1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Are these from our Apple Pie Sunday tree? Gorgeous! I took a stab at your request on the Forum for deciding on a possible variety type called Karmine. According to a photo from my book, if these are the same apples, they look more like a Graventein, which ripens August to early September and grown in the Northwest. My book describes this variety as yellowish-white flesh that is tender, fine grained and crisp. The apples are roundish, lopsided, with a yellow skin marked with bright red and copper or orange. Gravensteins are good for pies, sauce making and with it’s spicy and tart taste, a great eating apple.

    Maybe the inside of the apple will help determine which variety it could be. The photo on the Forum looks a bit different from these but the photo of the tree with the apples resembles this photo too.

    Hmmmmm, what do you think now with this new information?

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