Day ONE Magazine Giveaway WINNER!!!!!

Today is the day we begin our eight-day FREE magazine subscription GIVEAWAY marathon.


I’ll pick one winner a day from our 865 (eight-hundred-and-sixty-five!!!!!) entries until I’ve given away 7 one-year subscriptions. And then on the eighth day, some lucky winner will get a lifetime subscription in celebration of our twelfth year publishing MaryJanesFarm.

Today’s WINNER of a magazine subscription is …

none other than …

the incredibly amazing …


How are you going to feel if you’re one of the 864 who didn’t win today? No doubt you’ll need the therapy of a subscription or a renewal, right? (I know, shameless marketing but we love it when you don’t think you can get by without us. We need you to need us!)

The winner of a one-year subscription to MaryJanesFarm is:


Donna Cochran, who said in response to my question, “If you’re already a reader, tell me why you like our magazine. If you’re new to MaryJanesFarm magazine, tell me how you heard about us.”

“Love your magazine and all you stand for! I buy it as I can at our local organic market. My daughter loves it also. Your way of life is our way of life.”

Congratulations Donna! Watch your inbox for an email from me.


Below is the GIVEAWAY that is now closed to entries (thanks everyone!!!):

Let’s give this GIVEAWAY one LAST try, HEY! hip, hooray, FREE subscriptions!

We’re giving away 7 one-year subscriptions to our magazine, MaryJanesFarm. We’ll let your entries (only one per household please) pile up in the comments section below and then for 7 days, I’ll pick a winner until I’ve given away 7 one-year subscriptions. And then on the eighth day, some lucky winner will get a lifetime subscription in celebration of our twelfth year publishing MaryJanesFarm. Won’t you join us?


Whether you’re a city chick or a farm chick,


MaryJanesFarm magazine will help guide you back to your farmgirl roots,


back to healthful living,


next door with biscuits,


downtown for an evening of crocheting with friends,


uptown in a dress-up apron,


and starward to your dreams—maybe even a farm of your own.


Here’s how to enter. If you’re already a reader, tell me why you like our magazine. If you’re new to MaryJanesFarm magazine, tell me how you heard about us. Don’t worry. Even if you don’t win, you just can’t lose because we’ll sign you up for our regular alerts full of unique and yummy recipes, craft ideas, tips, and more.

  1. kim says:

    I have been a sister for a few years and have enjoyed the magazine since your first publishing. The magazine is full of great ideas and recipes. Keep up the good work. Hope i win the lifetime!

  2. Charlotte Kosa says:

    I buy your magazine faithfully since it started to be published. I am 64 years young and I moved from NJ to TN, and my farmgal attitude has been educated by you through your magazine and all of your books that I have purchased over the years. It teaches me so much more than I knew before about cooking, baking, canning, gardening, crafting, and the list goes on and on. I <3 Glamping …. it is my bucket list to one day own a glamper to get around this great country like you have done. Sitting down with your magazine is like taking a mini road trip …. and thanks so much for the ride Mary Jane. Oh, and when I first moved to TN … I discovered BELKS and that they had your comforters and curtains and pillows that I bought to decorate my new country home bedroom and guestroom. Thank you for all that you give to everyone. Sincerely, Charlotte Kosa TN

  3. Charlotte Kosa says:

    Loving your magazine for all the years since it was an “infant”.
    I am 64 years young and have learned so much from your magazine and your FB page, and books…of which I have bought just about all.
    I love the Glamping book and hope that one day I may truly be called a glamper <3
    Keep on informing and educating us Mary Jane. Thank you.

  4. Candice says:

    I enjoy the diversity of your website, a little bit of everything.

  5. Karla Pierce says:

    Just got my first issue (June-July) and just love it!! Puts me back into a time that I wish I was actually in. I grew up in a city in WI between Madison (to the west), Milwaukee (to the east), and Chicago (to the south), now living out in the country in WY and this magazine gives me the ideas and “vintage country” that I love!!

  6. Julie says:

    I first started reading MaryJanes Magazine after spotting the cover at the magazine stand of a local book shop. I love the spirit of the magazine and website. It’s inspired me in all areas of my home. Thanks for providing such a treasure.

  7. Tonja Seggerman says:

    Your book keeps me entertained for hours every time I pick it up…can only imagine what the magazine will do. :). Unable to find it locally.

  8. Kelly O says:

    I already subscribe, my loving SIL sent me a subription two years ago and I have been hooked on it ever since. Last year I sent my mother a free subscription and now she loves it too. I love every article, the simplicity yet beautifully written and illustrated pages keep me interested for so long. Thank you for such a wonderful magazine.

  9. Diane Winks says:

    Ooo! I’m a craft show artist and a girl with a pink chicken coop! I think this magazine is for me! If I don’t win I should definitely give it a try!

  10. Diane Winks says:

    Ooo, this looks like a magazine a craft show artist and the owner of a pink chicken coop should be reading! Pick me!

  11. Becky Thornton says:

    I love your magazine! It really speaks to me. I am a feminine farmer and didn’t think there was anyone else in the world like me until I found your magazine. I’d really like to meet you some day and would love to win a subscription. Thank you.

  12. Patti Waltman says:

    You have the same beliefs on how life should be that I have. You lay things out simply and make it easy for anyone to follow and put to use. Thank you. Love everything you stand for.

  13. Gail Dooley says:

    Oh to win a subscription to Mary Jane! Love this magazine. It represents my lifestyle in reality. Like looking in a mirror thru someone else’s stories.

