I wonder …

Could it be?

Is there really an “app” for everything?

It sure seems like it. On a whim, I set out to search for a thank you card app.

Why not?

Well, I didn’t have to Google far before I found iGift Thanks.

No stationary, no pen—no excuses.

This app is all about APPreciation and, moreover, manners made easy.

Every gift and generous gesture deserves recognition, right? But even the most mannerly gal has been known to put off a thank you note past the point of politeness.

No longer.

iGift Thanks simplifies sincerity, allowing you to share custom-crafted thank you cards, complete with photos. You can send your virtual thanks via e-mail, Twitter, or text message, and you can also post your sentiments on the gifter’s Facebook wall for the world to see.

Picture a party …

A wedding shower or child’s birthday bash …

Instead of scrambling to scrawl a gift list on a scrap of paper while ribbons and wrappers are flying, you can simply snap a quick photo of each gift (accompanied by a big smile, of course). Add a cute frame, “seal” with a kiss, and—presto!—send it off. Notes, nowadays, are optional.

Mind you, as handy as this awesome app is, I’m a holdout when it comes to handwriting. Old fashioned, I know. But there’s no refuting the romance of it, no denying how dear a personal letter can be to its recipient.

So, I hope a few hardy sisters will help me keep the art of letter writing alive (at least once in a blue moon). Think of it as preserving history with the power of penmanship.

If you need a little kick-start, here’s a link to some legendary (handwritten) letters of thanks:

11 Amazing Thank You Notes From Famous People

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Petar Milošević.

  1. "Auntie" says:

    I applaud you, on the matter of not letting handwritten missives, die.

    Because now, they are even talking of not teaching children to write, any more. -sigh-

    Some things just don’t seem to be progress, to me.


    “Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for children.”
    ~Princess Diana, Princess of Wales

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