Giveaway: My Life in the Country WINNERS!!!!!

Thanks (I mean really thanks) to all those who shared what their favorite part about farm life is for a chance to win a copy of My Place in the Country by Jane Heim. Jane is over-the-moon happy with how many responses you left and upped her giveaway to five copies total.

I’d like to say how much I loved your responses, how awesome it is to picture women out there, in the country, knowing exactly why they made the choice to “go country” or why it’s a lifestyle of value. Your many responses have inspired me to write down why I chose, and continue to choose, country. So far, it’s been, well, carthartic. And lengthy. (Imagine that.) I love you. This journal is one of my favorite daily farm chores. Comfort Sisters indeed. Now, off to …

… shovel snow! It’s looking like at least 7-8 inches fell since yesterday (on the first official day of spring), with more to come. My place in the country is now WHITE again!

We have our five winners! They are:

Jenny Pipes said:
March 16, 2012 at 10:33 am

My favorite part of farm life is the animal friends for sure. My beloved cow, Mona, meets me with a smile in her eyes each time I go out back and provides our family with milk, yogurt, cheese, cream, and an adorable calf each year. My sheep provide companionship for Mona and wool for me to spin and knit with. The chickens and ducks provide eggs and the turkeys are not only fun to watch, but provide our holiday meals. (This year, we will have second-generation turkeys … Lucille is sitting on a nest!!) Even the dogs and cats have their place and provide so much to my life. Life is good.

Meagan Brockway said:
March 16, 2012 at 4:16 pm

My favorite part of farm life is my ability to connect on a deeper level with the things I hold dear – my family, animals, and a commitment to living as close to natural as possible. I love using my antique tractor to plow and feel a connection to history and those that used it before me. I have a bakery on my farm where I utilize the eggs that my chickens produce and other ingredients from neighboring farms. My horses are pampered and fed homemade horse treats and carrots from the garden fertilized by their own horse manure compost. My husband loves my cheddar and broccoli soup made with fresh broccoli from the backyard garden. It may be a little (or a lot …) more work than the mega grocery store, fast-paced life but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Wyo Di said:
March 16, 2012 at 10:14 am

Fresh air, digging in the dirt (aka gardening, be it vegetable or flower), knowing your food source, baby animals, fresh eggs, and just simply connecting to Mother Earth and enjoying the calmness. My heritage comes from folks who lived off the land – something I’m so very proud of.

Goddess in the Groove said:
March 16, 2012 at 10:42 am

My “farm” is in suburbia :) . We have a small piece of land, and a small house … BUT … we are working it! Last year, I built a few boxes and did “lasagne” gardening, the yield of tomatoes and cucumbers was staggering. This year, I am actually planning our food based on space, preference, and water use (it gets pretty darn hot here). We also got two chickens :), both just started laying a week or so ago. They were liviing in my pantry, and we finished the new coop the day Pepper laid her first egg! 1 egg each … my son is just thrilled, and I am not allowed to use them until he fills a “dozen.” I love connecting to my land.

Deanna said:
March 16, 2012 at 8:21 am

I live in rural Wyoming, and what I love of the farm life is the closeness you get to nature, fresh grown corn, fresh beef, fresh eggs. For me, it’s supporting the local farms by buying their products!!

Teri Brian said:
March 17, 2012 at 11:02 am

My favorite part of farm life, besides the peace and quiet, is the feeling of being connected to the earth. I love the feel of the soil, the smells, the knowing that your efforts will create wonderful bounty. I love the sight of a star-studded sky, that spreads in all directions. I love the feeling of belonging.
Thanks for the chance to win. :) Teri

UPDATE: Guess we don’t know how to stop at five, or count to five, or contain StellaJane’s enthusiasm when fishing names from a hat.

We ended up with six names, so the first of the six above to announce “it’s mine” will instead get the book I just finished reading, The Dirty Life by Kristen Kimball. Fantastic read.

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  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    Congratulations to the lucky “6” winners! I am currently reading “the Dirty Life” as well and it is an excellent read! For all those looking for another good read I also suggest “BarnHeart” by Jenna Woginrich (the author of Made from Scratch).
    Definately a few books we fargirl type can appreciate!
    Thanks for offering such great giveaways MaryJane!

  2. Joan says:

    Congratulations to all the winners Yahoooo! Enjoy!

  3. Teri Brian says:

    It’s mine! Thanks! What a great surprise. 🙂 Love your Blog Mary Jane & Jane Heim. Thanks again. Teri

  4. Teri Brian says:

    HaHa! I read the post so fast, I didn’t realize I was saying dibs to “The Dirty Life” by Kristen Kimball. Thanks, Mary Jane & Kristen! Both books sound wonderful. 🙂 Teri

  5. Meagan Brockway says:

    Mine please!

  6. Teri Brian says:

    Mary Jane,
    I don’t mind if you send Megan “The Dirty Life”. I can always purchase it later. Thanks again. I love your magazine, too. 🙂 Teri

  7. Meagan Brockway says:

    Teri – I am sending some good karma your way!

    • Teri Brian says:

      Thank you Meagan! And sorry I spelled your name wrong in my other post. I looked “The Dirty Life” up on Amazon and was able to read the content, it sounds like a really good book. You’ll enjoy it! 🙂 Teri

  8. Meagan Brockway says:

    Thanks Teri- don’t worry about the name thing…happens all the time!

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  10. Wyo Di says:

    Well, It’s not mine, lol, but if we get to toil in the dirt, we’re all winners! Happy Spring and thanx to MaryJane!

  11. Deanna says:

    OH GREAT!!! I’m looking foward to the book, Thanks so much!!!

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