WINNER!!! Magnolia Pearl GIVEAWAY, Day 4 of 5

And the WINNER is:

Katy K, who said October 17, 2013 at 4:40 pm:

“A mountaintop in Montana, where I could feel the cold wind blowing through my hair and look down at the rivers, trees, rocks, grass, and wildlife and take just a moment out of my ridiculously chaotic and busy life to quiet my mind and see the world for what it really is and appreciate this beautiful creation.”

Watch for an e-mail from the farm, Katy K.

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And the original GIVEAWAY on October 14 was:

We’re back for Day FOUR of 5 Magnolia Pearl GIVEAWAY DAYS. (As featured in the current issue of MaryJanesFarm.)


If you could be airlifted anywhere in the world for a two-hour picnic, where would you go? I’d go to Wales and then beg to be dropped off for two more hours on the Isle of Jersey. (My favorite cow has distant relatives there who’ve asked to meet me. 🙂

Your name will go in the picnic basket Meg is sitting on in today’s photo-of-the-day and a winner will be selected at random.


  1. Judy Shaddix says:

    It would have to be Scotland. So much history, and it always looks so pretty and green.

  2. Joann says:

    The North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, where my husband and I were married almost 5 years ago. Beautiful!!

  3. lynnia says:


  4. Sallie Dee says:

    I would love to be dropped off on the beach in Menemsha, Massachusettes for an evening picnic to watch the sunset! It is spectacular!

    • lynnia says:

      It has always been a dream of mine to see Sambuco, Sicily where my father was born. Prolly, this will stay a dream since I am 68 and through a surgery gone bad have been forced into retirement. Oh well, dreams are free, and I frequently FLY via my dreams to Sicily. A picnic basket filled with Sicilian wine and food…just couldn’t be any better than that. PEACE

  5. Judy says:

    Prince Edward Island would be the place where I would love to picnic.

  6. Kathy Chavez says:

    In the foothills outside of Tralee County Kerry in Ireland. My great grandmother Catherine and great grandfather Thomas came from around there. Didn’t meet one another until they were on a steamship coming to America!

  7. Jan says:

    Looking out on the scenic wonder at Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier Park…

  8. Absolutely Ngorgoro Crater in Tanzania, the most magical place I have ever been to . It is like the GARDEN OF EDEN, since it is an defunct volcano crater with a lake in the bottom. All the African animals go there to drink in that dry country and even enemies drink side by side. It was green and lush and the most awe inspiring place I have ever had the privilege to visit- yes, the perfect picnic place !

  9. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I would go to my glamper on the back of my property, where the fall leaves are bright, the campfire is ablazing & I can sit, relax and enjoy it all!

  10. Diane Karaba says:

    I would like to be air lifted to Washington State so I could see my kids and grand kids and see the snow covered Cascade mountains:)

  11. renee ranta says:

    hmmm a 2 hr picnic anywhere…I am so content to be home right now I am honestly just gonna say my own back yard…lol…is that weird???

  12. Angie M says:

    Greece… the colors one sees in the photographs of there are so beautiful.

  13. Jen Jack says:

    I’d take my family to Kennebunkport, Maine bc we just love it there. We vacation there in the summer, but I’m sure it’s even more beautiful in fall:-)

  14. Christie says:

    Oh To Pick Just One Place Is A Hard One, There Are So Many Places Id Like To See. I Think Id Have To Split Up My Time… First Id Go To Australia (The Land Down Under), I Love The Accents They Have, Plus What Beautiful Beaches.. Then Id Have To Go To Scotland Because Its Such A Beautiful Countryside.
    Another Option IS Colorado… One Of These Days Ill Get So See IT, Such A Beautiful State.

  15. becky rosaly says:

    id go to the cotswalds in england. or corwall because both are very pretty and in cornwall i can get a delicious pasty.

  16. calle says:

    My dream would be to go to a remote island and just be alone with my husband with a lace table cloth, lovely rose china and be at peace. The food can be very simple and healthy.

    Need some down time.

  17. Michelle says:


  18. Sharon D. says:

    Congratulations Katy K!!!! 🙂 Enjoy!

  19. Debbie Fischer says:

    Lucky Gal Katy K., congratulations on winning Week 4.

  20. I really loved your post! I am a crazy keen fisher so your posts really appeals to me and my mates. Cheers.

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