WINNER!!! Glamping B&B Giveaway!!!!!

Up until midnight Sept. 3, we tossed your names (326 to be exact) into my hat (actually Mia’s wheelbarrow) for a mighty good glamporific giveaway …

The lucky winner receives two free nights in my B&B (June 15 & 16, 2013) that include one free glamp-mate companion. The giveaway also includes a $300 travel reimbursement check toward gas or airfare once our winner arrives.

And the WINNER is …


Rachel, check your e-mail for details. You’re the one, girlfriend! Congratulations! Looking forward to pampering you next summer.

Rachel said:
“I pre-ordered your glamping book because a few months ago I purchased a 1968 Frolic camper that we are now in the process of restoring. Once it is done, I can’t wait to take her out and go glamping. I have already made blankets and pillows; the curtains and towels are on the list to be done. The whole idea of a comfortable getaway is very thrilling.”

Just a word about WHY we didn’t draw the name while on the road: “Stay tuned right here for my drawing that will take place in a glampground, somewhere between here and the Black Hills of South Dakota—streaming live from my Airstream.” I took a printer for my laptop with me on our odyssey. For the first part of our trip, everything worked like a charm, until that one big bump in the road near Dillon, Montana, that sent my printer flying from its designated place and onto the floor of my Airstream, plastic parts everywhere. Amazingly, once I got it home and put it back together, the thing fired up and still works. If you’re looking for a beyond-sturdy printer, I paid $60 for a Brother HL2240. What a great traveling companion it proved to be.

“One busy, hectic afternoon in my house, I sat down to take a quick peek at Glamping. Over two hours later, I was still reading, blissfully lost in MaryJane’s beautiful world. I’m dying over this book. I absolutely, positively LOVE IT!”

THE New York Times best-selling author of The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Glamping in my ’68 Airstream. Renovation details in book!

  1. sherry kennedy #1367 says:

    I ordered GLAMPING because I already have a unique experience with my tipi, 20 foot in diameter, and I always want to find other ways to enhance the experience of enjoying the space.

  2. Rose Marie Dowling says:

    I (we) pre-ordered the book as for wanting to refurbish an older trailer for two reasons. One is for travel purposes and the other is for a guest room in our back yard. Cannot wait to read it!!

  3. Judy goodrich says:

    I cannot wait to add Glamping to my Mary Jane library. I love all your books. Even though all my camping experience is in a tent, I think I could get quite used to a little luxury, just Glamping down the trail.

  4. Carrie Rock says:

    I have been getting very excited about hearing how all kinds of women are camping and fishing and getting outdoors and I want to be one of them (in a pampered sort of way, of course) I can’t wait for my new Mary Janes glamping book!

  5. Chris Butterworth says:

    Because I have all your other books and know the quality your produce and how much I refer to them. Also, I’d love to go would take some work, but looks like such fun!

  6. Kathy.Mc says:

    I love all your other books and the mag. I wait for eagerly in the mail (which I read cover to cover and over and over). You and yours are an inspiration to us all!

  7. Kathy McCulloch says:

    I love all your other books and the mag. that I wait for eagerly in the mail. (which I read cover to cover and over and over). You and yours are an inspiration to us all!

  8. Claudia says:

    I went to Amazon to order your Glamping book which will be my first Mary Jane Book. I have subscribed to your magazine for 2 years now and absolutely love it. My girlfriends and I dream of glamping and feel this will get us off on the right foor. I ordered 2, 1 for me and 1 to give away. Thanks Mary Jane for being an inspiration that we can do whatever we put our minds to.

  9. Angelia says:

    Just pre-ordered the book:) Of course I love all of Mary Jane’s books………………but I also love Idaho….and am currently on the opposite coast….enough said:)
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  10. I have lived in Texas all my Life from Birth till 21. Married and left . We( My Hubby ) went to W VA. Camped , fished, picked berries/gardened . We seperated but 2 beautiful kids later .now in Wa. Shoreline/Seattle . Love this country . I was raised on a farm . loved it but didn’t get all the knowledge to stay in my mind . But I read all your Magazines and I didn’t know that you also wrote books what , a talent you have. I lived in a trailer just like you have shown. We fixed it up really cute the sold it for a bigger trailer. They are fun to use. I would like to say thank you for all teaching , and your friends you bring to you Mag. I would love to come with my Daughter to stay in you B&B. I know it would be really a thrilling place to be. Thanks for letting me fill this out. BLC. I will try and get this book . I am disabled but I can still walk . But I would love to see all you have accomplished in the place you Share your time. Thanks. Brenda.

