Summer Crafting

Most days we get outside, now that school is out. Our days are full of picnics, long bike rides, day hikes on the ridge behind the farm, farm visits to help Nanny Jane milk the cows, and trips to the local swimming pool.

Yesterday, it poured rain. We, of course, welcomed the rain (we were behind on moisture), but for a 7-year-old and 5-year-old, this sounds like a good day to pick a fight with your sister. Ha, I had other plans!!

Photo May 19, 4 16 00 PM

I had the girls draw their favorite pictures with a water-erasable marker on a tea towel, reminding them to keep the designs simple. Then, using an embroidery hoop and a yarn needle threaded with embroidery floss, the three of us got busy. The yarn needle isn’t sharp—perfect for beginner hands. The tea towel works perfect because the cotton weave is loose and easy to stick the yarn needle through. It’s so fun to watch them concentrate and see the look of accomplishment on their faces after they’ve embroidered their entire scene.

Next up, they want to embroider their handprints and something written in their sweet little handwriting. These make great gifts too, a tea towel to treasure forever.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Meg, I love your daughter’s horse design. You know what? I have been re-reading your Mom’s Idea book and decided I had to get out my embroidery thread and hoop. A MJF Swap landed me a cute package of farm patterns and two plain cotton tea towels. Yesterday, I embroidered my first towel with some sun flowers for the August dishcloth swap since I had just knitted a sunflower pattern cloth. Gosh, it was fun to see the end results and now I am inspired to complete some more towels for gifting (and keeping)! Tell your girls that a big girl across the nation was doing just the same thing that they were doing and smiling at the results!

    • Megan says:

      Oh how fun, I will tell the girls. I love embroidery. It is so rewarding and I do love gifting them too. Have fun!

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