GIVEAWAY: “Organic on-the-go, Tiptoe Through the Flowers”

Thank you for dropping by my Raising Jane Journal to participate in my giveaways! We’ve chosen a winner for this giveaway already (see below), but don’t be afraid to leave a comment anyway. I love reading them. And stay tuned for more great MaryJanesFarm giveaways.

In the Feb/Mar 2019 issue of MaryJanesFarm, “Tiptoe Through the Flowers” (on newsstands Jan 1), I led you here to my journal for a chance to win a FREE six-pack sampler of our Organic on-the-go single-serve meals.



For a chance to win, tell me where you might take our single-serve meals in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-February.


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The winner of our Organic on-the-go giveaway is …

Becci Bartz, who commented:
I would take these on hikes in my woods…..but mostly I would take them for my lunches when I sub-teach at the local high school. Especially, when I am called in last minute and have nothing in the fridge or pantry that would be ready to go in a pinch. Thanks for the opportunity to win your meals on the go….P.S. I love Mary Jane Farm magazine. I scour it from front to back as soon as I get it…then do it again! LOL

Congratulations, Becci! Watch for an email from the farm.

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  1. Heather Majernik says:

    I would take these to work for the days i have to work late.

  2. Becci Bartz says:

    I would take these on hikes in my woods…..but mostly I would take them for my lunches when I sub-teach at the local high school. Especially, when I am called in last minute and have nothing in the fridge or pantry that would be ready to go in a pinch. Thanks for the opportunity to win your meals on the go….P.S. I love Mary Jane Farm magazine. I scour it from front to back as soon as I get it…then do it again! LOL

  3. Ariel Ewing says:

    I would use your chili mix for a quick lunch for my adult son who works on our farm, when I need a day off from cooking. 🙂 I am a “long time” subscriber to Mary Janes Farm magazine AND I give five subscriptions for Christmas gifts for several years now. Even to my “mail lady”. Each one loves to get it. That it the “longest” and “best” gift ever. 🙂 Thanks Mary Jane, Ariel

  4. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    I would probably use it most Lunch when I don’t have anything else to fix quick. I haven’t tried the ones in the bowls yet… all I have tried so far are the stand up packages.

  5. Corine Runnion says:

    Would love to try these, would take on a camping trip.

  6. Lisa A says:

    Camping, of course! And work lunches.

  7. Cherie adams says:

    I would take the meal to work with me. I work at a bookstore and they would be perfect

  8. Michelle Kirby says:

    Perfect for on the go eating! I’d take mine to the drag strip.

  9. Carrie Lane says:

    When I go camping in my RV through the Midwest with my hubby and 2 gorgeous boys who are always hungry. We take a lot of long hikes – so this would come in very handy.

    Carrie Lane

  10. Lorraine Hess says:

    I would us them on canoe trips and when we go camping. It’s always nice to have quick and easy meals on hand.

  11. terry steinmetz says:

    I would take these glamping for my friend and I!

  12. Ellen Rodhe says:

    Hello Mary Jane,
    I just had surgery that will change the way I have to eat for the rest of my life. It was the 2nd surgery this year to repair a hernia in the diaphragm. The first surgery also included a Nissen procedure to protect my esophagus from pre-cancerous cell changes.
    I eat small amounts of very soft foods multiple times a day and these new meals would be perfect for me. I would take them everywhere. .So please put my name in the hat and pull it out a winner winner! lol
    Thank you so much!
    Ellen Rodhe

  13. Robin I. says:

    As a new parent, camping looks a bit different these days (ie more gear & more planning :o). These meals might be the trick to helping simplify an adventure!

  14. Kathy Lutter says:

    I would use them for a quick meal since I’m alone. Or for my grandsons when they put in many hours for school band. A healthy meal instead of the snacks they get. A great healthy idea.

  15. Kelly M. says:

    I would take these to piano lessons for my hungry kiddos. Sounds like a tasty and nourishing after school snack that will hold them over until we get home for dinner.

  16. Lenora McMahan says:

    I have not tried these but I would love to give them a go. They would be good to have on hand for a quick meal on a busy day.

  17. Marguerite H Bonniwell says:

    I would use them at home, when I am the only one here and don’t have the gumption to cook for myself.

  18. Laurie Surprenant says:

    Can’t wait to try these on my day hikes with my fur babies!

  19. Mip Clark says:

    Camping and road trips for sure and for the home as well.

  20. Linda Lundgren says:

    Oh heck, if they’re good I’d eat them everyday till I got tired of them. For last two months been obsessed with Kimmy’s Krakkers from (sold at local Village Meat Market, Willsboro, NY). She sells 3 different types-ALL filled with lots of seeds, figs, olives, lots of organic stuff-SO, SO DELICIOUS! Expensive-$6 for 4oz, but just love them. Would sure like to try these. Thanks.

