It Snowed!

While we slept, a blanket of snow quietly covered the Palouse.

Photo Nov 04, 8 35 18 AM

There is something to be said for the quiet calm of a first snow…

Photo Nov 04, 8 43 58 AM

… and the joys of interrupting it with the happiness of childhood! Happy first snow!!

Photo Nov 04, 7 47 59 AM

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Your farm looks so beautiful and peaceful wearing it’s first snow! There is something special about waking up and looking out the window at a blanket of white everywhere. As a child, I used to hope for snow on Thanksgiving. The late fall landscape of grasses and the last of the brown oak leaves just seemed so perfect with a white dusting while the kitchen was filled with the smells of baking turkey and pumpkin pie. In Virginia, we never had snow on Thanksgiving, but sometimes the frost was so thick and heavy, the early morn still had that glistening look to it!

    • Megan says:

      So true and I so agree! And yes, a thick frost is equally gorgeous with a beautiful glisten. Stella’s principal said in passing this morning, “Now if we could all be seven again.” The first snow does bring it out in us doesn’t it? Happy day, Winnie!

  2. connie-killarney says:

    Beautiful Pictures! I love pictures of snow! Here in West Tennessee it is truly a celebration if it snows each Winter! Winnie, I so enjoyed your beautiful memories as well!

  3. Debbie Fischer says:

    What a beautiful picture Mary Jane, and the girls seem to be enjoying the snow as well.
    We too woke to snow here in the Colorado mountains, but not our first snow, like our 3rd:-) Fall is gone and Winter is here, but that is fine as we love winter. It is cold here today so we have a nice fire going in the wood stove, hubby and I take turns stoking it as we go about our day.
    Thank you for always sharing such fabulous photos with us.
    Have a beautiful evening and stay warm.

  4. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Oh, the first snow! I can’t wait–probably in the next few days. I love to wake up to the white on the ground. I usually grab the camera and head around the property to take it all in & take special pictures. Then I send them to my grandgirls, who live in southern Indiana. We will share our happy memories together about when they have visited Grandma in Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the fun they had sledding, making snowmen & snow angels!

  5. lynnia says:

    Beautiful pics…@ almost 70 years old, I still stay up to gaze @ falling snow….falling onto the riverbank, and into the river…I am still able to view a bit of magic…..peace

  6. Debbie says:

    Oh, it’s just beautiful and your girls are darling! Just looking at these images makes me feel almost 7 again!!! Brrrr…… What a beautiful view you have looking out over the farmland… Ah….Time to break out the hot cocoa and marshmallows!!!
    Hugs to all!
    Deb ( beachfarmgirl )

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