GIVEAWAY: “Spring Fever, Lemon Wreath”

Thank you for dropping by my Raising Jane Journal to participate in my giveaways! We’ve chosen a winner for this giveaway already (click here for details), but don’t be afraid to leave a comment anyway. I love reading them. And stay tuned for more great MaryJanesFarm giveaways.

For a chance to win this pretty faux-lemon wreath, tell me in the comments below what you most look forward to when you sit down with an issue of MaryJanesFarm. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-April.


You’ll find out how to grow lemon and lime trees indoors, as well as get lots of ideas for lemon-themed décor, in the Apr/May issue of MaryJanesFarm. Stay tuned for more magazine-related giveaways. If you’re not yet a subscriber to my magazine, MaryJanesFarm, subscribe here for $19.95/year.

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  1. becky krout says:

    just escaping the real world for a bit

  2. Cherie Michels says:

    The sense of community…knowing that there are many people out there interested in the same things as I am…

  3. Kim Buchanan says:

    I love to see like minded women creating a real life. I raise bees, and soon chickens, and my neighbor raises buffalo, so I feel a real connection to your magazine

  4. Claudia Bell says:

    Love to learn new projects to do, or even just read about what others are doing. So glad to read a publication where everything is organic also.

  5. Carletta Luster says:

    Love this wreath!

  6. Heather Kirk says:

    I look forward to some “me time”, and to learning something new from my favorite magazine! Thank you!!

  7. arlene koktavy says:

    I love the artwork and sewing articles

  8. Nancy Sciscoe says:

    I enjoy reading it cover to cover. I also like the recipes. The lemon wreath would look beautiful on my front door!

  9. Megan Dennis says:

    I love the Seven Wonders in each magazine.

  10. Teresa A H Watts says:

    I Love, Love Love your Mary Jane Magazine!!! I go straight to the recipes and DIY first. I read every page. This is my go-to gift for friends!

  11. Mary Stevenson says:

    I sit down with my hot cup of tea and open my new addition and always see what you have to make with Meg.

  12. Willadean Attaway says:

    I love this magazine when it comes I cain’t wait to look at it from cover to cover. The recipes, crafts and gardening tips. Being retired I have time now to read it and enjoy it and try making some of the crafts ,recipes and gardening tips. I love working in the yard and at 80 I feel it is good for me.

  13. Diane Bender says:

    I am a small city girl. I love the convenience of hospitals, grocery stores and shopping but MaryJanesFarm lets me fantasize about being a country girl and traveling the country in my glamper. I recently had a discussion with my doctor about calcium supplements. I tore out the Aug-Sept. 2015 page 5, Here for Life titled, “I Eat for Calcium” and took it with me!!!!

  14. Diane Barben says:

    I love everything!

  15. Marjie Long says:

    The lemon wreath is very cute. I have fig trees growing in HUGE pots and avocado trees also in big pots. Our winters are so cold, these trees would not make it out in the yard, but they do good in their pots – I just have to keep enlarging the pots – I do move them outside during the summer. I have never tried a lemon or lime tree yet. There is a pomegranate tree coming up from seeds in a pot with an avocado in it already. I hope to win the drawing. Thank you for this opportunity.

  16. Gail Randall says:

    Lemon anything is my
    ☀️ sunshine

  17. Nancy Fetters says:

    I always wait anxiously for my next issue! I love the simplicity of the lifestyle, the articles of how to’s, the articles of what other woman are doing! Oh heck I love everything about your magazine!!!!

  18. Jo Ellen Silva Hall says:

    When I get my new issues, I’m like a kid at Christmas! I start at the front and read each page in full. I don’t allow myself to flip through and get ahead of myself. I want to savor each and every page 🙂

  19. Zona Hague says:

    It’s “mud season” for us on the farm in Wisconsin. MaryJanesFarm magazine always arrives on the perfect day when I need it most…I reserve “Me time”, allowing me to snuggle into my chair and slowly take in each page; opening the cover feels like opening a special gift from a friend who knows what will inspire me most! “Ah-ha” ideas to re-purpose/up-cycle items for home, garden, clothing, healthy cooking and raising happy grandchildren + chickens! Your affordable ideas on every page, offers endless ways I can celebrate my love, joy and total contentment with being a country homemaker, + embrace living simply!!!

  20. Sandie Gerken says:

    I am in love with chickens, mostly roosters, which I paint in watercolors. Your issues remind me so much of my childhood days, having chickens in the yard and the garden and farm-style things we did, like help can veggies, make relishes, etc. I love the aprons. Your magazine is a big deal with me. I read each issue over and over and use some of the diy ideas, which are so much fun. I would love the lemon wreath to hang on my front door. I am a barefoot farm girl at heart.

  21. Kim Green says:

    I love the recipes of course but find the home solutions so helpful every day. I have also learned so much about farming and healthy living. We habe had a farm over 30 years but i am always learning something new with each magazine. Little hints and tricks . Can’t wait for it to come.

