magazine for at least 13 years!! Where to begin? I love the look of it, before I even open it, I feel that it transforms me into past memories of a gentler time. I love all the articles , so informative and always with spunk! I love Dr.Laura Koniver. MD and all her sound advice-she digs deep and discusses alternatives to so many health issues. I love the Newsroom section as well, I am always fascinated by what new information you will tell us readers. I could go on and on…. I have whittled down my other magazine subscriptions ,but yours will still be definitely gracing my mailbox!!!!!

  31. Carol Krygoske says:

    I discovered Mary Jane’s Farm magazine at my massage therapist office and ordered it the next day. Have been enjoying it eversince.

  32. Sherry J Clemons says:

    While waiting in line at a checkstand, I saw “MaryJane’s farm” in the mag section.
    I am in my 60s, so I figured I would read up on the current CBD trends since my sister started with some gummies.
    OMGoodness ~ I laughed when I saw how wrong I was about your magazine when I started reading it. I love everything about it and some of it even made me cry a little. (In a good way ~ reminded me of my roots!
    I plan to subscribe and send a subscription to my niece. Thank you!

  33. Nancy Herzog says:

    I received an offer in the mail for your magazine. It looked very inviting, so here I am subscribed. Love all the ideas and down to earth articles. Thanks!

  34. Irene Villano says:

    What a wonderful feeling to be wrapped in denim sheets and dream of days gone by in open outdoors,country fields,and starry nughts!

  35. Karen Polzin says:

    long time ago in my local grocery store I found your amazing magazine Shoulder to the wheel. I was hooked! I renewed for 5 years! Looking forward to each issue.

  36. Ananda Bigham says:

    After going to school as a single mother in my 30’s I earned a degree in Horticulture. I graduated, got a job in the plant nursery market, and embarked on my path to success. 3 years in I had an automobile accident that left me unable to do some of my duties at work so I resigned from my position. In my search for a new direction, I had an idea of growing organic food for use in dehydrated meals geared towards adventurists. Doing my market research I discovered Mary Jane’s Farm and immediately fell in love! It gives me hope to see other women paving a way for themselves through creativity and diligence. I bought my first copy of the magazine yesterday and am warmed and uplifted by the content. My dream hasn’t completely materialized yet, but I feel its right around the corner! Mary Jane’s Farm will serve as a source of invaluable inspiration as my inner farm girl flourishes!

  37. Melody Bensley says:

    After my house burned & and have spent almost 3 years trying to rebuild with insufficient funds. Cut out all unnecessary spending. Let all my subscriptions expire. But today, went to WM to pick up prescription. Pharmacy right next to magazine section. This magazine jumped out at me ! The cover is gorgeous! And since I have always loved your magazine, I decided it would “make me feel better” to relax with this issue. Looking forward to being able to subscribe again someday.

  38. Alecia OByrne says:

    I absolution love Mary Jane’s Farm magazine! I finally got a subscription!! So many wonderful articles that I devour!

  39. Jana Robertson says:

    I first saw your magazine in my local quilt shop and have loved it ever since! I enjoy the articles that remind me of the simpler things in life and what really matters. And the healthy recipes, quilts, glamping ideas… 💕

  40. Sarah Marshall says:

    I picked up a copy from a news stand about 5 years ago and was hooked. I’m not a farm girl, but there are so many appealing stories, ideas and articles. I love the lists of things to do to make life better and share them with friends. Thank you enriching my life.

  41. D Wood says:

    I would like to reply to the reason I have a copy of your magazine;….I first became aware of you products thru a store in CoeurdAlene, Idaho…while shopping downtown I would make it a point to walk in your store and enjoy the possibilities of wholesome organic style for furnishing my home. I miss your store…staying in Grangeville, Idaho for the Summer, brought me to purchase your magazine in a local grocery…thank you.

  42. Julie Campbell says:

    Several years ago, my sweet husband saw your magazine and knew I would love it! And I do!!!!

  43. Kim Kiernan says:

    My mom first sent me the “bee” issue of MJF way back when (still my absolute favorite issue) and from then on we both were hooked. It’s a way for us to stay connected as she lives in WI and I am in TN. We always rush to the phone when the current issue arrives to see if the other has received theirs as well, and so we can discuss our favorite things. Neither of us are farm girls at the moment, though she was raised on a Wisconsin dairy farm, but we both dream and appreciate all the imagery of farm life. Thank you.

  44. Julia Sorrells says:

    Picked the magazine up at my daughters house, when she invited me to supper at her home, read your article on denim, I had just bagged a large plastic bag of old jeans, & was praying about where they could be best used! Donate to Habitat for Humanity will be a great place!! Thanks for the information!!

  45. Debbie Sliwa says:

    I had a collection of MJF magazines from when I lived in Chicago. During my decluttering and downsizing I ended up donating all my magazines. years worth. Makes me sick to think of all the information I could be using out here in the country and I just gave it away. Well, at least someone else is getting good use out of them.

    I’m going to re-subscribe. I found the newest issue today and promptly grabbed it up. When I got home – I realized it’s the same issue I bought a few weeks ago! The reason I need to subscribe so I don’t grab duplicate issues from the store again!

  46. Shelly says:

    I have your magazine because my mom got me a subscription. My grandma bought me your idea book I don’t know how many years ago. I just love it.Thank you for all your inspiration and health info.

  47. GLORIA HARNER says:

    Stopped by my small town library (opened just a week ago). I quickly spotted Mary Jane’s farm magazine. I Read cover to cover over next two days. Such a wealth of information and delightful stories. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your give away. Lots of summer smiles. Gloria

  48. Valerie Daschel says:

    I saw the magazine somewhere and picked it up. I read it cover to cover. I loved it so much i ordered a subscription. All are read cover to cover and recipes are used. Love it!

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  50. Kathleen Oswald says:

    I moved from N.J. in 2008 and found MaryJanesFarm in a tractor store. I have saved every issue since. I give a subscription to my Grandaughter and three of my friend’s so we can keep connected even though we are so far apart. We all LOVE your magazine and can’t wait for next one to come! Everyone please stay safe and enjoy !

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