WINNER!!!! Giveaway: Sweater Shawl

Thanks to all those who did the “like” thing on the MaryJanesFarm Facebook page!

Before I tell you who won, have you heard the one about the cop and the knitting driver?

A cop was patrolling the beltway and saw a minivan driving somewhat erratically, so he flashed his lights. The van didn’t pull over, so he drove up beside it and motioned to the driver for her to pull over. He saw what the problem was; she was knitting! He motioned again, so she rolled down the window. He yelled out his window, “Pull over!” She yelled back, “No, cardigan!”

Hope you didn’t “cast-off” that joke as t-o-o corny. Now, onto our winner.

She is …

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Giveaway: Glamper’s Calendar

Glamper calendars? Check.

Helping victims of Hurricane Sandy? Check. (If I recall correctly, more than $1,000 was raised.)

Giving away extra calendar. Check.

Loving the nature of a helping hand. Priceless.

I first heard about the Glamper’s Calendar from Kelle Arvay, Farmgirl Sister #4447, of Little Vintage Trailer. You may remember Kelle streaming in during my mother’s visit to the Hallmark Home & Family show last year. (Here is the video.) Kelle added her efforts to promote the calendar last November to help those that were caught in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Her picture (below) is one of the photos for the month of April. Va-voom, lady!

Unfortunately, the date to purchase the calendar has passed. However, lucky for one of you, we have an extra calendar to give away so you won’t have to miss all the lovely contributors and their vacations-on-wheels. Glamper chic!

To be entered to win, e-mail us a picture of your version of glamping to We’ll post some pics and from there we’ll pick a winner to receive the calendar.


Great Find (& not a Giveaway)

Molly, one of my graphic designers, SCORED big time. This purse, her satchel, cost her only $30 in a secondhand store in Portland over Christmas break. Good FIND, Molly. Covet. Love it.


WINNER! Giveaway: Glamping Fabric Apron

How was your holiday? We had a spectacular time communing with friends and family. Coconut macaroons = devoured. Now that we are all back to work—it’s time to pick the winner of the apron giveaway! Thanks to all who entered and became new fans of the International Glamping Weekend FB page.

The glamping apron, above, was made by our very own Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) Elaine Forster of “Fit to be Tied Aprons.” The lady who wins this is a lucky duck.

And the winner of the eye-catching cooking companion is ...

S Rachel H Perry

She said:

“For sure “Liked” it … me and my gals have our Glamping Weeks planned for the summer in the hills of Tennessee. Can’t wait! I wear my aprons daily especially when packing up for camping and setting up when I get there.”

Thanks to all who entered. And Rachel, keep your eyes on your inbox for an incoming email shortly.