Bitten, not smitten

I received a call late at night a week ago from the emergency room. Alicia, our ‘Ace’ photographer, had just walked in the door of her friend’s house when his nervous pit bull bit her … in the face! Horror of horrors. Thankfully the bite wasn’t too deep and is healing well. While at work this week she received a little gift from some really thoughtful family members.

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Standing at the kitchen sink eating

Standing at the kitchen sink eating, I …

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Finding Peace at MaryJanesFarm

Ahhhhh, how sweet. My sis came weekend before last, arriving with her daughter and husband from southern Idaho. I decided we’d really, truly take the weekend off. No NOTHING on the agenda other than good food and conversation.

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I’ve fallen madly in love … again

Mom and I were summoned to testify as witnesses after someone stole our store sign recently.

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Before I Die, I Want To …

I’ve always thought that one of the most profound ways I can show gratitude for the good things in life is to GO FOR IT.

For what?

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Girls, let’s talk about our babies’ or in my case, my grandbabies’ butterbeans.

What? You didn’t think this journal was all about discretion, did you?

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