WINNER! Magnolia Pearl Giveaway, Day 1 of 5

And the WINNER is:

Lisa B!!!

who said October 14, 2013 at 11:51 am:

His name is “Happy” what a great name for a dog. :)   And he indeed looks happy too.  Would love to win this featured piece.

Watch for an email from the farm, Lisa B.

Congratulations. You are the owner of a signature Magnolia Pearl Beautiful Wear.


And the original GIVEAWAY on October 14 was:

For this GIVEAWAY, tell me who this dog is (its name please) and what the dog and my magazine have to do with Magnolia Pearl.


For everyone who answers correctly (you might have to do some homework on the Magnolia Pearl website), I’ll put your name in a hat and pull out a winner who will receive this classy piece of Magnolia Pearl “Beautiful Wear.” Be. You. T’Full.


Stay tuned, there are more Magnolia Pearl giveaways coming your way!!!

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    For the life of me I cannot find the name of the dog, but it does appear in your October 2013 magazine on pages 55 and 59 in the article about Magnolia Pearl and her business and clothing.

    • Winnie Nielsen says:

      How did I miss that name in the the article this morning? Duh! I was so taken away with her website and all of her clothing, I completely missed it right under my nose. She is so creative. How does she come up with so many cute and unique ways to use unrelated fibers?

  2. Janet says:

    Hi. The dog’s name is Happy. He’s in your October magazine. Thanks for introducing me to another great website with wonderful clothing.

  3. Michelle Kirby says:

    The dog is Happy. Happy appears in your magazine in an article about Magnolia Pearl.

  4. Debbie Fischer says:

    Oh I love Magnolia Pearl and their Dog Happy. All the women are great, love the web site, blog any article written about them like in our Mary Jane’s magazine. These women are always having fun it seems, smiling and laughing what a life.
    Thank you Mary Jane for the great give away and sharing their story with us, seems Happy loves your magazine as well.

  5. Kerri Smith says:

    That sweet pups name is Happy!!! I L♥ve all things MaryJane & Magnolia Pearl….

  6. Jill Hill says:

    I first saw Mapnolia Pearl in an article of Mary Jane’s magazine.And saw their booth in Stone Mountain at the Country Living fair. I would love to wear this ,and it would make me very “Happy ” just like this sweet dog’s name . Jill Hill

  7. Dawn Colbert says:

    The dogs name is Happy. I have fallen in love with Magnolia Pearl. I had already fallen in love with Mary Janes Farm several years ago. Thank you for introducing me to Magnolia Pearl.

  8. Sonia Kimball says:

    This beautiful dog’s name is Happy and he appears in this magazine in an article about Magnolia Pearl, who I absolutely LOVE!

  9. Vivian V says:

    She mentions the dog, Happy, on her blog (and has a cute picture as well with him in the lower right corner) dated 5/3/12.

  10. Linda says:

    His name is happy (hey might B’s dog is called happy ;).) and he’s in the Oct edition of maryjanes farm in the article about magnolia pearl!

  11. Paula Sullivan says:

    Happy is the nice dog in the article about Magnolia Pearl.

  12. natalie reid says:

    The dogs name is Happy! Happy is in an article about Magnolia Pearl.

  13. Jenn Halstead says:

    I was just introduced to Magnolia Pearl quite recently and I have to say… LOVE! Just as much as I love Mary Jane’s! The dog’s name is Happy and he appears in an article about Magnolia Pearl.

  14. Shelly Cox says:

    I believe Happy is the dogs name and he is featured in your latest October/November issue with the Magnolia Pearl layout.

  15. Terrie says:

    Love Mary Jane !! Dogs name is Happy in the article Magnolia Pearl…..

  16. linda s foltz says:

    Love your site…………. Your Dog’s name is Happy……………..My dogs in the past were Peggy Laddie Lassie (the 1st) Lassie (the 2nd) Roger Ginger Maynard this is in a span of 70 years……….Now my cats were Mommy Boogy Yellow Boddy Gray Boddy Ginger Sadie Bosco Lydia Willard Short Tail Fifi Marie Yvonne Emmitt Cecil (for got the next one) they were name after the Dionne babies………

  17. Lynn Martin says:

    The dog is Happy and is in the photo spread in the Oct/Nov issue of MJF mag featuring Magnolia Pearl.

  18. linda s foltz says:

    Your dog’s name is Happy

  19. Cheryl Schuh says:

    The dog’s name is Happy. He lives with Pearl and has the distinction of being in the Oct-Nov issue of your magazine.

  20. Julia Broeders says:

    To be totally honest . . . I found the dog’s name here from the replies above even though I read your October issue page by page, cover to cover . . . I must have been SO distracted by the gorgeous Magnolia Pearl clothing that I didn’t even see the dog!! Please apoligize for me! 😀

  21. Judy Shaddix says:

    his name is happy and he belongs to Pearl and John. he is seen in your Oct 2013 magazine in the feature on Magnolia Pearl. Love their clothes!

