Mia is Five!

My little sister is getting not so little!

Photo Jan 29, 3 48 52 PMBut she keeps us entertained. Even when she’s baking with Mom.

Photo Feb 15, 11 49 00 AM

Or rocking a pink stache! One thing is for sure, she will always be better than me at being the little sister. Happy birthday, Mia. We love you. Thanks for being my favorite little sister!

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Happy Birthday Mia! Five years old is very special because you are now all the fingers on one hand when someone asks how old you are. I remember thinking that little fact with great fondness as I was anticipating my 5th birthday back in 1956.

  2. Happy Birthday Mia ! If your nanny wants to push you a tiny bit, perhaps she will get you A.A.Milne’s (Winnie the Pooh’s author) poetry books ” Now We are Six” and ” When We Were Very Young” . Those are what I received on my 6th birthday. Have a very happy and joyous celebration!

  3. Debbie Fischer says:

    Happy Birthday Mia, may all your hopes, dreams and wishes come true.

  4. Dolly says:

    Happy Birthday Pretty Mia!!!

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