1. OH, this quilt is gorgeous.I’d love to have this in my bedroom. I’d proudly display it on my bed…and blog about the maker of the quilt, too. There’s something about quilts that’s so beautiful…all the love and hard work in every stitch and piece of fabric. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather Farmgirl Sisterhood Member #2176 🙂

  2. Deborah says:

    Beautiful. I love the scarppy look to this. I have one my grandmother made me but using only 2 fabrics in blue and white.

  3. Rere says:

    My mamaw made all of her quilts totally by hand…every stitch. She never had a sewing machine, used only old clothes and flour sacks. The pieces were cut one at a time by a pattern cut out on news paper or old magazine paper. She only used cotton batting and sturdy thead. I learned to sew by hand sitting at her feet and watching her hands fly! Tiny stitches, even and straight. I could look a quilt and see my papaws old shirt, mamaws cotton dresses, my mamas blouse. Nothing was wasted. Buttons saved, zippers snipped out, even elastic was reused. I can close my eyes and hear her sayin’ “every stitch was a prayer for me”.

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