GIVEAWAY: “Milk Cow Kitchen, Hearts a-Flutter”

And our winner is … Nikki Hurlbut (see winner’s post here).

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For a chance to win a free copy of my Milk Cow Kitchen book, tell me the name of your milk cow (even if it’s still only a fantasy) in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.


My book gives you how-to details for keeping a pet milk cow on your suburban half acre, a backyard lot in town … or at least, it’ll help fuel your fantasy of a someday cow grazing outside your kitchen window. Milk cow fantasy aside, my book is chock full of recipes using dairy—75 to be exact—along with 15 step-by-step cheese-making recipes.

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  1. Kay Kidwell says:

    If I had a cow, her name would be Clover. My friend has tons of cows so I’m sure I could name one of them Clover, even if he won’t call her that!

  2. Linda Bobert says:

    If I had a milk cow, her name would be Gertee, I don’t know why, I just think this name fits a cute big eyed, black and white cow. When I grew up,we had steers for butchering and eating. Never a milk cow. I am now 67 yrs old and still no milk cow but in my dreams, I always loved their eyes… Thank you for this time and letting me tell you the name of my imaginary cow.

  3. Barbara says:

    Growing up, we had Missy. I sure do miss all the rich cream which we’d turn to butter in quart jars. It was a special joy, when mom was able to borrow a neighbors butter churn. I’ve had an Elsie in the most recent years, but I think I’ll name the next one Missy again. Missy just had the richest milk.

  4. priscilla zeiset says:

    we don’t have a cow yet but hopefully in the near future

  5. Oh to finally have my cow!!!! Someday! I imagine her having a name like Adelaide, Hazel, Josephine, or Clara!! And sweetly she would look at me in a doe-y eyed greeting each time we met for milking!

  6. Pearl Maxner says:

    She is Ruby Jean!!!

  7. Cathey says:

    My mik cow is Suecow

  8. Marion O says:

    My fantasy milk cow is named Daisy. She would be like he cows I used to visit when I spent summers at my Grampa’s farm in Rhode Island.

  9. Janice Parker says:

    I don’t have her yet, but when I get my Jersey her name will be Mildred and we’ll call her Millie for short!

  10. PJ says:

    I will name her Buttermilk 🙂

  11. Linda Mitchell says:

    My cows name would be Sweet Pea

  12. kathleenCarr Jordan says:

    If I had a cow her name would be KaCey,she’d fit in with q-tip the kids goat,Linda,Louise,Rosie and Ruby the hens and Rylie and Randolph the twin Rhode Island red roosters!

  13. SunSeeker says:

    My mini-farm cow is named Bossy because she truly is. Even so, she is well-loved and pampered. Thanks for giving folks a chance to win your book!

  14. Donna McHaffie says:

    …Just starting our McHaffie “DoLittle” mini farm….
    chickens? CHECK
    guard llama? CHECK
    alpacas? CHECK
    Southdown babydoll sheep? CHECK
    Dexter-Highlander Steer? CHECK
    Future milk cow? …thinking “Betsy” would be nice. Nothing more relaxing than hearing the gentle mooing of our calf echoing down the river from the barn to the house….knowing there’s a gentle “Betsy” in the barn would bring peace to me:)

  15. Sarah Anne says:

    I would name my cow Jane after Jane Eyre 🙂

  16. Becky Freeman says:

    I have 65 Holsteins. One of my favorites is Carmela

  17. Audra says:

    Mamie. She would be a sweetheart

  18. Melinda McFadden says:

    My grandfather name every new cow susie because my middle name is sue . One day i said to him isn,t that cow a boy?

  19. peg horn says:

    My cow would be named sunshine so I could sing “you are my sunshine my only sunshine to her”

  20. Kelley Ivett says:

    When we purchase the retirement farm of our dreams, our milk cow will be named “Glenda!” Our sons have names beginning with “G” and all of the domestic house pets they raised and cared for as kids always had names beginning with “G”. (It is only fitting that we continue the tradition!)
    As for my dream brood of chickens that would keep Glenda company, I’m not so sure we could come up with enough “G” names for all the girls! 😉

  21. Paula says:

    I would love to have a milk cow…. I would name her Mookies.
    My husband and I have a couple of beef cows and a handful of chickens, a beginning to our long desired mini-farm. When my husband was a child he used to sneak the beloved cream from the milk container. A family of 8 children, he never understood how his mother always knew it was him, might have been the tell-tale milk mustache left behind. He still brags about that sweet cream to this day……. can’t wait !!!

