1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Happy New Year Mary Jane! Our formidable Queen Bee Ploughin through!! I am so happy to have met you in 2013. Who knows, maybe 2014 will offer another chance to do so again?! I wonder if Delta will be charging us “extra” to stand in line at the boarding gate?

  2. Corri Riebow says:


  3. After yesterday’s postings on all things ” bee” how apropros a photo indeed. Was amazed reading one of my favorite nature books last night ” Earthly Pleasures” by Roger Swain. There is a chapter on gathering swarms of wild bees to take back to your own empty and waiting hive. Evidently there are ” bait hives ” you can build ( instructions in book) to attract them and then carry that to your own hive and the switch is easily made ( according to the book) Fascinating stuff.
    Here is what one of your loyal readers Debby Mckissic ( and winner of one of the Tomato t-shirts!) told me today in an email when I told her about yesterday’s ” telling the bees” thread here :
    “My mom kept bees for years in Va., and on their farm. In Northern Va., she kept bees, taught bee keeping at George Mason University and was an extension expert in bee disease and went after “swarms” often in people’s yards and brought them to local beekeepers..she is the expert beekeeper and now I wish I had kept bees and learned from her in her younger years..I always had honey…free..and it was the best…especially that from the farm..the bees would be on certain plants and she always knew from the color and taste of the honey what kind it was…” Just wanted to share .

    • MaryJane says:

      Love the idea of a bait hive. Will need to get his book. Ah, Debby has it in her … she might think she didn’t “learn” but she probably got her mother’s bee prowess through osmosis of sorts. I’ll have to see if I can find the study again, but we can GET the “experiences” of our lineage through DNA.

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