1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I am thinking those are my apples nicely coming along?This year, we need Karine to take close ups of them, including the leaves, and send them to me. I have a great little apple identification book for the US and just maybe I can figure out what they are. We also need Karine to cut one in half to show how they look as well for more clues. At least that is what John Bunker does when he does his Apple Table at local festivals in the fall. Then, depending on what the book says they are best used for, we can have Ashley do one of her magic kitchen recipes for us and you can share. I think that would be so fun. What do you think?

    I just looked up National Apple Pie Day for 2015 and it was May 13. How could I miss that! Phooey. The link also said that Yale has had a 100 year old tradition of serving Apple Pie for dinner every night. I knew I loved that campus when I toured there a few years ago on some city business with Warren. Anyway, I know we celebrated National Pie for Breakfast Day last year on the Forum on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Somehow, I was thinking there was an Apple Pie day before that, but I guess not. However, that does not stop us from making up a Farmgirl tradition of having the first annual Apple Pie Sunday on the last Sunday of September as a continuation of our 2015 Jubilee Celebration. Are your apples ripe by then? What do you think?

    • MaryJane says:

      They ARE ripe by then. I’m ripe for the opportunity:) You bet, I can apple up for the first annual Apple Pie Sunday. I’ll get with Ashley. I’ll also make note of what tree that photo came from.

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        Perfect! I’ve made a note to post challenge on the Chatroom about 5 days ahead of time. September 27 is the last Sunday. Whoop! I am already excited. I am guessing we need to try and identify your apple early enough so Ashley has the info on what the best way to cook it would be. Example: already a sweet apple so needs less sugar or vice versa.

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