1. Ashley Passino says:

    Lettuce? I planted 2 pckts of bee friendly open pollinated wildflowers yesterday. can’t wait for them to germinate! Am planting a Dogwood tree seed tomorrow.. I have a 72 cell plastic seed starter with little sprouts starting, that is my food garden, I already have a veggie growing quite nicely already, (lost the markers in the last good storm here, so Idk what it is lol.) must be something that grows annually because I haven’t planted anything since 2015, I believe.

  2. terry steinmetz says:

    Spinach? It looks soooo good!

  3. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I just got home from a St. Augustine Beach weekend and just in time to catch up on today’s news from MJF. Yes, your spinach looks very tender and delicious. It is one of our favorite vegetables because it is versatile and healthy in so many enjoyable ways.

  4. BB king says:

    I eat a spinach omelet nearly every monrning to start my day, soon my own spinach will be ready.Yummo!

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