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During this busy, festive time of year, we think more about home cooking, but may be more likely than usual to grab a restaurant meal on the go. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice all of our healthy ideals for convenience.


Photo by Ingolfson via Wikimedia Commons


A new app called HealthyOut has the answer—lots of answers, in fact. Currently covering over 20,000 restaurants in over 500 cities throughout the country, this handy app allows you to search by calories as well as nutrition tags like …

low carb,


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heart healthy,


Photo by Suzette,, via Wikimedia Commons



Photo by Saaleha Bamjee via Wikimedia Commons

or—the amusingly popular option—NOT salad!


Photo by Ruth Ellison via Wikimedia Commons

You can further customize your search based on cuisine, delivery or dining in, and ingredients. Plus, HealthyOut integrates Yelp ratings and maps to restaurant locations. The app is free to install for both iOS and Android platforms, and once it’s on your device, you’ll sign up for an account so that you can specify your desired diet.

According to the app’s creators, “Every dish listed on the app comes in at about half the calories and half the fat of average restaurant meals.”

Find out more and download the app at


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I love that healthy eating is more mainstream now and restaurants are offering local, healthy and delicious food! Those photos that you shared look so delicious and inviting.

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