  11. Kendall says:

    I pre-ordered it through Amazon… because this might be a thing my daughters and I need to take up for special girly time away from the boys and farm. How fun would that be!?

  12. Margaret O,Connell says:

    MaryJane, I mostly went to Amazon so I could get the book as soon as possible. I have enjoyed all your books and subscribe to your magazine happily. Also, I have always been facinated by airstream trailers. Never could afford one, but is nice to dream!

  13. Bonnie Jobe says:

    I have all of your books and adding “Glamping” would make my life complete (until you write another one!) I need a camper to make into a glamper – keep my eyes open constantly for an old one but love your glampers best!

    Thanks for the opportunity to be lucky in your drawing!!!


  14. Patsy says:

    I pre-ordered the book, because I feel like I know you , having come from your area. I miss it in Idaho. Living on the the west coast is so different. My sister and I go over your books and magazines, and wish we were back on the farm. I love your spirit and ideas. My dream is to find and fix-up a old travel trailer. Thanks.

  15. Kate Lane, Salt Lake City, Utah says:

    I have the rest of the “MaryJane Collection”! Her newest book is a must have to keep my library complete! Like many women across the globe, I dream of living the life she has worked so hard to build! I am in awe and she is my role model! Thank you for your daily inspiration , MaryJane!

  16. Carol McElroy says:

    I pre ordered your book from Amazon, actually, I preordered two books! One for me, and since I am co-hosting an Airstream Rally, one for my co-host.
    I love everything MaryJane, read all your books often, and have been a farmgirl all my life. I have an Airstream, Trixie, and glamp around with her once or twice a month now that the kids are gone. I know by reading your new book I will be inspired and full of ideas for even more glamping!!!

  17. Cheryl Tuma says:

    I just absolutely love everything you do and have since the first magazine that I found at a store, can’t even remember what store. I remember how I felt, the magazine was pure delight, the thickness of the paper, the muted colors on the front, no advertising and the stories were so precious to me . You remain awesome and extra special and very blessed with a great talent. By the way, I love your daughters longer hair , very sensual looking.

  18. Bobbi Ritchey says:

    I need that Glamping book – that’s all. If you knew me, you’d know that it would simply be wrong for me not to have that book. Had to sell my 65′ Red Dale fixed up vintage cowgirl glamper a couple of years ago. Glamped it up before glamping was cool. This book will reinspire me to start over with a new one – I just know it.
    Thankyou for the new book. You always inspire me.

  19. cindy blommer says:

    I preordered a long time ago and can hardly wait. I’m not able to fix up a trailer at this time, but I was lucky enough to get a brand new tent and air mattress. Yep, we went Glamping in our own backyard.

  20. Debbie says:

    Well, Maryjane I too just per-ordered your book from…even though I write for ya I’m still a giddy farmgirl fan like all the other farmgirls out there! I’m excited to receive your book because we are in need of some fun and functional sleeping arrangement ideas for our overnight guests at the cottage…I’m dreaming of some ” tent ‘ glamping in our beach backyard as well as fixing up a vintage trailer with my sis in law for hitting the road in. She used to camp as a young girl with her family ( me too ) but since marrying my brother in law ( a certified beach bum ) she hasn’t had the opportunity to camp. I recently got her all stirred up about ‘ glamping! She and our two closest beach sisters are on the lookout for our very own glamper to fix up! As always, thanks for making the world a more inspiring and FUN place!
    Deb ( your beachfarmgirl blogger ) xo

    PS. It’s okay if you don’t enter me in the giveaway due to the fact I’m one of your bloggers… I just wanted you to know how much I’m looking forward to your book!

  21. Becca says:

    I have wanted to go “glamping” for a long time. Next month we are setting up a tent in our backyard so my two granddaughters and I can do our own version of glamping. I have been going through magazines, blogs and pinterest for inspiration. In Oct. I will be visiting a friend in Az. and we plan on glamping one night while I’m there. I’m so excited.

  22. Cindy F says:

    Because….I’ve been dying to go glamping ever since you first told us about it!! It’s my dream to get a group of my dear friends in my thyroid cancer support group together…and forget about our surgeries, treatments, meds, etc. and just HAVE FUN!!!! 🙂

  23. Carmen in Idaho says:

    Mary Jane has inspired me to look beyond myself and inside myself to a simpler time, a way of life that is easy to obtain, restful, imaginative, frisky, ever so romantic and just plain FUN that is why I placed my order for your newest book. you see I have been reading all things Mary Jane for a long time now, even my 27 year old son loves your writings….because…In a far away land of memories and fun, there lives a little girl filled with wonderment, fun, music, laughter and love…she loves exploring the great outdoors, whether frolicking through meadows of flowers, conquering the highest mountain trail, getting lost in the sound of the waves crashing against the shorelines…watching the flickering flames of a campfire, or simply getting lost in the adventure of life, or simply looking at loved ones….as all farmgirls of the heart do even when they grow up have families and yearn for the freedom of the wind and sun in their hair…singing and dancing till the sun comes up….to have a camper that is girly…a little campy, respectable, filled with enthusiasm…a place just like the treasures of my heart…..not so long ago and far away…..for family, friends, farm girls…pets…never a dull moment while GLAMPING!!!

