Watch Jane Grow!

Closing in on five years old, I’m already growing food and lots of it. Last spring, NannyJane picked me up early in the morning for what she called a day of “grandgirl growing.”

NannyJane (I’ve shortened that to Nan) and I spent the day planting potatoes. We planted mostly her favorite variety, Desiree, but I wanted some purple potatoes, so I put a few of those in the ground, too. I planted every potato with her, no whining-sit-on-the-sidelines farmgirl am I! We ended up with close to 300 pounds of potatoes for us to eat all winter. Whenever we have BakeOvers on the menu, my little sister and I put on our aprons and help my mommy in the kitchen. Girl, do we ever love potatoes!!! We are true-blue Idaho farmgirls.

  1. Jeannie Pierce says:

    too cute……what a couple of little sweet tater girls.

  2. Carrie Coleman says:

    I love this! I have 4 year old boy/girl twins and would love it if they wanted to plant a garden. Of course it would help if I knew the first thing about gardening. My goal this fall is to change our families eating habits. Get back to a more natural way of eating! That way my kiddos can be farmers too! I’m very excited about this new blog!
    Tennessee Farmgirl Carrie!

  3. I would love to know more about growing potatoes! Have you ever featured them in your magazine! I am sure you have. I have been getting you magazine for only a year. I love it!

  4. Sandy West says:

    I love tater’s too but I have trouble keeping them over the winter. What’s your secret? Mine go all mushy and soft. Thanks

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