WINNER!!! Glamping B&B Giveaway!!!!!

Up until midnight Sept. 3, we tossed your names (326 to be exact) into my hat (actually Mia’s wheelbarrow) for a mighty good glamporific giveaway …

The lucky winner receives two free nights in my B&B (June 15 & 16, 2013) that include one free glamp-mate companion. The giveaway also includes a $300 travel reimbursement check toward gas or airfare once our winner arrives.

And the WINNER is …


Rachel, check your e-mail for details. You’re the one, girlfriend! Congratulations! Looking forward to pampering you next summer.

Rachel said:
“I pre-ordered your glamping book because a few months ago I purchased a 1968 Frolic camper that we are now in the process of restoring. Once it is done, I can’t wait to take her out and go glamping. I have already made blankets and pillows; the curtains and towels are on the list to be done. The whole idea of a comfortable getaway is very thrilling.”

Just a word about WHY we didn’t draw the name while on the road: “Stay tuned right here for my drawing that will take place in a glampground, somewhere between here and the Black Hills of South Dakota—streaming live from my Airstream.” I took a printer for my laptop with me on our odyssey. For the first part of our trip, everything worked like a charm, until that one big bump in the road near Dillon, Montana, that sent my printer flying from its designated place and onto the floor of my Airstream, plastic parts everywhere. Amazingly, once I got it home and put it back together, the thing fired up and still works. If you’re looking for a beyond-sturdy printer, I paid $60 for a Brother HL2240. What a great traveling companion it proved to be.

“One busy, hectic afternoon in my house, I sat down to take a quick peek at Glamping. Over two hours later, I was still reading, blissfully lost in MaryJane’s beautiful world. I’m dying over this book. I absolutely, positively LOVE IT!”

THE New York Times best-selling author of The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Glamping in my ’68 Airstream. Renovation details in book!

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  1. Kendra Shellabarger says:

    I pre-ordered your book as soon as I found out that you were working on it! As well as all of your other books, “Glamping with MaryJane” does not disappoint. My mother & father camped for many years, and it was always a joy to load up my young son, our Siberian husky and head out on the open road. My father passed away in 2007, and my mother whom lives with me is in I’ll health. It has been my dream to buy a fixer-upper (preferably an Airstream), and GLAMP it up. There is an older Airstream around the corner from where I live that I have my eye on. My only wish is that my mother would have been well enough to go GLAMPING with me! The book well be a wealth of information for when I finally do acquire my trailer. I already have purchased an antique ball and claw foot bath tub for my outdoors soaking tub. I was telling my older brother about the concept, and he had a wonderful idea to protect yourself from the heat of the propane tanks. He suggested making a teak platform to fit the bottom of the tub thus keeping your “tush” away from the heat. Just trying to figure out the best place to sit it in the backyard. I just love reading anything MaryJane, and have introduced my friends to your magazine & books.

  2. Karen Reckner says:

    I just bought Glamping With Mary Jane because I love all things Mary Jane! We are drawing up plans for a teardrop. This book will inspire me to take it to the extreme in comfort and class. Thank you Mary Jane and crew for turning the most basic, simple things into something special.

  3. Lisa says:

    Well for one is a must have in my collection :o) .. and number 2 .. I have been waiting for a book like this even before it was written {before “glamping” was “the fashion”}!!! Thank You ♦ Thank You!!! I am especially looking forward to backing up just like an expert & in heels as you so promise! I know and have confidence the information that is in this wonderful book will be tried and true… and in a language just for me .. a farmgirl at heart! ♥♥

  4. MomOf3InWV says:

    Because I love your other books and am sure I would enjoy this one as well!

  5. Sandi O'Connor says:

    Just knowing this book was coming out, I knew it would be my ‘kindrid spirit’, chocked full of everything wonderful! Glamping is probably some undiscovered DNA strand that all of us share that are hooked into it! I ordered mine months ago and now have i,t and my much coveted autographed copy! I’m sending one to my best glampin’ sister-friend!

  6. Majal says:

    When I discovered your books a few years back, it really put me in motion towards living the life I’ve always wanted. Your books, magazines, and blogs and websites are absolutely inspiring and beautiful! I can’t wait to read this book– I just know it’ll be awesome!

  7. Heather Burke says:

    I ordered the Glamping book because I loved the content and style in Mary Janes other books and knew I wouldnt be let down, I have recieved my preorder and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I love Glamping!!!

    P.S. June 15th is my birthday what a cool treat it would be to win this fantastic prize!


  8. Beth says:

    Because I was collecting stuff like this before it was popular. Have down comforters with pink covers for my airstream “Lola”, pink flamingos are accessories, all the while being laughed at by my family! Then I find maryjane, who thinks the way I do!

  9. Rishell Graves says:

    I order your books and magazines from my local library, as I cannot afford to buy them. This way I get to enjoy them anyway!

  10. Kimberly Kelly says:

    My wonderful mother pre-ordered the book for my birthday. She knows that I love all things Glamping. I want to pay it forward!

  11. Megan Corwin says:

    I love the idea of being with nature in style! I preordered the book and have leafed through it once, but am waiting for quiet time to really absorb all the glamping goodness. I have used a lot of what I have learned through Farmgirl books and magazines to go off grid camping.

  12. Marie Bucher (ReeReeBee) says:

    I haven’t ordered the book, yet. But I am saving my nickels and dimes! I would still love to win the giveaway. Hopefully, I’ll be ordering soon….

  13. Patty says:

    Because there hasn’t been a MJF book that I have not enjoyed. The books are so full of information. I will never be “finished” reading it. Like the other MJF books I will pick it up for years and read through it over and over. Hubby will never admit it, but I see him reading them once in awhile as well.

  14. Roxana Cardoza says:

    Because I’m a farmgirl too!

  15. Diana Wilsey Geer says:

    Because I want to get the feal of some Camas Prairie soil under my fingernails!!

  16. Diane Van Horn says:

    I am sure I posted here, but I can’t find it! I pre-ordered and already received my copy of Glamping with MaryJane! Love it and will take it and my MaryJane library to my next glamping adventure in New Prague, MN!

  17. Susan Landis says:

    I ordered your book because It has a camper on it. AND…. I love everything MaryJane!! I was sooo excited when I got it in the mail but sadly I haven’t been able to open it yet. School is in and I’m getting ready to go away in my camper next week. I will fill my weekend away lost in my Glamping with MaryJane book! Can’t wait!!

  18. Melanie says:

    I can’t deny that I’ve had a very bad year … the end of my 27-year marriage, and the loss of my beloved brother, the last member of my original family. I came across your ‘Outpost’ book in a store one day, and for a short while it actually gave me hope that there was still some beauty and fun to be had in this world. So, of course I ordered your new book as soon as I heard about it. I grew up camping and hiking, and I hope maybe someday soon I’ll be ready to give ‘glamping’ a try 🙂

  19. Erika Alvord says:

    Because I’m ready to hit the road in my sweet little Aristocrat trailer with my new book and a cup of coffee to keep me company!

  20. Eileen L. Bennett says:

    I’m so excited and enthusiastic over the possibilities. We just sold a ’83 Shasta and on the prowl for a replacement again…..boxes of ‘goodies’ to decorate with and awaiting the book release to ‘study’ all the wonderful ideas. I’m rarin’ to hit the road. My mind is whirling even BEFORE viewing the book. I always carry a journal for ideas!! Congrats on such success with the book….see, there’s an enormous interest for creativity outlets and how fun is that!!! Blessings for continued success, abundance and encouraging others to follow their dreams too…… Eileen AZ/CO/IL

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