Soon enough, we’ll be making rhubarb pies. Without fail, these little prehistoric looking creatures will push up again from deep inside planet Earth.

  1. Eileen Widman says:

    It is a good thing too. Just finished up the last of last years Strawberry Rhubarb Jam! None left in the freezer either so I can’t even make a pie.
    Have you ever done a Rhubarb Leaf bird bath mold from Concrete? I have and it is really fun. They last a long time if you remember to turn them over in the winter so the water does not freeze inside them.
    Find a huge Rhubarb Leaf, The biggest one you can get. It has to be perfect. No holes or cracks.
    You need something about 4 inches deep like flexible sidewalk edging. I use the metal kind, Form a ring of the edging big enough for the Rhubarb leaf and bend it to conform to the shape of the leaf. Place it on a sheet of heavy plastic. Mound up a pile of play sand to about 2 inches deep Lay the leaf with the underside showing on top of the mound of sand. Now gently push the leaf down into the sand and make it an inverted dish shape. Careful to not break the leaf. Scoop some sand out from under the edges of the leaf so it will make a deeper dish and press again. Now you are ready to pour on a small batch of mixed concrete to fill up the rest of the mold to make a flat bottom. Allow to set for several days. When you turn it over brush off the sand and peal away the leaf remnants. You can seal it with concrete sealant or an epoxy paint if you want color. It is a nice shallow bird bath to set out in the garden.

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