  24. Lori Myers says:

    I can not wait to get this book. I have been telling my husband for two years that I would really love to go “glamping” in a teardrop trailer. This book will give me all the inspiration needed to plan a trip and get to glamping!

  25. Christy says:

    My hubby and I just got home from taking our boys (5 and 3) on their first backpacking trip. We had such a good time hiking in the mountains with them, but I’m ready for a glamping trip now. Your new book is just what I need.

  26. KJ says:

    Because you put into words and pictures what is in my heart and what our life is all about. Thank you!

  27. Danielle says:

    Have you read MaryJane’s books??? They are WONDERFUL!!! And that’s why I ordered this book today.

  28. Marylyn says:

    When I first saw one of your magazines on the shelf at the grocery store, it was about bees…I read it from cover to cover, especially the article on Glamping. That spring I bought a small pop-up camper, glamped it up, bought a fishing pole and the rest is history!!! That was 5 years ago and your magazine has been coming in my mailbox ever since. I have all three of your books and when I saw that you wrote a book on Glamping, well, there was no question….it was pre-ordered weeks ago! Thank you, Mary Jane, for giving me wings!!!

  29. Ginger M says:

    I was brought to your books and blog because of an Amazon recommendation. My Mother loved to car camp. We “moved up” to a folding trailer and always longed for the opportunity to ‘glamp’ in an Airstream. She is now gone from this side, but I know she would just adore the B&B and a chance to ‘glamp’. And I would get the chance to drive through this gorgeous country to get to you – that’s the best part! Yee-haw! Thanks!

  30. Marie Clarke says:

    I pre-ordered your glamping book, because i believe i was born in the wrong era and your magazines and books take me back to the era in which i feel i should have been in. I love your ideas and the use of things from the “good ole days”. I can’t wait to recieve it….. is it September yet??

  31. Shery says:

    Dear MaryJane, I can’t imagine a destination that answers so many of my vacation dreams. A beautiful place. A purposeful place. A place of creative thought and meaningful inpsiration. Not just a vacation, but an enriching learning experience. I’d want to see ALL THINGS MaryJanesFarm – not just the R & R part. And, at the end of the day…recline in that outdoor bathtub. It just couldn’t get any better than that.

  32. Melissa Farmgirl Sister #406 says:

    I pre-ordered your book because I have become a Mary Jane and Glamper fanatic! Put the two together in one book….have to have it!!! I am in the midst of redoing my 1964 Shasta 12 footer and I can’t wait to get even more ideas from your book! I have been a nurse for over 20 years and raised two wonderful children on my own. It is now time for mom to spend some time and love on herself and what better way than to create a beautiful, glamorous get away!! Thanks Mary Jane for all that you share with us!

  33. Deidre Garland says:

    Well I think the young lady who is so loving and caring towards her mother in law took any self absorbed thoughts away.
    Your new book will live in my home and bring me happiness, just the way your previous books did.
    Thank you for many years of joy and inspiration.

  34. Cyntha Martin says:

    Mary Jane’s Outpost was a delight. Glamping was my favorite part, so I ordered this book too so I can see more. Thanks for the great giveaway! Whoever wins will have a wonderful time I’m sure. Will you be signing the preorders? That would be great : )

  35. Fran DeWitte says:

    To: Mary Jane
    From: Franny #2666

    I can hardly wait to read about ‘glamping’ in your new book. I’m sure the info will help inspire me to action. Being recently retired I’m looking forward to new adventures and hopefully getting to share them with other farm sisters.

  36. Mary Lynn Bernhard says:

    You have reminded me that I need to get back to what I really love to do and that is being outdoor. I love the magazine so much that I am paid up through 2014. Thanks for bring the farmgirl back out.

