Giveaway: Project F.A.R.M. Marvin’s Garden

Congratulations to Robin and Marvin Blitchock, of Marvin’s Garden, on their recent induction to Project F.A.R.M (First-class American Rural Made).


When Robin, an avid gardener, and her husband Marvin, a welder for 30 years, began working on their passions at home, Marvin’s Garden was born. They have had fabulous success taking custom orders from farmers’ markets, word-of-mouth, and boutiques for handmade iron trellises, arbors, and ornaments.




Here’s one of their lovely creations, the beautiful Twig Wreath with Bird. Can’t you just see this sitting picturesquely on the outside wall of your patio or above your bed or fireplace? You might be able to do just that because …


Robin and Marvin are giving it away!!!!!

To be entered in our giveaway to win this beautiful iron wreath, just tell me a bit about what you’ve planted this year in your garden and how it’s going—that’s it!

We’ll put your name in a hat and pull out a winner this time next week. Stay tuned!

WINNER: Project F.A.R.M. Rocking GT Designs

And now, for the winner of our giveaway announcing the newly added seller to Project F.A.R.M., Tammy Trayer, of Rocking GT Designs!

What fun fact do both Tammy and I have in common?

Straight from her blog: “For 8 1/2 months we lived in the wall tent and built our home. It was an experience and an adventure like no other for us all and not one of us would have traded the experience for ANYTHING!”

While working as a forest ranger in the Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness in the ’70s, I lived in a wall-tent year round. Also, an experience I’d never trade!

So who is our winner?


Cheryl Schuh said:

“You are both adventurous outdoor women that have both braved life in a tent in Idaho.”

Congratulations Cheryl!

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