M__ry Christmas dear friends!

Good Morning Christmas Day

My still-life view of the world (from my top-floor window) this wondrous day after going out to feed our cows and chickens. The cattle are lowing, fresh snow has fallen, the air is still, and the welcoming sun is the brightest star in the sky. All is right in my world. How about yours?

Now, onto that cherry pie I promised my family …

And ham and taters and squash and ….



A Child Was Born …

Friday, the 14th of December 2012, will be remembered by our entire nation forever.

For me … it was joyous … one of those moments that pauses and becomes you … a moment that all else in the world cannot interrupt …

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Sheroes and Heroes

Did you catch the CNN Heroes awards ceremony last night? If not, get out your TV program and find out when it’s airing again. It’s not something you’ll want to miss. Who doesn’t want to be inspired off-the-charts? Have a good cry? Go to bed dreaming of a better world? In between adult heroism, they featured the work of children. Within 10 minutes of air time, I was crying. By the time it was over, I was sobbing. The work of being human—belonging, participating IN humanity is why we’re here. Go there. Be there. Here’s a hug. You’ll need one.