  21. Donna McCadden says:

    Hiking in the Wallowa Mountains or cross country skiing.

  22. Lesa Shoutz says:

    I’m blessed to live on a lake. These quick meals would be perfect to take out on the pontoon!

  23. Brenda Kellogg says:

    I would send it with my granddaughter to school or take it on a hike with me.

  24. Ann Senge says:

    I would take them camping. Easy serve for the grands.

  25. Judy says:

    I would keep these on hand for anytime I don’t feel like preparing a meal to eat alone. They sound like just the type of foods I prefer.

    I’m loving my new subscription to M. J.’s Farm which was given to me by my oldest grand daughter. What a perfect gift!

  26. Bonnie says:

    These meals would be a wonderful healthy addition to my quest to be a healthiest me.

  27. Teresa Roberson says:

    I’d take these when I hike and camp in Idaho next summer with the grandkids!

  28. Sarah Marshall says:

    I would give them to my wonderful niece who lives in Washington DC. She needs good food and would appreciate better nutrition. Love your magazine. Each issue lifts my spirits. Thank you.

  29. Ann Andersen says:

    I most likely would take these to work for my lunch. I pack a lunch every day and am always looking for healthy and new things to try.

  30. Patsy Stevens says:

    I’m 74 and help out in my daughter’s thrift store, this would bptasse perfect for me!!

  31. Kim Rountree says:

    If I won I would take these meals with me when I babysit my grandchildren who live an hour and a half away. I’m always scrambling for something easy and good to take with me.

  32. Linda C Bourne says:

    I think these would be perfect for my gardening days, eliminating the need to stop, clean up, go in the house and prepare lunch. I’d keep a stash in my greenhouse and be good to keep on hoeing!

  33. Donna Lund says:

    I spend a lot of time with children, teaching, tutoring, and caring for several. I eat on the go for lunch most days and avoid fast food. These might make those meals in the car, at my desk or in the park simpler.

  34. Pam Gardner says:

    I would love to try the On the go foods. It sounds like a delicious guick meal for one. I usually make big pots of homemade soups and chili, then freeze 3/4th of them in individual servings. It would be great to have a nutrious meal that didn’t have to be thawed first.
    I enjoy your magazine very much, gaining much insight at the ripe age of 71.

  35. Sarah Clements says:

    I would take these for my work lunch. Sometimes I get lazy the night before. Lol

  36. Cynthia Ziegler says:

    I would use them while chasing my 4 year old granddaughter on all of her adventures

  37. Hello Mary Jane! I would enjoy your ON THE GO MEALS while camping in my vintage trailer. I am all organic and these sound delicious.

  38. Denva Corff says:

    I would take them for my lunch as I teach middle school-ers.

  39. Kathleen Meggitt says:

    My husband and I commercial fish in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Once fishing really starts, eating becomes second only to sleeping. Quick, healthy meals are hard to come by. These organic quick meals would be PERFECT!

  40. Thiry Titus says:

    Your meals look perfect for our spring break family bicycling trip to the Hoh rainforest in late April!

  41. Donna Stone says:

    I would pop a meal to go in my bag on a hiking trip with my three dogs or even at work for in between haircuts.

  42. We live by the ocean, but we are about an hour and half drive to Mount Baker. My husband is a guide and snowshoe season is just about to begin. I always bring thermos’ of hot water on our excursions, these organic meals-on-the-go would be a perfect energy booster! I’ve procrastinated and still have not tried them yet!

  43. Sharon Majoros says:

    Since I no longer work and am a widow, but still very active and am not home quite often, I would have them on hand to fix and enjoy when I don’t have time (or the energy) to make a full meal.

  44. Kelli Wilson says:

    I would absolutely take Organic on-the-go meals to the motorcycle racetrack where my husband races during the summer months. We camp and these would be perfect not just for us, but to share with friends who need a little something-something to get their energy back up.

  45. Mona Tucker says:

    I would take these meals right in the kitchen or on the sun porch. I usually eat alone, and would look forward to an upgrade on my daily routine. Thanks for the opportunity!

  46. Linda Tinjum says:

    Single and retired, so always looking for quick, single serve meal options.

  47. Dee says:

    We have some medical traveling scheduled for the year–these would be a great alternative to motel snacking!

  48. Lacrecia Howard says:

    Can’t wait to get some of these samples. I think they would be great for camping

  49. Janet Crawford says:

    I’m 76 years old, have been planning and preparing meals for almost 58 years and need some healthier quick fixes for the (frequent) days I just can’t face the kitchen. Eating out is nice but expensive and does not generally offer the best choices. I’d love to try your sample meals — they sound like just what I need!

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