  22. Christine says:

    My cow would be an Irish Moiled named Moira. A lovely red and white cow with speckles.

  23. Rhonda Bowdy says:

    I don’t currently own a cow but I’ve always wanted one. I’d name her Miss Emma. She’d be the most beautiful cow ever.

  24. Liz says:

    My cow would be names Bessy. My Dad grew up on his parents farm and he often talks about the cow they had and she was called Bessy.

  25. Jean Sims says:

    My beautiful milk cow is named Lady.

  26. Sandy Dent says:

    My milk cows name is Patience a jersey breed . The classic milk cow . She is the perfect story book cow that I remember as a child. With sweet cream milk .And , So much love

  27. Elane Casteen says:

    I helped my Papa feed the cows when I was a little girl. I still love cows. My name would be TigerBelle. Have a happy, blessed day.

  28. Missy Chavez says:

    My momma had a milk cow named Sweet Pea when I was growing up and I loved that cow! My mom passed away when I was a teenager and so now, I of course, will name my cow Sweet Pea also!

  29. Helen Dunn says:

    My favorite milk cow belonged to my grandparents. She was a Guernsey named Molly. I found a photo of her and her calf made in 1962 and made a canvas of it to give my daughter for Christmas. I Love those memories.

  30. Leisa Joan says:

    I dont have a milk cow now, but growing up we always had a cow, one my mom named Lorraine, because she was born in the rain.

  31. Dawn says:

    My beautiful and sassy “some day” milk cow’s name will be…
    BLUE BELL, because we recently bought land in Brenham, Texas –
    home to the delicious Texas Blue Bell Ice Cream!
    I’m trying to ‘git there’ as fast as I can!!

  32. CJ says:

    My “maybe someday” cow would be named Lady Bella Jane–just because….

  33. Jeanne says:

    My fantasy milk cow is Brulee. Hopefully some day soon, I will be able to turn Rockwell into reality.

  34. Heather says:

    My future milk cow will be shire.

    I met a cow that resides on the farm that I adopted a sheep from. This extraordinary beauty bonded with the sheep and cannot stand to be apart from them. Heart of gold ? I think yes.

  35. Batya says:

    My dream cows name is Leah. 😉

  36. Susan Fellin says:

    I would name my cow Susie, this was the name of the milk cow I had when I was 6!

  37. Rachael says:


  38. Rebecca White says:

    If I had a cow, I’d name her Latte’. I usually drink coffee black but for a treat I’ll have a Latte’. I learned to milk a cow on my Uncles farm when I was 12 years old.

  39. Amy says:

    My future fantasy milk cow’s name will be glenda!

  40. Carol in NC says:

    I don’t have a cow, but my collection of butter molds looks lovely on my dining room table if that counts! I’ve heard my mother speak fondly of her favorite childhood milk cow, Flossie, and how she and her sister would ride her like a horse. So Flossie it is!

  41. In my fantasy world her name would be Buttercup

  42. Lora Womer says:


  43. Lisa Ann B. says:

    I would name my milk cow Aunt Bea because I love the Andy Griffith Show.

  44. Kellie says:


  45. Teri says:

    Alas, I have two milk cows in my dream. “Curds and Whey”. 🙂 Hopefully, someday.

  46. Sharon says:

    Our heifer…soon to be milk cow…is named Tilly

  47. Bossy – would be for my daughter (8) who is 🙂

  48. Kyla H says:


  49. Amy Cleveland says:

    My favourite jerseys name is Cinnamon, she’s the sweetest girl ever, will not move in the mornings until she gets her hug and loves to ride you around the barn on her back. Her name was picked by my son who also named her calf Caramel. Not necessarily my pick but out of a herd of 300 we only have a handful named. Sadly they are mostly called by their number “Good Morning 2824 time to get up” haha!
    I have a favourite Holstein heifer in the lower calf barn that I’ve been calling Petunia.
    Can’t wait to she’s big enough to ride around in her back too!

  50. Amy says:

    Daisy 🙂

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