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For a chance to win a FREE sampling of the Natural Candy Store’s “sweeter treats,” tell me about your favorite Halloween tradition in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-October.


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  1. Rhonda Bowdy says:

    Decorating my house with anything Halloween. I love pumpkins.

  2. Christine Robinson says:

    My Dad used to set up speakers on our porch, and set up a display, either a witch, Casper the ghost or the Great Pumpkin, and talk to every kid that came to the door

  3. LeeAnn Johnson says:

    I work at a school and love dressing up. On the morning of the Halloween parties I come to work dressed up (different every year). The children and staff can’t wait to see what I’ll come up with. After 23 years I have worn ALOT of costumes.

  4. Brandy Hoenstine says:

    My whole family gets together at my Aunt Dianas house. Everyone from my grandparents aunts uncles cousins friends and others, some dress up we have a meal (usually something fast and easy) we share stories and get the smaller kids ready. Then break off into two groups one stays and hands out candy the other walks the kids to trick or treat. I come from a large family so our group is anywhere from 8 to 30+ people, never a dull moment.

  5. Stacey Mitchell says:

    Mine is watching those scary or not so scary movies and pumpkin decorating and making costumes. Farm girl sister #6969

  6. Melanie Gamlin says:

    Our favorite tradition is going over to our friends house for the day. We start out with pumpkin science using their homegrown pumpkins. The kids measure their pumpkins, guess how many seeds are in it and finally crave it. We also paint faces on our pumpkins. We have supper together followed by some yummy dessert. The kids ran around playing games, tell stories around the campfire or watch “Charlie Brown’s, It’s a Great Pumpkin”.

  7. Colleen Davis says:

    My favorite memory and Halloween tradition was racing home after trick or treating, and dumping my candy filled pillowcase onto the floor. Then we would begin to sort out our treasured sweets and start trading with one another. Love this!

  8. Denise says:

    We would hurry as fast as we could walk to my Great Aunt’s house where she would make the most incredible popcorn balls. She only made so many and the entire small town knew this so it was a race to get there as quickly as we could get our chores done and have our parents take us to town. Of course this was many many years ago and now a person cannot make homemade goodies but I will always remember Minnie’s popcorn balls made with so much love.

  9. patti carlson says:

    My favorite tradition is making homemade decorations. Last year we made plywood cut outs of owls, crows, black cats, toothy pumpkins with designs from the 1940’s. Then we sat and painted them while having homemade candy and other Halloween treats. When we were done we put out all the decorations. My favorite was a bat mobile we made from 6 different bat silhouettes. It was soooooo cool!!!

  10. Kristine says:

    Buying books to put in their treat bag.

  11. Randi says:

    It is more of a fall tradition than Halloween, but our favorite is going to GreenBluff (north of Spokane, WA). We go twice: once to pick apples and once to pick pumpkins.

  12. Julie says:

    Every fall our family has a bonfire on our farm with friends and family. We sit around the fire roasting weenies, making s’mores, playing word games, and talking under the stars. It’s wonderful!

  13. Linda Johnson says:

    I grew up with three older brothers, no sisters, I remember every Halloween begging my brothers to hurry up so we could go trick or treating, just to be scared by our old neighbor lady, who I swore was a witch. And when we got back my Mom would have homemade popcorn balls all made, that was the best part of Halloween!

  14. Becky Freeman says:

    When my kids were little I would make their costumes and take them trick or treating in a near by small town. Now that they are grown I just wait for the trick or treaters to show up.

  15. Sarah Semmens says:

    Making caramel apples and making sure there is enough candy corn and candy pumpkins for everyone

  16. Tammy says:

    My favorite Halloween tradition is decorating my front porch with some stuffed coveralls that were my dads and making a werewolf in coveralls — He is cute I think, but people really think someone is sitting on the porch in a costume. My dad one year put one of his pepsi cans in between is paws/hands — his way of saying Trick or Treat.

  17. Carrie Sales says:

    My favorite Halloween tradition is carving the pumpkin faces that our daughters wanted on their pumpkins and then when we lit them they would sing the Jack-o-lantern song in their sweet little voices.

  18. Jennifer MacKinnon says:

    Our favourite Halloween tradition is making a “spooky’ graveyard in our front yard for the little trick or treaters to walk past. We have taken many found pieces of plywood and wood scraps and written silly puns and signs that we post all over our graveyard, I mean front yard, then we don’t cut the grass around the gravesite, which isn’t hard to let grow in the soggy Pacific Northwest. It always looks really cool.

  19. AVIS FRIEDEL says:

    Our tradition was to always go trick or treating to the our neighbours in the farm country. You didn’t need to go to many home and have a full bag. It was the same way when I started taking my children to the farm neighbours that I went to as a child. Mary Jane thank you for finding us such great company’s! I never heard of the “Natural Candy Store” I will be telling many!

  20. Chelsea says:

    My children and I love carving pumpkins with their daddy. He always makes the most crazy, elaborate designs. One year, he even carved our last name in a huge overgrown zucchini from our garden!

  21. Always a visit to pumpkin patch. Choosing the perfect pumpkins, tasting apple ciders, buying carmel apples & popcorn balls! Favorite time of year!

  22. Melinda Wolfe says:


  23. Jennifer says:

    Our tradition is to make our own costumes and carve pumpkins the night before Halloween.

  24. Dwana Davis says:

    My favorite tradition was to go to our friend’s local country store for trick-or-treating. They always fawned over our costumes and then allowed us to get into the candy racks. Our only limit was that allowed by our mother (and she did have serious limits). But it was great….we got to choose our own Halloween candy….what kid doesn’t want to do that!?

  25. Rachel Bullock says:

    On Halloween we always stay in and watch horror movies and eat candy

  26. Corrine Kohli says:

    I never celebrate Halloween. But I love fall colors.

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