GIVEAWAY: “Spring Fever, Lemon Wreath”

Thank you for dropping by my Raising Jane Journal to participate in my giveaways! We’ve chosen a winner for this giveaway already (click here for details), but don’t be afraid to leave a comment anyway. I love reading them. And stay tuned for more great MaryJanesFarm giveaways.

For a chance to win this pretty faux-lemon wreath, tell me in the comments below what you most look forward to when you sit down with an issue of MaryJanesFarm. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-April.


You’ll find out how to grow lemon and lime trees indoors, as well as get lots of ideas for lemon-themed décor, in the Apr/May issue of MaryJanesFarm. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

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  1. Carol Humphrey says:

    I grew up on the farm in central Illinois and now reside in the sunny desert of AZ. I love your DIY projects and recipes. Your magazine brings back memories of our cow Bessie, our converted chicken house playhouse and picking cherries and mulberries. And I love lemons too!

  2. ML Fermier says:

    I’ve become a little obsessed with wreaths, and this adds fuel to the fire! I’m a confirmed city girl, so I like that your articles give me ideas that are completely outside my wheelhouse.

  3. Connie Tilley says:

    I look forward to your unique approach on preserving our natural resources and making a wonderful life for ourselves within that realm.
    You have great ideas, inspiration and ideas where ever you live, or what ever you do for a living. You help us create a life.

  4. Yvonne Carefoot says:

    I look forward to seeing the cast iron recipes and crafts the most. In that order!

  5. jo Wray says:

    I love the crafts and the recipes. I love the magazine .

  6. Leslie Townsend says:

    I am always inspired to learn new skills I had not previously,whether is be growing a new type of vegetable or trying a new recipe. I recently started using a pressure cooker and am going to learning pressure canning too. Reading MJF makes me sad I have no one to hand down family owned cast iron.

  7. Jenny Axelson says:

    What projects and farming articles you have! Love the whole magazine!!

  8. Karen newton says:

    I love everything about your magazine especially the do it yourself section.

  9. Traci Simon says:

    Nostalgia. Every page.
    Helpful tips. Every article.
    Cute pets.
    Farm Girl Stories.
    Craft Idea.

    Pretty much everything!
    Someday I will get a chance to camp at your farm!

  10. Bernadette Savino says:

    I like looking at the photos of your Idaho farm.

  11. Andrea Deardorff says:

    I just love to look at all the fun pictures from front to back. Then I’ll go back and spend more time reading the articles.

  12. Lucy says:

    I look forward to a cup of coffee and to be left undisturbed while I devour each page.

  13. Pamela Kelly says:

    I love reading about and trying all the delicious recipes in your magazine! I also love all the garden tips and DYI projects!

  14. Jackie Mochan says:

    It’s the only magazine that I read cover to cover. There is always something new and something that I can learn or use. I love it!!!

  15. Kendra Chubbuck says:

    I start on the last page after I stare at the cover for a few minutes! I love reading “Here’s the Thing” by Rebekah Teal. She writes perfectly! I totally get her articles. The lemon wreath would go beautifully in my kitchen near the rolling pin apron hooks! I just love everything about the magazine and the recipes are yummy too!

  16. Bonnie McKee says:

    I love the fantastic photography!
    Every article is a feast for the eyes 🙂

  17. Marilyn Walsh says:

    I look forward to the unusually scrumptious recipes!!

  18. Suzanne says:

    “Oranges and lemons-
    The bells of Saint Clemens.
    Brings childhood games to mind. Fresh and clean and the sweet perfume of the flowers of the lemon tree.
    Back in Australia I had a large tree in the garden that was never without blooms and lemons all year long-I miss it.

  19. Cindy Cope says:

    I look forward to the articles about crafting and cooking. Like to try new things.

  20. Suzanne says:

    Just made a double batch of lemon curd this week and shared it with special friends.

  21. Judy Kennedy says:

    MJF is the one I will look at everything cover to cover. Other magazines drive me crazy with the ads but I enjoy slowing down and taking my time with MJF. My daughter introduced me years ago and now I am a big fan.

  22. Maggie Graham says:

    I enjoy reading all of the wonderful new ideas i can use around my home and small farm.

  23. Cindy Rich says:

    Lovely wreath, love your magazine.

