Real Worth of Farm Animals

Travel. It’s something I do these days. More than I’d prefer. If I didn’t HAVE to travel, I’d probably never go more than 30 miles past the end of my lane. But because it seems to be what’s required of me these days, I’ve figured out how to make it work for me. I’ve discovered it’s in the little things, the perks. A handmade travel case I adore. The snacks I prepare the night before. The books I get to read. The luxury of a quiet hotel room that’s all mine. The dinner I pack on ice that greets me when, travel weary, I open my suitcase the first night I arrive. Time to paint my toenails. Time to think. Stare out a window.

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Happiness Is Catching

I’m finding contagious joy in the silliest of places!

I’ve noticed that the things that make us smile don’t always make sense on paper. If you’d like an example, look no further than…

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Rock On!

I’ll bet that when you’re counting your blessings, rocking gently as you meditate on all that you have to be thankful for, you’re probably leaving out your seat!

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No Way

Katie Terry is a Utah County woman who exemplifies gratitude. She already had two special-needs kids when she was paralyzed from the waist down in an auto accident. Yet in an effort to live the best life she can, she’s been running races with a hand-cycle. In fact, she took part in the Boston Marathon.

She is, literally, inspiration on wheels.

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The Queen’s Throne

I’ve been deliriously happy and grateful the last year over something that is well, mmmmmm, kind of unmentionable.

“She isn’t!” (Carol’s voice.)

Yes, I am.

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Donut beat all!

When I introduce my dad to people, we often get the comment,  “Oh, I can see the resemblance.” Funny thing is, he’s my step-dad, but he deserves the title of “dad” in my book. He’s earned it.

My mother and Nick were married while I was in junior high school. From the get go, my brother and I felt like we were getting another dad and two more brothers. Nick became an important part of my life, but it wasn’t by accident on his part.

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