  22. Ione Wise says:

    My girls (ages 10 & 8) and I always look forward to our MaryJane’s Farm! We are new transplants to the country and now new owners of 2 chickens and 2 pet rabbits. We love to look for bits of farm life advice, and gardening tips and pretty much any kind of “country living” wisdom we can find each time the magazine arrives!

  23. I just received the latest issue of Mary Jane’s Farm. Whenever I see it in my mailbox I get so excited, for it represents my inner most dreams. You see, I am country-loving girl who lives in the city. Mary Jane’s Farm gives me the hope that my dream is still possible!!

  24. Sharon Barrows says:

    I live too far out for rural delivery so I go to the post office about twice a week.When I see Mary Jane’s Farm magazine in with the rest of the mail I can hardly wait to get home.I grab MJF magazine with a cup of something and sit next to the woodstove in the winter or the front or back porch in the summer. The articles are so great and very entertaining. I love the format and I put into practice a lot of the ideas in gardening chicken raising as well as sewing creations and all of the wonderful family get togethers. I recycle my other magazines but not this one! I keep this one stored in an antique wooden milk crate right next to my easy chair. I share with my girls and friends some of great creations.Thank you for a magazine any age can get as my 4year old great grandson loves the pictures my 20- ish grandson loves the recipes my 40-ish daughters create. Can’t beat that!

  25. margaret baillie says:

    love to read travel items, new sewing projects, …I just like to read it from cover to cover!

  26. Lynnee Barsi says:

    Inspires me

  27. Sharon Barrows says:

    Thanks for a great magazine. I read it from cover to cover and it has down to earth articles and great dyi projects that don’t break the budget. I implemented a lot of ideas to my little 2 acre home as I have a garden and a few free range chickens

  28. Sue Gulley says:

    just got my first issue today!!! Lov it!!!

  29. Kim L. McGarrah says:

    I can’t wait for each new issue. I wait until the house is quite and go through it page by page. Savor, relax, pure joy each month. I save my summer ones for when I go to our lake place. Nothing more enjoyable then relaxing by the water, watching the the pelicans & Canadian geese enjoy the day as much as I am with MaryJaneFarm.

  30. Debra Caruso says:

    Love the wreath-Love the magazine!

  31. Rebekah says:

    The things that I never thought of! New Ideas are the best. Thanks for all new thoughts and new beginnings.

  32. Julie Knecht says:

    When my sister-in-law visited last summer she saw my MJF magazines and discovered an article which featured a person whom my sister-in-law actually knew. As a result, it gave me the idea of ordering her own subscription. We live at a distance, and I hadn’t considered it might be a magazine that she might be interested in receiving.

  33. Alex says:

    It’s mainly for my wife…at least I want her to think so! She’s like a little kid on her birthday when the latest issue arrives. That in itself is worth it to the both of us. Your articles really suck her in and that’s also good enough for both of us! 😀

  34. Karen Spires says:

    Dreaming of summer. This would look beautiful on my pink toned brick home.

  35. Barbara Roy says:

    I live in an urban/suburban area and my work life keeps me busier than I want to be. I most look forward to an escape through your magazine, into where I wish my life could be…more space to breath and enjoy non-work home life moments.

  36. Joan Booth says:

    Every issue of your magazine has something in it for me. I loved the article on lemon trees. I even love the paper your magazine is printed on!

  37. k. v davis says:

    When my Mary Anne Farms arrives I start with the front cover,locate the first article that calls to. E, then flip to the index and editors comments. Eventually I read everything I. It. Then I share at my office.

  38. Pam Hlavka says:

    A new issue of MaryJanes is like meeting a new friend….and going through past issues is like visiting old friends! Always warm, comfortable, and inspiring.

  39. Dianna says:

    I love the entire magazine and read everything in it – even the ads! Cannot say that about any other magazine.

  40. Linda Rosengren says:

    I love when I get my copy if Mary Jane’s. I look forward to the unusual recipes, the Farm Girl Finds and the vintage farm items. Im a farm girl at heart even though I live in the city. Love getting my magazine!

  41. Janeen says:

    The cover alone draws me in, but I know if open the magazine I will find inspiration waiting inside.

  42. Vicki Wimberly says:


  43. I am so happy when my magazine comes. I first look through it quickly and then go back and savor every page.

  44. Dawna Day says:

    I look forward to the feeling of warmth and “home” in the pictures and articles.

  45. Fran Knokey says:

    I love the crafting (quilts and vintage fabrics) and recipes (cast iron cooking).

  46. Megan Moore says:

    All of it! Gardening, raising animals, arts and crafts and vintage. Beautifully written stories that inspire…I love it all!!

  47. Michele Yates says:

    I am very new to MJF and with each issue I act like a kid in a candy store. First I flip through the entire issue, then I go back and thoroughly read each and every story. With farming in my family history, I am a farmgirl at heart. I wish I had discovered this farmgirl world years ago, but, better late than never! Keep up the great work!
    Love that springy lemon wreath.

  48. kelly says:

    MaryJanes Farm has long been my favorite magazine, it has a great old school vibe with all the new comforts. I love the innovative recipes and decorating ideas. It makes me so happy to see it in my mailbox!

  49. kelly says:

    I LOVE this wreath!

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