  14. kim mesman says:

    My mother in law just told me about your magazine as she said its totally me and I should check it out…based on your facebook posts I know I would enjoy your magazine and what you stand for…I would love a subscription….peace

  15. ronee appleby says:

    I have been reading MJM for 3 years and just love everything you put out, I love the photos, articles and the food 🙂 thank you for all the hard work!

  16. Jan says:

    Your magazine is a wealth of knowledge and speaks to me; as a fourth generation rancher in the Texas Hill Country I love your magazine and get one when I can justify the cost.

  17. Terri lalor says:

    From reading maryJane Farm magazine I’ve learned growing good food is a craft. If you dont have a farm Start with
    1. produce farm… market
    2. Rebuild farm…..container growing
    3. Run a ranch …… I have yet to run a ranch, but through your magazine I certainly have developed confidence, that I could be a good steward of the land.

  18. Sandy says:

    I’m PASSIONATE when it comes to learning and sharing good things! MaryJanesFarm is definitely on my list. Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Carol Brigid says:

    I am already a reader, and I used to have a subscription. But I can no longer afford it. Times are very tough…. so I am hoping and praying I can win a subscription. The Farmgirl in me needs your beautiful magazine. I have been a reader since the magazine started. It so reminds me of times I had with my grandmother, when I was growing up, so not only do I love to learn about new things in Mary Jane’s Farm magazine, I like to step back in time and relive my times with my grandma. Thank you so much.

  20. Lila Schmidt says:

    Y’all are living the life I always envisioned myself living. Life happened, the Big C arrived and my life changed. So, keep reading when I can and maybe before I’m gone I will get a chance to live this life I dreamed of for so many years.

  21. WOW how AWESOME!!!I didn’t have money to re up my subsribtion and in the process of getting my quarters in a row to do so! I fell in love with your magazine for the girly,can do, been done vintage ways, and the reworked old is new items. I have been learning about Permaculture and needed you in the Garden/Farm to give it the Lovely Smile a Lady gives it! I also confirms and supports that this is passed on to next generations! My kids are sure benefactors of MaryJane’s Farm magazine,and sisterhood!Love it!
    Stacy Harris
    Somewhere over the rainbow is right here, right now!

  22. Michele Haderer says:

    As a Farm Chick from way back, I can appreciate each and every article in your magazine! You rock, MJ!

  23. Vicki Maxson says:

    I have never read your magazine, or even seen it, but a friend of mine posts your stuff on facebook all the time. I am looking for subscription information.

  24. Donna Cochran says:

    I am so excited!!!! I never win anything:) Thanks so much.

  25. Ginger Zuck says:

    I just found out about you and your magazine from a 20 year old young lady who adores you. She is an “old” soul youngster and I admire her choices in today’s life. Had to check it out and love it, right down my alley!!.

  26. Alice bates says:

    I love this magazine !!!!!! I am not currently subscribe to it but would LOVE a subscription. Nice variety magazine!!

  27. Joanna Fedewa says:

    I’m already a reader, and I found out about MJF a few years ago. I dont remember how I came across it now. However, through the years, I’ve really grown to love the magazine and products. I love all the DIYs in the magazines, the little old fashion tidbits and recipes. I also really like the inspiring stories. At the end of the month one of the first things I do is go to the store to see if there is a new magazine. Sometimes even going out of my way to go to the store. I’ve had subscriptions before, and I would love another one. 🙂

  28. Beth h says:

    Me,me, please!

  29. Debbie Fischer says:

    Mary Jane, because of your magazine I am now a member of the Sisterhood for 4 wonderful years. I have made so many wonderful friends and many for life, you were brought into my life for a reason and now I know why, to give me farmgirl friends/sisters from all over the country and I am truly grateful. You are a Blessing to me and I appreciate you.
    Proud Mama Hen of The Scattered Prairie Gals Hen House.

  30. Peggy Pionke says:

    I found out about MJF mag when I went into a really cool antique shop. The owner let me borrow her copy with the promise that I return it. I went back to the shop and forgot to bring it. Needless to say…….I still have it! And now am a subscriber and Facebook and Pinterest follower…YOU GOT ME HOOKED! I just got two baby chicks because of you! Love it…can’t live without it!

  31. Sandi Conser says:

    I just picked up my first copy and loved all the wonderful ideas.
    Thank you

  32. Kim Slone says:

    Your magazine gives me the same feeling I get when walking into a barn, or an antique store, or a library, or a fabric store… It’s a feeling of exciement, anticipation, cotentment & accomplishment all rolled into one. That’s the best way I know to describe it! I got tired of always sharing my copies, so ended up getting gift subscriptions for my sister & 2 of my daughters last year. Hope to keep getting ‘MJF’ for a very long time! Thanks!

  33. Jenny Williams says:

    Congratulations Donna! Lucky lady! :0)

  34. Marylou Martin says:

    I’ve recently moved from the city to a 10 acre prairie homestead. A beloved friend (who thinks I’m crazy) brought the June-July issue of your magazine to me with the comment “Thought this might be something a pioneer gal might read.” She was right! I’ve enjoyed the first read through and look forward to many more 🙂

  35. Melba Metts says:

    In searching for a good country magazine on Pinterest and found your magazine. It sounds like it covers many of my interest and would be helpful and enjoyable. I grow my own vegetables and live a country life and since I am now retired, I have time to enjoy other interests as well.

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