Sandy Aftermath

Thinking of our friends in the East.

Meanwhile, the barn goes on …

Do you see those ominous clouds behind the new barn we’re raising? Winter is coming! We all cried a little tear last week when we had our first snowfall at the farm. Not that we don’t love winter—we just hope it comes after Halloween. It’s a little cold walking around trick-or-treating in your Elvira costume. Fall at the farm is so beautiful, we hate to see it go. Brian is especially hoping we stave off those little white flakes as long as possible. He’s stuck in the muck of “mud season” trying to get our new barn finished before the white stuff seriously piles up.

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Glamping Fabric

Meanwhile, back home, Lou and Saralou are outside in the SNOW (what!!!) gathering leaves for a fun little bouquet project involving some of my glamping fabric, specifically the red. Sorry about the snow ladies. Here in Houston it’s balmy and warm.

The beginning of a bud …

turns into a gorgeous fall centerpiece.

Idaho is turning white while I’m away.

blue eyes for blue eyes…

My mother-in-law has brilliant blue eyes that she passed along to her son, and now, our oldest. It works out well when both grandmothers have blue eyes—someone is bound to inherit them.

On the drive to meet my mother-in-law for the first time, prior to her being my mother-in-law of course, I was so nervous, the sweat was …

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In honor of…

…my mom.

It’s National Bosses’ Day and in honor of my boss, I just wanted to say…Mom, you’re the best there is!


Happiness …

We all know happiness can’t be bought or sold. And we know we can’t expect anyone to create happiness for us, right? So if you can’t buy something to make you happy and you’re supposed to make yourself happy, how is that done exactly?

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