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For a chance to win 20 FREE beautiful, handmade clothespins from All American Clothespins, tell me how hanging laundry on the line makes you feel in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-July.


Albert Crooks and his 15-year-old son, Al, craft beautiful, sturdy clothespins from ash (the perfect hardwood for clothespins) and heavy-duty, stainless-steel springs manufactured in the U.S. “No more using four or five cheap clothespins to hang a wet towel to line dry. Our clothespins are tumble sanded and are finished with tung oil, which will not leach out and stain your laundry.” For beautiful clothespins that will last a lifetime, visit

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  1. Jo Wray says:

    The smell of line dried sheets is something. Nothing beats that. Memories of hanging clothes out on the line with my Mom, Grandma , and Aunts are such strong memories.
    Towels were not so nice.

  2. Lindy hinger says:

    Nothing like going out to bring in the fresh smelling laundry you hung out that morning. I have to use a walking stick, so I put my laundry basket & clothes pins in my little red wagon & pull out to the clothesline. Stand there a bit admire the scenery before taking laundry down. I don’t have a dryer so on rainy days I hang clothes on an old metal drying rack my mother used to dry my clothes. I’m 72 lugged this rack all the country. Still in great shape. Love your magazine

  3. Ruth says:

    Nothing beats the smell of sheets that has hung on the line to dry. What fun to shake the bugs off the clothes before taking them off the line. And what luck to have your first load of wash dry by the time you hang your third!

  4. Mandi Steiner says:

    I love hanging my laundry on the clothes line. I feel more self sufficient by saving electrity and enjoiying nature.

  5. Linda Odom says:

    I love the way sheets smell when they are line dried. It can’t be imatated

  6. Loretta Lowe says:

    The process of hanging clothes or linens outside brings back fond memories. I love the relaxed sound of the sheets flapping in a breeze and the smell of the outdoors. The ease and rhythm of folding the laundry in the sunshine is like therapy.

  7. Vicki Peterson says:

    Wow now that subject is right down my alley. I have always hung my clothes out and many times over the years have said I would love to have a job of washing clothes for other people,hang them on the line ,go to the next house do the same thing and when all finished go back to the first house pull the clothes off the line folding as I go until done for the day.what a wonderful happy job.
    I have a donkey and cats that come to help when I hang my own clothes and a mocking bird sits on the pole talking sweetly.

  8. Anne Radesi says:

    I have been hanging out clothes since I was old enough to reach the line. We moved to a community that didn’t allow clotheslines?? But I received permission to have n umbrella clothes line behind my house..

  9. Nancy says:

    Hanging laundry on the clothesline makes me feel connected to my late momma & grandma. They taught me well….use what God has given to make do. Nothing smells as good as clean air & sunshine dried laundry.

  10. Sandy Kline says:

    I’ve been hanging clothes on the line ever since I was a little girl. When I had my own babies and I hung their cloth diapers on the line in the winter, they would freeze dry. They would freeze instantly along with my finger tips. But when they were dry, they were so soft and smelled so good. I still love the smell of everything dried on the clothes line.

  11. Honey says:

    The snap of the clothes as they are readied for hanging takes me back to my mother hanging clothes each summer. Moving from item to item, while catching a glimpse of the silhouette of my granddaughter against the crisp white sheets immediately brings memories of her mother doing the same thing as a little girl. It’s more than laundry…the visual of it moving in the breeze and the fresh scent are memories of summer childhoods past and present.

  12. Robin in New Jersey says:

    Hanging out laundry lifts my spirits. I love sheets on the line and the fresh smell when you climb into a bed with fresh made sheets.

  13. Morgan Wilson says:

    The house I bought (built in 1905) two years ago has a clothesline that I never use…maybe because I don’t really have any decent clothespins. The ones I have don’t seem to clip things on well and often fall apart. The chicken tractor is now underneath the line but maybe the chickens will share the sunlight.

  14. Christina Marden says:

    I Love to hang my laundry! I want another laundry line so bad right now. I always jump for the chance to run out into the sunshine. To feel the warm sun and smell the frees air. It makes me feel so alive and one with the earth, with God.

  15. Cindy Angel says:

    I like to hang clothes outside, because we are in a drought situation and I have heard that if everybody did it, we would get rain! I wish more people would!

  16. Cindy A. Snider says:

    I do not own a dryer nor do I want to own one because I simply love the time spent outdoors hanging all my laundry. Even in the winter on a sunny day! Hanging my laundry outdoors is one way I simplify my life and I find it refreshing for my soul as well as for my laundry! It gives me a feeling of peace and one with nature. It also is a time for reminiscing of my childhood.

  17. Amanda Mathis says:

    Hanging clothes on the line is such a joyous experience. I love the feel of grass beneath my feet and the birds singing. It takes me to a place of gratitude and reminds me of all I have and all I have to be thankful for.

  18. Jen Walla says:

    I’m hanging lots of diapers these days, for my 7-month-old. Hanging those with the rest of my laundry makes me feel connected and following in the footsteps of many matriarchs past, and inspires my respect and admiration for their hard work and the responsibility they’ve taken for the well-being and the economy of their family and community.

  19. Denise says:

    There is no joy that compares to seeing a clothesline full of fresh, clean clothes flapping in the breeze. It is the epitome of a simple life and somehow keeps us content. We live near Lancaster and I always enjoy seeing all the clotheslines full as we pass by the Amish homes. What better than to crawl into bed and smell the wonderful aroma of sunshine and fresh air that lingers on the sheets. Reminds of my childhood and summertime back then. Carefree days!

  20. Joye Gulley says:

    There is nothing like the smell and feel of fabric that has been line dried.

  21. TJ Siebert says:

    I’m thankful to have a clothes-line, even when I’m out side @ about 10 degrees F, hanging clothes wearing rubber gloves over wool gloves so my laundry can freeze-dry.

  22. Kevin Bedard says:

    I feel like I’m stepping away from “the System” every time I approach the clothesline with a bag of wet laundry! Nature does a mighty fine job of drying our clothes up here at 8,400 feet on the sunny side of the house without the noise or the pollution of an appliance. Somehow humanity made it work for all those years and I can join them in spirit every time I hang a sock.

  23. Wanna Lee Johnson says:

    I love to hang clothes on the line. I’ve made clothespin holders by cutting out part of an old bleach bottle. Nothing smells better than clothes fresh from the line.

  24. Sandy Worley says:

    Hanging my clothes outside brings back memories of my family in the early years where hanging the laundry was a big job….summer and winter. It is a time to reflect to those days. The wonderful fresh smell of those clothes brings back so many thoughts my childhood.

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