GIVEAWAY: “Mountain Mitteneer, All That Glitters”

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In the “All That Glitters,” Dec/Jan issue of MaryJanesFarm, we featured these beautiful mittens from Mountain Mitteneer in our “Upcycled Patchwork Coats” article on p. 64.


Coordinate your upcycled coat with gloves like the ones shown here, re-fashioned from sweaters purchased from charity thrift shops by The Mountain Mitteneer (Mountain For a chance to win a FREE pair of mittens (we have 3 adult pairs—the ones shown here, a blue/pink blend, and a red/navy/green pair—and 1 pastel blue/gray/brown/green children’s pair), share with us the color of your favorite coat in the comments below. (Last week I bought a bright hunter orange coat on sale at Old Navy–it’s my new fav!) I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner soon.

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  1. Elaine Holmes says:

    My favorite coat is a simple black wool. Everything goes with it. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. My daughter knitted me a hat of multi colors, but mostly dark blue. So any color of mittens would look great.

  2. Gaye Durst says:

    How timely for me! I just bought a new coat first time in eight years(and that one was used when I bought it). I had intended to order the “Heather Grey” but by the time I had saved up enough, they were out..I ordered “Heatherd Plum” I am giddy in anticipation of getting a decent warm coat in a beautiful color!

  3. Lindsey says:

    My beige coat would love your mittens!!!

  4. Shanda Fitte says:

    My favorite coat is pink!!

  5. Danzel Bond says:

    My current favorite is a color that’s a bit more orangey than mustard yellow, if that makes sense! Beautiful mittens!

  6. Tamara Woodruff says:

    I love coats and have way too many and favorites vary by purpose. I love my dark yellow fall coat because it is such a happy color and is great in the Fall when the leaves change (and has a hood and I hope I can find a replacement for it someday). I also love my red and black plaid lined “shirt” from Duluth Trading Co which is perfect as a coat for the market when cool weather begins. And I love my military green flight jacket with the orange lining that I’ve had for over 30 years (and I lots of similar ones in stores this year–wow!–I’m back in style). And I love my red mid-length, pea coat style coat that is great when I dress up and so warm. There are others but I’ll stop there.

  7. Rachel says:

    My coat is dark orange.

  8. Mary Schaper says:

    Blue/pink blend

  9. Kathryn Cartier says:

    My coat is a PURPLE boiled wool that swoops down longer in the back,with a soft gather in the center,big buttons and a hood. A hand me up from a dear friend 😀

  10. Marilyn says:

    I would love to win these!!!

  11. Rebecca says:

    Love anything pink or black

  12. Rachel Yearick says:

    My everyday coat is brown with a turquoise and cream plaid lining…however my *favorite* coat is a vintage 100% wool, mint green, calf length, full skirted and belted coat (with a gold lining ❤) that I got at a thrift store for $9.

  13. Elizabeth Haydu says:

    Trusty decades old Navy. 🙂

  14. Victoria Thompson says:

    My coat is a beige wool which could be boring but I liven it up with color! Pink, red,navy,yellow scarves, hats and gloves are my accessories for taking the brrr out of winter. 🙂

  15. Kathina says:

    Those would go perfectly with my red coat and the freezing wind we’re having right now in northeast Ohio by the Lake Erie!

  16. Shannon Hagel says:

    Robin’s egg blue

  17. Deon Matzen says:

    This is a great use of those colorful, but outworn knit goods. I have used them to make slippers after washing the wool sweaters in the washing machine to felt them. They make great slippers too.

  18. Sandy says:

    My fav coat is a red quilted one with a black furry take out lining so it’s good for several seasons. I love it!

  19. Cheryl says:

    My favorite coat is black! It looks great with any color! Love these mittens!

  20. Ginger says:

    While Blue is my favorite color, my favorite coat has turned out to be a black Leather jacket given to me for 5 years of service from the company I work for. I never dreamed it would be as warm as it is. Or that it would turn out to be my go-to winter coat.

  21. Linda Crossett says:

    I have a black coat.

  22. Lisa Wilson says:

    My favorite coat is deep purple/ eggplant.

  23. Jane Demers says:

    Warmest Jacket is dark green

  24. Kathy says:

    Gorgeous mittens!! My favorite coat is my colorful “Katwise” inspired coat.

  25. Heather M. says:


  26. dee mallett says:

    My Red Wool coat is my favorite coat!

  27. Marion O'Neill says:

    Long, charcoal grey wool coat. Either pair would look great with it.

  28. Libby O says:

    I love my purple down jacket.

  29. Darla says:

    It’s black

  30. Chris says:

    I go for navy so I can add bright scarves and hats.

  31. My favorite coat is green, vintage, found at a thrift shop, and made just beautifully! A truly fun find!

  32. susan b says:

    For some reason, I seem to gravitate towards my gray/black coat. My winter coats are all dark colors, and my spring jackets are bright orange and a bright green!

  33. Christine McCabe says:

    My favorite coat is a raspberry shade.

  34. My newish winter coat is green.

  35. Karen Brashear says:

    I have a beautiful RED coat, that I have been wearing each winter for the past few years, my friends call it the Little Red Riding Coat.

  36. Cheri Hanschu says:

    My favorite coat is char grey and needs a little spice – any color would help add pizzazz!

  37. Keri Smith says:

    My favorite coat is white!

  38. Sierra says:

    The color of my favorite coat is a royal blue!

  39. Kari Hartman says:

    Love the mittens! My favorite coat is my purple farm coat! Super warm and still a color of royalty! 😉

  40. Honey says:

    My current favorite coat is black and white checked. It’s a fit and flare that makes me feel so cute when I wear it. If only it had a hood, I could wear it more often here in Oregon. Then again, maybe I love it because it becomes special when I have the opportunity to put it on.

  41. CATHY says:

    I have a French blue down coat purchased many years ago that has been my favorite winter coat. Winter is drab and I love color to cheer things up!

  42. Carol S says:

    I love a teal colored coat!

  43. Carla lawler says:

    My favorite is my brown suede coat!

  44. Marilyn says:

    My favorite is my bright red Lands’ End parka — she has some age on her, but continues to weather every storm — just like ME!

  45. Kat S says:

    My favourite coat colour is blue but right now I have a lovely grey wool coat. It’s so warm and cozy that it’s my favourite coat!

  46. Katie Silvers says:

    My favorite coat is my long brown “hobbit” cloak with a giant hood and one coconut button. It’s just adorable. I’ve had it for 6+ years.

  47. Suzanne says:

    I was given a cream coat with fox fur around the hood. When I want to feel a little spoiled I slide into it and cuddle in. It is so warm and cosy. To feed the “girls”(chooks)
    I grab my royal blue “work” coat.

  48. Toni H says:

    My favorite coat is actually my husband’s brown Columbia jacket. It’s too big but so comfy!

  49. Kelly B says:

    Definitely pink.

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