GIVEAWAY: “Mountain Rose Herbs, Hanky Panky”

In the Oct/Nov issue of MaryJanesFarm, “Hanky Panky” (on newsstands Sept. 15), I led you here to my daily journal for a chance to win my favorite botanical salve from Mountain Rose Herbs, an “herbs, health, and harmony company” from Eugene, Oregon.


Enter to win one of four 2-oz tins of Mountain Rose Herbs’ Injur-Heal Balm—with organic calendula flowers, fresh wild-harvested St. John’s Wort flowers, organic arnica flowers, organic lavender, and more—by telling me how you support organic agriculture in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw four lucky winners in mid-November, when the Oct/Nov issue expires on newsstands. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways!

If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

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  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I support organic agriculture by always trying to purchase fresh organic produce and staples.

  2. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I support organics whenever I can. I now have a share in a goat herd, just to receive fresh, unpasteurized milk each week, buy at the farmers’ market for the things we don’t grow. I also buy fair trade coffees & teas. I love it all!

  3. Deborah McKissic says:

    Ohh..I love shopping at mountain rose herbs..and their recipes for making your own tinctures, salves, teas…so much info on their website…they are a wonderful company and I support them by being a customer..I shop my local farmers market and buy only organic produce and honey…and, today is farmer’s market day! I grow organically myself…love the honey at our local farmers market and I will stock up for this winter..I like to make flavored honeys…use it in my tea and baking…would love to win a tin of this salve and try it out…my grandkids always get bumps and scrapes, bug bites..this would be great to have around!

  4. Carla says:

    I just subscribed to your magazine and I am anxious to get my first issue. Hmmm…how do I support organic agriculture? Well, I support in theory and deed, but I am not sure if that is what you mean. Last spring I became really ill and couldn’t shake it off…even after a round of antibiotic and steroids, which I HATE taking any kind of pharmaceutical. So I took a class on Essential Oils, tossed out all chemicals from my house and started making many of my own products. I try to buy organic whenever possible, but I live on eighty acres outside of a small town in Texas and I don’t have many resources. I wish there was a farmers market closer than sixty miles. I am trying to eat more whole foods. I will confess that I am still working full time and cooking after my work day is difficult to do. I do manage to throw something together quickly most nights and my husband is okay with that, although he would rather have chicken fried steak and fries. He is not into vegetables at all. I will say that one of my “retirement bucket list” items is to garden and have chickens. My daughter had chickens for a couple of years, but last spring, just before the drought ended by the glorious rain, coyotes came in and within two weeks killed them all. She is a full time college student, but hopefully, we can fortify her coop and get more. All of her neighbors lost theirs to coyotes also. I have ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs and would like to learn more about herbs.

  5. Margie Cunningham says:

    Our family buys locally and organically whenever we can. We grow and preserve our own foods – we try and support others who do so as well.

  6. I own my own seed company and grow all my own plants organically and save the seeds and sell them on my website :
    I guess since I farm organically year round, that is my biggest way to support organic agriculture.

  7. As the city builds up around us it becomes more and more of a challenge to stay organic. BUT, I do try to buy from the Farmers’ Markets when I can and buy organic where available in the grocery stores. In addition I try to buy “local” when the stores have local produce, etc.

    Like Carla, I recently discovered the essential oils and have already removed Claritin from my cabinet. Currently I am working with cinnamon bark oil to (hopefully) take down my cholesterol so I can avoid any prescription “medicines.”

    Apologies for the blog — it is in real need of some current material!

  8. Stephanie Guevara says:

    I buy organic seed for my gardens and buy organic foods, clothes, towels, and bedding, etc.

  9. Chrissy says:

    What I don’t raise organically in my own gardens, I purchase locally, and organically from the Farmer’s Market. It is difficult when most of the neighbors are not of the same mind.

  10. Laura says:

    We grow a lot of our own produce and use organic practices! We also have ducks and use their droppings as natural fertilizer!

  11. Linda says:

    I LOVE organic, it just taste better! I raise my own organic hens for eggs and grind organic wheat for breads, pastas and cookies. I also grow an organic garden, again because it just has a better flavor.
    Thank you Mary Jane for asking a most important question and bring so many relevant issues to the fore front! Please keep up the good work.

  12. Jeanette Walpole says:

    My family and I support organic agriculture by shopping at the local farmer’s market instead of the retail chain stores whenever possible. The produce is amazing and often times significantly cheaper too! We also use our egg shells, banana peels, and other bit and pieces to make our own compost at home.

  13. Christine Erdman says:

    I love everything organic. That is why I started to make my own soap, because if you can’t pronounce the ingredients that can’t be good. I feel the less ingredients the better the products is for you..

  14. Carol Vagher says:

    I grow and quite successfully my own organic vegetables all summer long.

  15. jaylyn m says:

    Purchasing organically grown produce, baked goods, or added value crafts from a local source whenever possible.