  24. Carlene Crawford says:

    This would be nice to win and your recipes are great!! thanks for put my name in the contest!!

    • Carlene Crawford says:

      I just got my first mag for Feb and March and was great reading waiting for my next mag!!The Lemon Wreath would a great gift!!!

  25. Norma Robinson says:

    Love the ideas. Lots of food for thought!

  26. Jamie Stanley says:

    I love seeing all the new ways your magazine shows that being a farm girl is great in our modern world!

  27. Peggy Terrell says:

    I love it all; but I think the crafting.

  28. Suzanna Drozd-Kowalski says:

    The stories and food for the soul photography.

  29. Mishelle says:

    What I most look forward to is planning my “quiet time” where I can sit down with a cup of coffee and leisurely enjoy reading through MJF.

  30. Sandi picconi says:

    I love to have quiet time grab a cup of coffee and curl up on a rainy day just me and my Mary Janes Farm magazine. Thank you for publishing a great magazine. One that’s not just like any other. Sandi ❤ p.s. I love lemon anything….

  31. Dona McLean says:

    MJF is my only magazine subscription. I look forward to each delivery, and find that even though in my seventies, I learn something new from each issue.

  32. Ione Norling says:

    Raising Jane Journal is the highlight of my
    my day when it arrives . Inspiring me to
    express myself not only in the kitchen but
    in walking my road less traveled . Thank you.

  33. Dee Carter says:

    What do I look for in the new issue? Oh so many things! Love decor! Love seeing what you do with nothing (sometimes). I also am a recipe clipper! Oh am I! I think I have all the issues since I started my subscription, saved in a magazine rack (it’s full). Keep up the good work!

  34. Judy Conrad says:

    Love anything DIY and gardening and recipes…I always stop what I’m doing as soon as I receive my issue to see the wonderful articles and ideas…

  35. Dyan Eisenberger says:

    I just took my newest issue with me to my daughter’s house and waited until I fed and bathed the 3 and 5 year old, read them a story, tucked them in. Only then could I sit down with a steamy hot cup of my favorite tea and had the magazine all to myself to read at my leisure.

  36. Kneffy says:

    I love the down to basics feel of the magazine . I grew up on a farm and it feels like home to me! Thank you!!!

  37. Tina says:

    It’s like sitting down with a friend that shares common interests..I enjoy seeing the comments from readers to see which ones I have actually chatted with in the past on the farmgirl forums. It is always a treat to see each article and to learn something new in every issue. Keep up the good work.

  38. L.Starr says:

    I love to be like a little kid and look at all the pictures first!!

  39. Cathy Miller says:

    All the new projects I can do!

  40. A. Perry says:

    Country freshness!

  41. Candy Zink says:

    MaryJanesFarm is a delightful magazine unlike any other. From giving suggestions on simplified living, organic foods, DIY projects to the simple fact that it is a soul pleasing read.

  42. cat says:

    I just subscribed and have only received one issue, but I love looking at the furnishings and decor and fabric patterns on different linens through out the articles.

  43. Lorraine Sobolewski Bailey says:

    So simple and lovely

  44. Lacey Lyon says:

    The recipes, of course. ☺

  45. Kate Fletcher says:

    Each issue of RJJ/ MJF has the BEST ideas, recipes, photos, colors, projects, and…overall, the journal is fresh & inspiring. Reading it transforms you into another place filled with serenity, beauty, and comfort. It’s like traveling to your favorite destination right from the comfort of your home!

  46. Susan Jameson says:

    I love the whole magazine. I get lost in it so easily. I tend to forget what’s going on around me. There is so much information in every issue. I have been growing a lemon tree from a seed for about 3 years. It’s close to 3 ft. I have a pineapple growing also. And my try at growing ginger is looking good. It’s just starting to peek up out of the dirt. I have about 100 house plants. 😍

  47. I look forward to the vararity of articles and ideas in the magazine, great pictures and information.

  48. Nancy says:

    I love your magazine, the whole thing. I check out the food and the craft projects. Anything with lemons, food or otherwise is good. I love wreaths!

  49. Michelle Kirby says:

    I always look forward to the short new stories.

  50. Kay Baucom says:

    I look forward to the Health and Wellness articles. At my more advanced age, I’m trying to make up for stupidity in the past. I also enjoy Rebekah Teal.

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