  22. Mary Jareo says:

    “Happy” models in many photos with Pearl, his owner and creator of Magnolia Pearl Clothing, and her crew. He definitely adds to the beauty of the clothing and scenes. Magnolia Pearl’s clothing is feature in your Oct-Nov 2013 magazine issue. Big fan of both Magnolia Pearl & MaryJanes Farm!

  23. Amber Gillespie says:

    Happy is in the October 2013 magazine in the Magnolia Pearl article. I have absolutely fallen in love with her beautiful clothing. So excited to place an order or two!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  24. renee ranta says:

    HAPPY and Magnolia Pearl were featured in the Mag!!!!!

  25. colleen wamhoff says:

    the dogs name is Happy and him and magnolia pearl is featured in your magazine. Great issue by the way and I am glad you will be working with her some more….

  26. Lisa B says:

    His name is “Happy” what a great name for a dog. 🙂 And he indeed looks happy too. Would love to win this featured piece.

  27. Darcy Kane says:

    The dog is Happy and is in your magazine with Pearl and her gang which makes me happy,happy,happy!

  28. Darcy Kane says:

    The dog is Happy and he is in your magazine with Pearl and her gang which makes me happy,happy,happy!

  29. jaylyn morehouse says:

    Went through your Oct. magazine to find his name, but then found it on their blog. “Happy” is the dog’s name, and he was included in the wonderful photo shoot featured in your magazine, which currently resides on my nightstand! I love Magnolia Pearl’s style, pure beauty!

  30. Robbi Sullivan says:

    This is Happy. He and Magnolia Pearl were in the October issue. I’ve seen MP at the Country Living Fair in GA. Beautiful stuff!!

  31. Cassondra Lashley says:

    Happy is the sweet dogs name and Magnolia Pearl was featured on the cover(s) of your magazine;)

  32. Cassondra Lashley says:

    Happy appeared in their photo shoot, of course:)

  33. Cindy Blommer says:

    Being a huge fan, that is Happy and he’s Robins dog.

  34. The dog is named Happy. Magnolia Pearl is featured in your October 2013 magazine. Thank you for featuring such talented women.

  35. Amanda says:

    The dog’s name is Happy! Your magazine featured Magnolia Pearl this month and he was included.

  36. Terry Steinmetz says:

    The dog’s name is Happy & is featured in the October 2013 MJFarm magazine. Thanks for all the information on other talented women.

  37. Connie-Killarney says:

    It is HAPPY! and he appeared in a article in MJF Magazine, October 2013 Issue! I must say ,he is a handsome Rascal!

  38. Nicki Clark says:

    The dogs name is Happy and is in an article about Magnolia Pearl in October. 🙂

  39. Cathy Lounsbury says:

    The dog’s name is Happy and he is in your October magazine in the Magnolia Pearl article! Pick me, please!!

  40. Cat Livingston says:

    Happy is the doggies name and Magnolia Pearl was featured in your magazine. I love, love, love this! My dad was a ventriloquist and named his dummy Happy Day. This name brought a smile to my face because of Happy the dog! 🙂

  41. Robin Wolfe says:

    The dog’s name is Happy. He was featured in your Oct./Nov. Issue of Maryjane’s Farm in the Magnolia Pearl feature. Beautiful magazine, article and dog!

  42. Brenda Rupert says:

    “Happy” is the gorgeous Australian Shepherd that appears in the Magnolia Pearl feature in Mary Jane Farms most current issue. 🙂

  43. Beth M says:

    Well you are a wealth of info and nice ‘necessities’. Thank you for introducing me to Magnolia Pearl; love her spirit and creativity. To be honest, I too did not find the dog’s name, saw him/her in a great video of MP’s fall fashions. But after getting lost (on purpose) in the fashions, great magazine articles featured on her website, also found her great music stream!! Listening to MP’s great music picks! Here’s her site: By the way, by way of other’s replies, the dog’s name is ‘Happy’ and of course, in your Oct/Nov issue Magnolia Pearl’s fashions is featured along with her Glamping style. I would love to show off a wonderful piece of her vintage creation while we glamp at music fest coming up in November!!

    • Beth M says:

      Sorry to be so wordy, but had a lot to share…Happy is his/her name and you featured Magnolia Pearl’s lovely creations in your Oct/Nov issue 🙂

  44. Sallie Dee says:

    I am sure that Happy the dog really makes Robin “Pearl” happy just like her name! Magnolia Pearl’s clothing makes me HAPPY!!

  45. Sharon D. says:

    Happy is his name and is such a beautiful pup. He is featured in the October/November issue of MaryJanes Farm 🙂

  46. Carol Urban says:

    Happy, happy, happy! Love, love, love your clothing!

  47. Bay Woodyard says:

    A sweet dog named Happy has good taste in magazines!

  48. Chrissy says:

    The gorgeous dog’s name is Happy (which was also my Dad’s bird dog’s name), and your latest issue of Mary Jane’s Farm has a stunning article about Magnolia Pearl. And I found it all before reading the comments.

  49. Cathy R says:

    Oh I just noticed my entry didn’t make it ~ So hope I’m not too late!
    What an adorable dog named HAPPY!

  50. sharon d. says:

    Congratulations Lisa B. !!! 🙂

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