  16. Lindalue says:

    I grow my own vegetables and raise backyard chickens!

  17. Nancy Coughlin says:

    I try to buy locally and organically whenever possible. We have a wonderful Farmer’s Market and getting to meet the certified organic growers and talking with them is the the very best. They always have the time to answer questions and to share their information.

  18. Jacqueline says:

    I buy regularly from local farmers markets in addition to organic vegetable gardening. I don’t use pesticides in my garden and replaced the landscaping shrubs with bee and butterfly loving plants.

  19. Judy kurtz says:

    I shop at our farmers market always.alot of their produce and meats are organic…just love it..

  20. Michelle Naujeck says:

    I support organic agriculture by maintaining relationships with farmers at my local farmers markets. I particularly love being able to go up to my “Tomato Man” and asking if he’s got a box of mushies for me to sauce and can each week!

    Gardening, cooking, and buying locally and organically was instilled in me by my parents. It grew up on a dairy farm in upstate NY, and although I have just a small garden myself right now, I have plans in the works for bees, chickens, and a better garden.

    Relationships are just as important as the produce. It feels great to know that your farmer has got a box put aside just for you with both “the usual” and sometimes the unusual!

  21. Sharon Wegmeyer says:

    I serve on the board of our local Farmers Market. If possible, I always purchase either local or organic and buy as little as possible from big box stores. We grow some of our own organic produce in our backyard garden and are hoping to purchase some acreage soon!!!

  22. Margie Hughes says:

    love your magazine and books. I bought my 1957 Aljo because of you. Then bought your Glamping book

  23. Dawn Overholt says:

    I try to support locally produced items. Our grocery store has a section when foods produced in TN are found. I go to our local Mennonite store for some of their items. Where organic is not always possible I do try for naturally grown or made.

  24. Aja says:

    I love going to my local farmer’s market and supporting organic farms in my area and choosing organic when I can at the grocery store.

  25. Nancy says:

    I support both where I live now & also where I will be moving next year — support the local farmer’s markets & other related small businesses.

  26. Kelly ONeal says:

    I love Mountain Rose Herbs. I have been turning to an all organic lifestyle over the past several years myself. I do have a ways to go yet but we feel healthier and happier thus far. I to try making my own herbal remedies but am much newer to that.

  27. Beth C says:

    In 2011 I had a health scare and since that time have tried to go more organic. I have purchased organic foods and then in 2014 I joined a local CSA which was amazing, but had me thinking if they can grow it why cann’t I. I had my son build me a raised garden this year where we had wonderful tomatoes, zuchinni, cucumbers, cantoloupe, and water melon. Our peppers didn’t turn out as well but I am 100% sure we over stuffed our garden this year and know for next year some tricks. PS….we pulled our first and only pumpkin but how neat is that?

  28. Corine Runnion says:

    I support organic agriculture by growing everything in my garden organically and buying organic pooducts.

  29. Eleonora says:

    I support organic agriculture in every moment of my life: having a veg garden with saved and heirloom seeds, buying local from a farmer just round the corner who is not using pesticides. I’m a forager and cook in my own restaurant with wilds, wild herbs and ancient recipes from my grandma not to waste food. Always sustainably. This is what everyone should do to keep our earth safe, for us and our children, and our hearts safe, for our ancestors made before. 😉

  30. Gail Young says:

    Thankfully it is getting easier to find online shops and services that pledge to be organic. We have tried for years to garden organically and now, more and more, local stores are carrying organic items and food. We like to support our small town neighborhood shops committed to healthy living.

  31. Carol Chesley says:

    I support organic agriculture by raising hens for farm fresh eggs!

  32. Nancy Perry says:

    I am blessed that I am in an area with many, many, organic farms and stores. I do not eat processed foods and always try to eat locally. I am a new gardener for vegetables and fruits and love getting close to the soil and know I can pick my own fresh vegetables.

  33. arlene wilder says:

    I have 5 acres and have learned how to farm 1/8th of an acre for preserving and canning. I have fruit, peacan, paw paw, loquat, mayjaw, meyers lemon a variety. I have famers dry hands I would love to try one of Mountain Herb Products sounds wonderful.

  34. Joyce Huber says:

    I support organic agriculture by having my own garden and living on a farm.

  35. Carol Wege says:

    I support local farmers that raise organic vegetables and eggs. I also have raised four children who hold the same beliefs in supporting local farmers markets and doing things to help our earth and the people on it.

  36. Idamarie Settlemyer says:

    I support all of our local mini farms at the Farmers Market that rotates to a different farm each week-end. Always buy produce in be tween at local fruit stand. grow my own garden with no chemicals and no gmo seeds. very carefully read labels so I know where food products come from before I buy.

  37. Mindy says:

    I support organic agriculture by buying from local organic farmers markets in my area!

