School Daze

Mom and I were chuckling this week about the morning routine at my house. Getting the kids off to school is so stereotypical, it’s comical. Since I still have a kindergartner, the school requires that I walk her in each morning, and then I often find myself standing around until the bell rings. I clearly don’t mind the requirement. In the hustle of the morning, it’s wonderful to pause and watch both girls cheerfully run off with their friends to the monkey bars.

Here’s the confession part (kind of like what my couch really looks like). As I stood by this week, I leaned over to another mom-friend of mine and said, “I’m wearing the shirt I slept in.”

Her response, “Me, too.”


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    School mornings are crazy busy with kids, but I sometimes miss the rhythm of the school year. There was always a sense of newness to each day, week, and season.

  2. I work at home and frankly most of my ” at home” wear looks alot like jammies ! But I do make a point of dressing up nicely ( ok -real clothes at least ! ) when I head down the mountain to go to town and do errands. But I still am in sensible boots and warm fuzzy stuff at this time of year. I love good woolen sweaters but at this transitional time of year weather-wise wear a lot of fleece ( no not sweatshirt material,but the great fluffy stuff). My favorite pair of pants are mountain climber heavy fleece “tights”, way warm but they don’t make them anymore . Made in France and cost dearly but they were worth every blessed cent. I lived in plaid when i was younger but none now, except a good Irish wool kilt for special occasions.

  3. Betty J. says:

    I’m going to California this week to help my daughter-in-law since she is having health problems. One of the helps is driving my granddaughter to school and signing her in, picking her up at the end of the day. Sounds like lots of fun. I hope she will appreciate it.

  4. Dolly says:

    Love it! We all have done it!

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