1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m jealous as I just lugged inside (the house) a lot of tropical plants that I couldn’t bare to see go to waste. Realize this is somewhat of an older post but I’m hoping you will see it anyway. Just before I decided to bring in all of these tender perennials & tropical plants I researched building cold frames & such. The cold frame seems easy enough to make but the heating/regulation/ventilating has me stumped. Do you know of any natural way (besides sunlight) to keep a cold frame warm? Do you have fans, heaters & thermostats in your greenhouse? Do you grow your own…{~} all winter long? For now, I just hope to keep my tenders & tropical plants alive but the heating requirement seems taxing. Although I saw where one fellow had used nothing but a tea light or small candle in his cold frame & it actually kept the snow from forming on the glass of the cold frame & when he went to check on his seedlings they looked fine?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Ok, thank you. Hope you are having fun, drumming up & sharing a lot of new ideas & enjoying the journey. Stay safe.

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