  38. Sydney says:

    We eat homegrown or wild meat, buy heirloom seeds and try to avoid as many chemicals as possible! Still learning and trying to compost. 😄

  39. Donna Borthwick says:

    I support organic agri first by growing my own vegetables – ones I use often, using no sprays.pesticides. I have clay soil, so I compost all my scrapes back into the garden, knowing the organisms/worms under the ground will repay me with humus /organic matter next year. I also support native flowers to help support our pollinators/birds. I pickup heirloom seeds whenever I come across them. In DeKalb County, IL we have local(close) farmer’s markets and pick up what I need. I’m finding/support local farms for milk, eggs & honey too. And if I do go to the local grocery store, I always go to the organic sections first to pick my fruits, veggies before the regular aisles-even though it costs more….
    Also, about every 1.5 months, I take a trip to Madison Square (WI) for their weekly Saturday farmer’s market. OMG! There you can pick up local cheeses, meats, breads, pickled/jarred foods, honey, pastries, fruits/veggies/plants & lots of flowers.
    BTW, our local HyVee store gives a 10% discount on Wednesdays if customers purchase organic dairy, organic canned/boxed and frozen foods. Includes organic baking ingredients, coffee & teas.

  40. R.Kimball says:

    Using the wisdom that has come from my dear sisters in this educated organic-savey generation, and from my elder sisters of the vintage generation….I now make intentional choices each day about what I buy and bring into our home to eat or products to use…or, …whatever I plant in my garden soil. It needs to be as pure as nature will allow it to be without any additives, hormones, or harmful substances. We now eat berries, honey, and teas from the forest. We have learned there is new world of food in the forests. Even medicinal cures. I choose organic local dairy, grassfed meat, free range chickens with organic feed. Our earth has offered the purest food and water for our good health so rich and pure, we need to receive this age-old…organic bounty with intentional, determined and grateful hearts, and return the care back to earth. We need to live simple and pure. Organic thinking and organic living on our earth. **** Intentionally Organic ****

  41. Heather (nndairy) says:

    I buy organic whenever possible, but the biggest way I’m hoping to support organic agriculture is by becoming an organic dairy farm. We’re looking for a new farm to buy and when we do we’re going to become organic certified.

  42. Kat Bowie says:

    I support organic agriculture in many ways. First, my best friend and business partner, Raphael, and I have turned our adjoining urban backyards into raised beds where we grow our own organic veggies. I only purchase organic veggies at the grocery and farmer’s markets in our wonderful city, Kansas City, MO. Additionally, I am a vegan and teach whole nutrition classes, write articles, and post supportive information on social media. And, I support our local CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) in our area. Thank you so much for everything, Mary Jane.

    In Peace,
    Kat Bowie

  43. Mary Jane Grellner says:

    I have supported organics for a very long time. We used to grow all our own vegetables and give some to food banks when possible. I canned about 200 jars a years and loved doing this, but then we moved to a really small house when we retired with a little backyard. Now we feed a host of hummingbirds and have put up ten bird houses and a bird bath for our feathered friends to enjoy. I just found your magazine and LOVED it immediately; will be a new subscriber today!

  44. Raelene Best says:

    My husband and I always buy organic when available. We have to buy most of our organic food out of town and usually travel every other week to shop for groceries and other items but are starting to find more locally. My journey to buying organic started when I discovered your magazine. I have every copy except the first one. I keep a subscription for my mom and myself.

  45. christy wilkinson says:

    We buy organic foods as much as possible, raise our own flock of chickens for eggs and meat, plant a large garden, and buy herbs to make our own tinctures. We also live off grid, with the goal of being self sustaining.

  46. Marianne murphy says:

    I support organic by buying my vegetables at the local farmer’s market and promoting the farmers I’ve befriended there.

  47. Rhonda Welker says:

    I buy & grow organic as I can. Little changes can make a big difference.

  48. Sandy Dean says:

    I just received my very first subscribed issue, I love it!!
    I support organic by buying every chance I get and going to our local farmers markets…
    Thank you!!

  49. We have a small family farm. Some years I have bigger gardens than other years but I always have herbs and foragable plants. I have gardened organically for over 30 years. I use companion planting to discourage pests. Sometimes I bury wire fencing to keep burrowing varmints out of the garden. We have dogs which seem to keep our chickens safe just by being around. We have sold eggs some years, and give away mint, St. John’s Wort, pineapple weed, etc. for teas. Also, I share my knowledge of foraging, drying, canning and domestic skills freely. I love the natural world!

  50. Jillian says:

    I love Mountain Rose Herbs. I recently ordered a ridiculous amount of essential oils. I had been given some by a rep for an MLM, but balked at the price for tiny bottles. I have been a customer for years with Mountain Rose, so I went back to them when needing oils. I’m glad I did. I love their tea, as well. I drank a pregnancy blend the entire pregnancy with my youngest. I wish I had known about it with my oldest of the two.

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