Rose Etta wants YOU to want a cow.


  1. Colleen Maki says:

    I’ve found my new love.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Does she has any solutions for reluctant husbands who are not swayed by her adorable eyes?

    PS. While a backyard cow does not seem in my cards anytime soon, my Mason Bees have been shipped and I am quite excited to raise my own little flock(?is that what you call them. Or is it a swarm?) of 50! Ever since your post earlier this winter, I have been waiting for the time when the Florida species, Leafcutters, are available. Apparently down here, they pollinate in July and August. It takes about 4 weeks for the cocoons to hatch so I should be ready for the opening of the season down here in my back yard. Crown Bees have a nice beginner kit that has everything you need to get started. Whoop!!

  3. calle says:

    Those lovely eyes. She can come live at our house! I will make garlands of wildflowers for her neck.

  4. Would that my zoning here would allow a cow, or better yet a mini-cow. I am in a farming community but since my farmette is divided by 2 counties I am under 2 jurisdictions, neither can agree on anything. Wow, politics, does that sound familiar ? Anyway I can have chickens but that’s about it. And with my coons, foxes , etc, those poor biddie’s nuclear half life would be a week or less. So I will visit my further down the road neighbor’s cows. He has his calves with their mothers, very unusual around here. There used to be a buffalo farm nearby but some of his buffaloes were ” russeled” ( sp?) and he sold the rest of the herd. I want to know who is brave enough ( and stupid enough ) to tackle mother buffaloes at nite and separate them from their babies ? Bigtime money for them I guess. Around here buffaloes are rarely kept. Maybe out west where you are MJ they are, but not in Amishland. So I will just have to dream of cows and creme fraiche and cheese and……

  5. Laurie says:

    Oh how I wish we could have a cow. I must be content on our little urban farm with our flock of chickens and garden. Just keep those photos coming! I just ordered the new book, so I can have fun with the recipes and daydream of my cow named Buttercup.

  6. Eileen Stone says:

    I’ve always said that we should have our own cow since I find myself purchasing great quantities of milk @ the grocery every week.

  7. Dana sperry says:

    My hubby is finally convinced to get a cow, but where to look? I know I want a heritage jersey. Maryjane, if you have any suggestions on reliable breeders or any insight as to how to find our next family member, it would be much appreciated!

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