Playing in the Snow!

We’ve been getting a lot of snow, and from the sounds of it, we aren’t the only ones. But my sister and I have been making the most of this winter weather!

We were out the door before the sun rose in the morning. A good time to get some sledding in before we were off to school.

Photo Jan 31, 6 30 56 AM

We can’t bring our sleds to school, but the slide will do just fine.

Photo Jan 29, 4 41 27 PM

And after school, perfect for a sledding playdate …

Photo Feb 05, 4 11 50 PM

Over the weekend, we enjoyed some daylight sledding with our baby dolls.

Photo Feb 01, 9 26 29 AM

And we even ventured to the ice-skating rink for the first time.

Photo Feb 01, 1 28 48 PM

It’s been an awesome week of winter. Hope you are enjoying yours.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Looks like fun, girls! Enjoy learning to ice skate too. I love those red cages to help you so you won’t fall while getting the hang of the skates!

  2. Megan says:

    Winnie, I think Daddy liked those little red cages too! It was his first time skating too. They are such a big help. 🙂

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