Yummy Nasturtiums

These yummy nasturtiums I started all by myself from seeds that I planted in a small yogurt cup.

Stella in a sun hat amidst her nasturtiums

I love to eat the leaves in my salad. For real. I’m not joshing you. Hey, that’s Kim’s boyfriend’s name.

Kim works here. Today I helped her wash Chocolate, our pregnant Jersey cow, while Josh weeded our iris patch.

Kim giving one of the cows a good scrub down.

As it turns out, the flowers on my nasturtiums match the flower on my hat perfectly.

Stella among the nasturtiums in her sun hat, again.

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  1. Jonni Lynch says:

    I looooove how Nasturtiums look, and these pictures are so pretty! I only wish I eating Nasturtiums was better for me–I found out the hard way that I was allergic to them at my birthday luncheon a few years ago. We ate at the Flagg Fork Herb Farm Cafe in Lexington, Kentucky and I ordered the salad special of the day which came with gorgeous edible nasturtiums, grown in-house. After eating my salad, I noticed that my mouth got really “cold” and my tongue and lips started to go numb. I didn’t say much, but not being able to taste or really eat my food was evident to my mom. Needless to say, I’m allergic and spent the rest of my birthday outing at the ER!

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