Beaumont & Lacy Lou

My handsome Beaumont napping and my newest baby girl (photo-of-the-day) born last Saturday, Lacy Lou. Go here for the step-by-step photos I took of her birth at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital that include a darling video of Lacy Lou trying to stand up for the first time.


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Love those photos and videos of Lacy Lou coming into the world. Etta Jane did a good job! Lacy Lou is like a big chocolate Jersey Kiss in her photo debut. Congratulations on your latest addition to the Farm!!

  2. Welcome to the world dear Lacy Lou !! You are beyond beautiful. Thank you so much maryJane for sharing her birth with all of us bovine lovers !

  3. CJ Armstrong says:

    Looks like you’re have a lot of fun with your bovine babies!
    We, are trying to get out of the cow business . . . . something we gotta do!
    Love your photos!

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