Giveaway: Made in the USA Sock WINNERS

Thanks for all your wonderful responses! And now for a surprise … we found more socks! Willie had a horde stashed in his guitar case, cause, well, you know how he feels about organic, and farming, and warm fuzzies. So, six of you lucky ducks are waddling away with a pair o’ warm feet.

Congrats to:


Vivian V.

Angie McManus

Charessa Witham


Terry Steinmetz

(posted 9/26/12) Well, hey there. I’ve been wearing socks again lately now that my toesies are feelin’ a bit nippy in the mornings. These here socks, from Maggie’s Functional Organics, are sure to warm yours up. They can be yours if’n …

you’re the first person to tell me why you buy Made in the U.S.A. Sock it to me! I want to hear all about your die-hard, patriotic, buy-from-your-neighbor enthusiasm. Then, when you’ve posted your comment below, come on over to the Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) page and get started on your Christmas shopping. While you’re at it, mosey on over to the Farmgirl Sunshine Co-op for some handmade gifts. Do a jig with me for buying handmade!

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  1. Wehaf says:

    I buy products made in the USA because i want to be certain that the things I buy were made by people working under fair labor conditions.

  2. Vivian V says:

    I think it is important to support American companies and want to help keep jobs here, especially for clothing. I love Maggies socks! Especially the tie-died infant socks – my favorite baby gift 🙂

  3. Laura Patton says:

    I buy American made products to support my country. We have out sourced so many of our everyday products, we are forgetting what a quality product looks and feels like. Please consider purchasing only American Made Products and help our country grow by our own hands, our own strength.

  4. Amy Lindsey says:

    I think we should all buy “made in the usa” its good for all of us! Let’s get together and support the snall businesses that make our country great! Bring back the mom pops and start generating local vitality! We can do this!

  5. JenRowe says:

    I try to buy only American made, but its tough. I LOVE to find out about Made in America companies. Keep our country strong! I like to buy local too because it is very important to keep products coming out of our own communities. I’m tired of companies out-sourcing to other countries when we need jobs in our own country.

  6. Susan Hernandez says:

    I buy American made products whenever I can because they are made with quality and pride in the country where I grew up!! There is no quality like American Made quality. I would rather spend a little more to make sure the people in my country have a job to go to and can do it proudly! Bring more production back to this country!!

  7. Angie McManus says:

    I feel that so many big store chains have taken over and are forcing out the small Ma and Pa stores that this nation was founded on. Those big chain stores import most everything so can sell it cheaper. Our very backbone of America is falling apart because of this. And to be honest, American made lasts longer, is better put together and is well worth the price you pay! Let’s save our country from decline by buying “homemade” products!

  8. Charessa Witham says:

    I buy made in the USA to support our hard working small business women and men. American Is better quality. A lot of times local crops etc are used. My family is farmers. We see the importants of supporting USA made stuff. Better quality over all! Made usually here to last! I’m very proud to be American! Supporting our own country and our own people to help make jobs and help families thrive and survive. Many many times we don’t know truly what is in products that are shipped from over seas. I know I have problems with allergies. So handmade or american organics are what I want. I want my kids to buy this way themselves. We are trying to teach them that!

  9. Turtle says:

    because i would much rather support someone working hard in my own back yard than someone elses back yard! 🙂

  10. Chrissy says:

    I buy Made in the USA everywhere I can because it provides for my friends and neighbors. And I especially appreciate organic products because they are better for me.

  11. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Buying USA made gives me control over what I support with our hard-earned dollars. I love helping companies that are home grown. I’m old-fashioned that way!

  12. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I try to not only buy made in the USA products, but I try to buy more locally from small entrepreneurs. Starting a small business is difficult so I try and keep my eyes open for opportunities to purchase first from my area. Secondly, I have experienced the wonderful gift of speaking with the person who makes the items and forming friendships. It is a twofer— great products and new friends!

  13. Brenda Davis says:

    I buy Made in the USA products everytime I can. But it is so hard to find them. They should have a “Made in USA” store that sell s nothing but. I hate everything coming from China. Made in USA is a better quality and helps keep America going and helping out the USA vendors. Thanks!

  14. Andrea Long says:

    I love finding out about another USA company, I always try to find the USA label product and feel it is important to help promote USA based businesses. So I’m off to find this company on the web 🙂 Thanks for the spotlight on them.

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