WINNER! Green PolkaDot Box Giveaway

Thanks to all who entered for a chance to win a $50 membership to the GreenPolkaDotBox!

Ashley, my DIL, and Food Stylist, reaches into the Green PolkaDot Box …

giveaway-polkadot_box-19685And the winner is …



Amanda said:

I would love to get some pistachio butter for my husband to try, that way he has something healthy to snack on. I’d also like to try their organic broths, so when I make dinner I can feel better about the health of my family.

Congratulations! Look for an email from the farm, coming soon.


And here’s the original post dated March 20, 2013:

If hearts could sing!! Healthy food? Low. low prices? Yes, please!

If you’re like many people out there who don’t have a local co-op or Whole Foods store, or you’re in the middle of January and the farmers’ market is months away, don’t panic.

The Green PolkaDot Box sells natural, organic, non-GMO options delivered right to your front door. Better yet? They’ll even ship produce from organic farms. If you’re wanting GOOD food ONLY in your kitchen, this is the place to purchase your goods. Think of them as the of the food world. Every item is sold at wholesale prices you can actually afford.


We recently partnered with the Green PolkaDot Box in MaryJanesFarm to promote how easy, awesome, healthy, and tasty their organic, non-GMO food is. I was pretty excited to “challenge the box.”

Time your experience, choose the food you normally buy in a week, then let the easy calculator show you how much you saved in time, gas, and dollars.

My first box came last week, and holy guacamole, talk about awesome! (I’ve already put in a second order.) I chose staples that I know I’ll put to good use: vinegar, sea salt, coconut vinegar (swoon), and  compostable kitchen bags.


It was fun gifting myself a surprise. Isn’t getting mail the best? Compliments to the lovely family who are the masterminds behind Green PolkaDot Box. Meet the founders, Rod Smith and family.


But wait. Just one more thing. I’d like to buy one of my readers a $50 annual membership. To enter to have your name drawn from my empty Green PolkaDot Box, get on their website and tell me one thing you’d like to try that’s totally out of the box for you and maybe you’ll be the new winner of a membership. WARNING: apply only if you’re up for seeing Green PolkaDot Boxes coming your way!

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I would love to try the Grab laundry pods. They are an amazing price and I would have the assurance of a quality product. IT was surprising how competitive their prices are and you can’t beat the convenience of right to your door!!!

  2. Laurie Dimino says:

    Wow- Just hopped over to ther website, and they have ALOT to offer! Prices seem more than fair too!
    Would love to get some heatlhy snacks for my kids- the Beanitos chips look interesting!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Grace says:

    Interesting concept! Valuable asset to those of us off the beaten path, in areas not embracing organic foods. I would love to try the par baked raisin walnut bread!

  4. Hannah West says:

    Oooooh! I think I’m in love! My husband is military and we’re currently living in upstate NY; it’s “spring” yet we have several inches of fresh snow on the ground! Haha.

    We are getting in to healthier eating and I’ve heard many, many great things about wheatgrass; although I’ve also heard it tastes like alfafa. Still, I think I would have to give their Wheatgrass growing kit a try.

  5. Katherine Musgrave says:

    I would LOVE to try the wheatgrass growing kit. 🙂

  6. Maggie Gregg says:

    Wow! What an amazing site! I have recently moved from a town where I had organic options available, to a town where the grocery store carries none! I have to drive 45 min to have access to the foods I am used to eating, and can tell a difference in my health! I started with all organic and natural after being hospitalized with stomach problems, and it took care of it quickly! My number one choice to begin with would be the composting products, its something I have been dying to try, but didn’t have the tools or know how to start! Thanks for the recommendation, and for the amazing giveaway!

  7. Michelle Seliga says:

    the green polka dot box was cool!! I did order 1 wrong item! I ordered baby oatmeal instead of regular!! But, my 1st cousin and wife had a baby 31/2 weeks ago so it all works out!!! : )

  8. jaylyn morehouse says:

    I’d really like to try the Green Tea and Lemon Kombucha. I’ve sort of been into all things kombucha lately and I saw they have a few to choose from. I’m amazed at the variety of items you can purchase from them. I’ve never grocery shopped online, but I may have to start! We have a co-op (The Merc) here in town and a Natural Grocers store here, but The green polka dot box may even have lower prices then either of them.

  9. Connie Cowan says:

    Love the site! I am getting off the ‘obsessive hair care’ merry go round, letting my hair grow again the way I like it, loving my grey and want my long hair back. I am anxious to try the Grffin Remedy hair care line, the ingredients sound lovely. Just another thing to love about MJF – links to great companies like this, hope I win!!

  10. Beth Keehne says:

    What an amazing asst. of products ! Most of these are not widely available in my area, I have read so much about the benefits of coconut oil and hemp oil. Those are two things I would love to try! Thanks so much for this link to better health!

  11. Kim says:

    Oh my gosh! There is so much I would like to try out. I found the under the weather care package very cool. I would send that to family and friends. I would like to try the veggies too.

  12. Tammie says:

    I would love to try the compostable garbage bags. I use cloth grocery bags so this will be the next step for me. I don’t like using plastic bags at all

  13. AngieW says:

    I would really like to try their mac and cheese. Can’t resist.

  14. Lisa London says:

    Now that I have to be gluten free, I’d love to try all of their different flours!

  15. Lane England says:

    I would love to try the compostible bags. I’m starting a compost pile this year for the garden.

  16. domestic diva says:

    I’d like to try the compostable garbage bags. The wheatgrass growing kit also looks great.

  17. Kathy says:

    I believe I would try the Gorilla Munch Cereal, so that the next time my grandkiddles come over I will have some healthy cereal for them to eat!

  18. Tia says:

    I would like to try some of their “specialty” nut butters! Like Cocoa Bliss, Cashew, Pumpkin Seed….sounds yummmm!

  19. Amanda says:

    I would love to get some pistachio butter for my husband to try, that way he has something healthy to snack on. Id also like to try their organic broths, so when i make dinner i can feel better about the health of my family

  20. Jen in TX says:

    Great idea! I’d love to try those compostable kitchen trash bags.

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