Today’s Recipe: Homemade Taco Seasoning




3 1/4 t ground cumin
3 1/4 t ground coriander
3 1/4 t dried oregano
3 1/4 t dried garlic flakes
3 1/4 t dried onion flakes
3 1/4 t ground paprika
1 1/4 t salt
1 1/4 t ground cinnamon
1 t ground cayenne
1 t crushed red pepper

1. Add all ingredients to a small bowl; mix well. Use 1/4 cup mix per pound of meat.


Gather ingredients.


Add 3 1/4 t ground cumin to a small bowl.

taco-seasoning_6564Add 3 1/4 t ground coriander.

taco-seasoning_6573Add 3 1/4 t dried oregano.


Add 3 1/4 t dried garlic flakes.

taco-seasoning_6584Add 3 1/4 t dried onion flakes.

taco-seasoning_6588Add 3 1/4 t ground paprika.

taco-seasoning_6590Add 1 1/4 t salt.

taco-seasoning_6595Add 1 1/4 t ground cinnamon.

taco-seasoning_6600Add 1 t ground cayenne.

taco-seasoning_6607Add 1 t crushed red pepper.

taco-seasoning_6612Mix well. Use 1/4 cup mix per pound of meat.



  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I am in the land of Taco and enchiladas. Lawsuits Mercy was the sauce HOT last night on my enchilada plate!! Whew!! Blew my head off!

  2. Denise Ross says:

    Thank you, Mary Jane, I will making this up. Love tacos and so easy to have my own seasoning on hand.
    Have a blessed day
    Hugs from Australia

  3. Krista says:

    We had tacos last night for dinner. Tacos are a big favorite in our house. I’m definitely making this seasoning mix to try next time we have have tacos. Do you add any water when mixing with the meat?

  4. Jacqueline Ferri says:

    Yes I have been making my own taco seasoning mix and what a difference !!! I will have to try this recipe which is slightly different . I also add organic cornstarch to thicken up a bit.

  5. Patty St Vincent says:

    What a cute thing to jar, bag with string, or just doll up with fall raffia and give away!! Who doesn’t love taco seasoning? Love Mary Janes Farm!!

  6. Becci Bartz says:

    I made this when it first came out. I am not one for a lot of seasoning so I used less than the 1/4 cup per pound of meat. I am also super sensitive to spicy foods, this was perfect the way I used it with less seasoning. In fact, I just now made more. I tripled the recipe, twice. I am sending the recipe and the mix to 4 of my friends. I made enough that each of them had 1/2 cup. Thanks for sharing this!

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