  37. Michelle Parkinson says:

    It all began with your magazine….I fell in love with the things you wrote about, the pictures and recipes and mostly the inspiration that would flow from the pages to me! I tried all sorts of new things. Then I bought your books…and I continued to find more opportunities to make my home a fun and delightful place. I came up to your B&B and brought my daughter and grand-daughter with me. That time we shared there will forever be a cherished moment in our lives. You were there and was so gracious and kind. I shall never forget the apron and card you gave my grand-daughter. She squealed with delight. Thank you! So the journey began and continues…for now I’m looking for the perfect vintage trailer to use all these inspirations on. I love it all.
    I recently stopped by to see the farm and B&B again, you were there and let me rome around, seeking the inspiration from your place. Again I thank you! The journey continues with the order of this new book on GLAMPING!
    Can’t wait for its arrival!

  38. Beth Howser says:

    Choose me! Choose me! We have an old airstream which we started renewing, and life, as it often does, interfered. I am disabled and retired from my full time job with every intention of spending time with Lola, (my airstream). My Inlaws require full time care and cannot be alone, dementia(her) and luekemia(him), so most days that’s the plan. Other household tasks at home get done(kinda) in the time left. My little dogs, my little sewing machine, and I await the someday that we can glamp, even if we leave the hubby at home, he’s kinda grumpy these days, 🙂 lol….anyway, your book, on order will allow me to daydream in those times when all are sleeping and plan, plan, plan!!!

  39. Cheryl Harrel says:

    Just pre-ordered! Looking forward to adding another dash of inspiration to my MJ Collection!

  40. I pre-ordered the book because I have all of Mary Jane’s books and magazines. I intend on buying a camper one day and traveling. Mary Jane adds so much to my life through her books. It’s a dream to visit Mary Jane’s farm, how wonderful that would be! I can’t wait to get this book!

  41. Rachel says:

    I pre-ordered your glamping book because a few months ago I purchased a 1968 Frolic camper that we are now in the process of restoring. Once it is done I can’t wait to take her out and go glamping. I have already made blankets and pillows, the curtains and towels are on the list to be done. The whole idea of a comfortable getaway is very thrilling.

  42. Christine ross says:

    I absolutely love everything MaryJane, and linger on every word of her magazines. Can’t wait to try glam ing with my two girls!

  43. I am pre-ordering the Glamping book because I know there will be some tips about small spaces that will help as my husband and I continue our travels on our 34′ vintage trawler style boat on the East Coast. I have enjoyed reading your magazine and other books. After reading I will then pass on the book to one of my daughters that is getting a vintage Scout trailer from my dad, Jill turns 40 this Jan and I think it would be great to take her with me to your bed and breakfast. Going to your farm is on my bucket list. I do not have plants on the boat but I do sprout seeds. I save the gardening for the land life which will catch us again someday I am sure.

  44. Roxanne Young says:

    Love Love Love your concept of Glamping! Need to do this in my neck of the woods! You have put Romance in to roughing it!

  45. Carol Leikala says:

    I can’t imagine anything better than glamping at Mary Jane’s !

  46. Mary Beth Smith says:

    I pre-ordered my book about 2 weeks ago. I cannot wait to get it. My dream is to restore a vintage camper and your book will be my inspiration!! I saw one last year at the Country Living Fair in Columbus OH, so cute.

  47. Lynn Katzoff says:

    I have collected your magazine for many years and Love Love Love your style, you have paved the way showings us women how beautiful it can be to work hard, be self sufficient……but also be femininine, creative, soft and romantic.
    A Montana cowgirl…….

  48. Julie Mesdag says:

    I am Farmgirl Sisterhood member #439, and so appreciate Mary Jane’s outlook on life. I have several of her books, with too many pages to count tagged with enticing ideas. Her food line is what drew me in to start, and I have been hooked ever since. Thank you Mary Jane for being true to yourself and sharing it with so many of us.
    I would love to glamp with you in Idaho, then bring that concept home with me to Colorado to set up a glamping site of my own.
    You and your company are so inspiring, what a joy!
    I suggested the new book to my son for a birthday gift for me, so he pre-ordered it on Amazon, and I can hardly wait to see it. Who knows, maybe he can help me set up my own glamping resort 🙂

  49. Nicole White says:

    We are moving once again, 17 times in 25 years. This move is taking us from the country (2 years in Virginia, 6 years in Oregon) to the suburbs. It is difficult for us to leave our country property and I’m determined to recreate peaceful haven on our neighborhood lot. I’ve read every book and magazine you’ve published, and shared with friends, and know the Glamping book will inspire me even further as I turn yet another house into a home. Thank you MaryJane for your ideas, insight and wisdom. Hugs!

  50. Diana S. says:

    I admired your book on Amazon, but don’t have the funds to purchase at this time, (out of work for a year), Currently, I’ll settle for extracting ideas from your magazine which my entire family of women shares.

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