Day SIX Magazine Giveaway!

Do you need new project ideas for your farmhouse, craftsman, apartment flat, domicile, townhouse, homestead, cottage, shanty, or digs? You’ll find all that and more when you win a free subscription to:


Congratulations Travelinma! You’re our sixth one-year FREE subscription winner.


Travelinma said:

“The anticipation builds as the time draws near when my MaryJane magazine appears in my mailbox. I devour it over and over again!”

Travelinma, thanks for posting and watch for an e-mail from the farm.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I resonate with her words ” I devour it over and over”. I think there are many of us that agree with this statement 100%!!

  2. Nancy Jones says:

    Love your posts!

  3. Victoria Parry says:

    When I key open our box and the MJF’s magazine is tucked inside…my heart races! Or, does it skip a beat as I take in a breath?
    My thought bubble ~ Oh, it’s here! What does it have to say? What am I going glean from it this time?
    I quickly walk back to our apartment with a lightness in my step. I sit in a comfy spot and turn the outside cover page open to peruse the table of contents. The mag feels good to the touch as well as being eye candy. It is a most wonderful place for me to be in as I read it voraciously from cover to cover in the span of a couple of hours.
    Of course, I must read it over and over!
    I absolutely love the magazine! I am a better person for it. Soon, I will enter the Sisterhood. I am truly a farm girl…if not physically, then at heart.

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