WINNERS!!! Endangered Species Chocolate Spread Giveaway


The FIVE winners of my “Endangered Species Chocolate Spread” giveaway are:

Sara Kitchen, who said:
“WOW! Perfect treats for anything, even on picnics!”

Nicole, who said:
“I love chocolate because, well, it’s chocolate! Dark is my favorite, but I’m open to any. We even have a basket in my office that I keep filled with chocolate, and a sign that says, ‘Life happens, chocolate helps.’”

Ally, who said:
“I love chocolate because it’s a good de-stresser for me, and I love our planet because it’s pretty darn amazing. The things it does for us!”

Maryellen Benton, who said:
“I love chocolate and I love what this chocolate stands for. Chocolate can give you that little smile when you need it the most! Thanks for having a giveaway.”

Rebecca, who said:
“Who doesn’t love chocolate? This spread looks yummy and it’s so great that Endangered Species is giving back. If we’d all do that a little more, the whole planet would be better for it.”

Read the original post for the GIVEAWAY (thank you to the 29 women who shared why they love chocolate and our planet!).

GIVEAWAY: Endangered Species Chocolate Spread

And our winners are … Sara Kitchen, Nicole, Ally, Maryellen Benton, and Rebecca (see winners’ post here).


I have a new obsession. It’s one of those late-night, I-finally-put-my-kids-to-bed kind of indulgences. And it’s no surprise that it’s chocolate. Well, hear me out … the chocolate I speak of is the finest I’ve tasted and … not all that bad for you. Let me back up. Who doesn’t love, love, love cookies? The problem is, I don’t exactly have time to bake every day, or sometimes every week for that matter, which is probably a good thing. But some nights, a bit of chocolaty, salty, crunchy, gooey goodness is downright necessary after a long day. So here’s my solution:


A good book and a rice cake smothered in “almond-spread-w/cocoa” is “cookie” perfection. So good, I don’t even care that I seem to be sharing my bed on occasion with a few crumby characters.

In addition, I’m helping Endangered Species (ESC) do some pretty awesome things because they give 10% of their net profits to species and habitat conservation. That equals over $1,200,000 in the last three years! From protecting elephants and their ivory to bees and their pollination habitats, ESC is working hard. So with every rice cake (or whatever suits your fancy), smothered in chocolate spread, you’re helping protect our planet. It’s a win-win (sin-win?).


I’d love to share a jar of Endangered Species’ spread with you (well, not share exactly—I haven’t opened them, I promise!). So, tell me why you love chocolate or our planet or both in the comments below and I’ll put your name in a hat and draw a few lucky winners.


GIVEAWAY: “Kathleen Shoop, Dancin’ in the Rain”

And our winner is  … Rhonda Bowdy (see winners’ post here).

For a chance to win all three books in Kathleen Shoop’s “Endless Love Series,” tell me what your favorite book was in 2015 in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-April.


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