1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Mmmm, I am imaging that apple sliced up on some of the whole grain bread, covered in sharp cheddar cheese and lightly grilled!!

    Ohh, I was so excited to see my apple adventures in this month’s Sister online! Whoop! Apples are just the best. Speaking of apples, we are headed up to Asheville, NC today to visit my daughter and they are supposed to be getting some snow with temps in the 30s! Say what? So, I am testing out my new wool socks I just knitted and the new boots I got for the Iceland trip. We were going to this orchard tomorrow where they sell organic apples to pick and purchase. I hope the freeze doesn’t ruin them all and I can still get a bunch to bring home. With a car, I can bring home a bunch and I don’t have to worry about them falling out all over the conveyor belt at TSA!! I have lots of plans for recipes to try with delicious apples from this farm. It is time for the later season apples like Arkansas Black, Winesap, and Baldwin which all grow here in the South late in the season. They are a bit hardier and last longer when kept in a cool place.. My Daddy loved Winesap so of course, I always have to have some each fall in remembrance of him. I realize today that my Dad knew a good apple and prized it for it’s crisp but not overly sweet taste. Winesaps are also sought out by cider makers I have learned.

  2. Winnie, I’m not sure if its on the newsstands there but the latest issue of ” Grit magazine” is all about heirloom apples and cider making . I know you will love it. Please look for it. I subscribe and really love the down home goodness of this magazine.

  3. Cindi Johnson says:

    I haven’t seen Winesap apples in such a long time it seems! We just made a visit to Green Bluff a couple of weeks ago and I got more apples than just little ol’ me can consume at once, so I had to dust off my thinking cap. (Thanks Mary Jane, and all the wonderful sisters, for reminding me that I have one!) Some went into the oven for baked apples right away; some are in the frig for fresh eating and baking. My old dehydrator has been getting some exercise, too. What I haven’t used for a very long time, and also in the lovely picture that started this conversation, is elderberries!!!! You don’t see many published uses for elderberries these days but if you can get your hands on any back-to-the-land type cookbooks, well, jelly and wine… they are mighty fine 🙂

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