Belle of the Ball

We stopped by the farm last week to meet the new baby cow, Eliza Belle. My sister and I had so much fun petting the new calf!


Mia, Mommy, and I were all giggles. Eliza was even having fun, and stuck her tongue out!


She was so soft and cuddly.


Here are all of us together.


Mommy and me giving Eliza a hug.


Mia and Eliza.


When we finally said goodbye, my sister and I each gave her a big ‘ol smooch.



We love our Heritage Jersey dairy cows!

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    These miniatures are the perfect size for little girls to be able to help take care of them and learn all of the animal husbandry skills required for ownership. Eliza is just a darlin’! What a sweet face!!

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